Top 10 Tombstone Wins

2019 was a stellar year for Wild West slots. As well as CasinoGrounds Slot of the Year, NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 2, we also gave rave reviews to both Relax Gaming’s Money Train, and Nolimit City’s Tombstone. It’s the last of these highly volatile bad boys we’re concentrating on today. Released within a week of Dead or Alive 2, Tombstone could so easily been overlooked in the wake of the hype surrounding NetEnt’s much-awaited sequel – but it just so happens to be barnstormer of a game which is also on its way to becoming a classic of the genre. Now feast your eyes on the biggest wins we could find from our archives.

10. Prophetting – 1,341x

First up is Canadian CasinoGrounds streamer Prophetting playing for $1 a spin at Casino Calzone. We join the action as Prophetting lands three dollar scatters to earn 10 Gunslinger Spins. During Gunslinger Spins any win multipliers picked up during the round remain throughout the feature. Win multipliers come with the full-reel character wilds. During Gunslinger spins if a wild lands anywhere on reels 2, 3, or 4 it nudges up (or down) to fill the reel, and each nudge it takes adds a win multiplier. By the time Prophetting reaches his 5th spin he has acquired a 10x win multiplier which he uses to complete several rows of Gold Bars on the 108 ways to win slot for a $126 win. Just two spins later Prophetting land parts of all 3 wilds on reel 2, 3 and 4 which all nudge into place. Not only does this take the win multiplier up to 19x but it also means a huge payout with the middle 3 reels of this 5 reel slot fully wild. With Kings on reels 1 and 5 providing most of the profit, this spin earns Prophetting a tidy $1,215. There are no further wins and Prophetting leaves the round with a win of $1,341 (1,341x)

9. Nickslots – 1,432x

Next up is CasinoGrounds favourite Nickslots who is playing 4 games of Tombstone, each at £3 a spin. Not long after we join, Nick lands both sets of scatters on the same spin at Rizk Casino meaning both Justice Spins and Gunslinger Spins are combined for 12 Bounty Spins. During Bounty Spins the wilds are sticky and the win multipliers combine throughout the round which makes for some big payouts. The first wilds to land come on the 4th and 5th spins. On the 5th spin the locked full-reel wilds carrying a 5x win multiplier combine with a couple of handcuffs for a £364 win. The next few spins add another £500 or so before the final full-reel wild lands on the second to last spin. Although no full lines are completed the 7x multiplier win across reels 2-4 still earns Nick another £700 with two spins to go (an extra spin was added after a scatter landed on reel 5). A similar spin follows, earning £567 and the final spin is a little better with a TNT symbol on reel 1 making for an £850 spin. Nickslots final haul came in at £4,295.70 for a win worth 1,432x his bet size.

8. S3nn – 2,533.5x

Playing on a cell phone, S3nn also bags 12 Bounty Spins playing at €1 a spin. It looks like a duff round for quite some time as with ¾ of the spins gone S3nn had only won €76 and only had one wild reel. However, all that changed on spin 9 when both the other wild reels came in. After they nudged into place S3nn’s win multiplier went up to 7x and the 3 middle reels were fully wild. This spin earned €189. The final three spins were considerably better when a horseshoe landed either side of the wilds on all three spins for a combined win of over €2,200. The total win came to €2,533,50 (2,533.5x)

7. Demon709 – 2,534x

Seventh on our countdown comes from forum member Demon709 playing at £0.20 a spin. Once again 12 Bounty Spins are where we join the action. It takes Demon709 until his 6th spin before all the centre reels are fully wild. He does so with a 7x win multiplier and enjoys a series of big wins between of £45 and £108 on his last 6 spins. His total Bounty Spins score of £506.76 for a win worth 2,534x his initial stake.

6. Casinohoppers2019 – 2,724x

UK streamers Casinohoppers2019 are 3 come of CasinoGrounds latest recruits and we join them here at the start of 10 Gunslinger Spins at Jonny Jackpot playing at £0.50 a spin. On the very first spin they manage to land Outlaw Wilds on all three of the middle reels. The first Outlaw Wild lands full reel but the next two take 2 nudges each to fill the reels, so the action starts with an 8x win multiplier and the middle 3 reels of this 5-reel slot fully wild. Landing a gold bar on reels 1 and 5 leads to a huge winning spin worth £468 (936x) and leading to the reaction, “How about that for a f**ckin’ bonus?” It’s not over there though as just three spins later all three outlaws land again, and as the win multiplier is sticky during free spins the additional wilds add another 8x for a 16x multiplier. With both Aces and Kings landing either side of the wilds this win totals £864. With a few small wins on top Casinohoppers2019 ended with their biggest streamed win (at the time) of £1,362, a win of 2,724x their initial stake.

5. NightKing – 3,230x

It’s back to our forum community for the next win with a handheld recording made by forum member NightKing playing at €2 a spin. We join the action rather late on with NightKing having already won over 1,200x and with 4 spins remaining. Needless to say, we’re playing Bounty Spins and all three Outlaw Wilds are locked in place across the middle three reels. The first spin we see adds another €734 putting NightKing’s winnings up to €3,133. In the second full lines of Kings add another €1,080. The third goes for €518, and the last is the biggest of all as full lines of Aces and Jacks make for a €1,728 spin. NightKing’s grand total came in at a whopping €6,459.60, equal to 3,220x his bet size.

4. Anvaris2507 – 3,369x

A similar story unfolds in our next clip where we join another forum member deep into a Bounty Spins round. Playing at 1 Polish Zloty (€0.22) a spin. With 3 spins to go Anzaris2507 has won just over 1,500 zt with all three Outlaw Wilds locked up and a 6x win multiplier. Two of his final 3 spins land with full lines of dualling pistols which earn him another 1,200 zt, with the other two earning just over 600 zt between them. Anvaris2507’s final winning total of 3,369 zt (€741) equates to 3,368x his stake.

3. HackeMF – 3,482x

Once again, we have a forum member high up on our list as we join HackeMF just over halfway through his Bounty Spins playing at 10 SEK (€0.93) a spin. With 5 spins remaining HackeMF has already bagged winning of 6,878 SEK. With all the wilds in place and a 9x win multiplier, the last 5 wins are all nice. The final spin, however, is the biggest as two sets of horseshoes land either side of the wild reels for a single spin win of 8,505 SEK. HackeMF’s final win was 34,823 SEK (3,482x)

2. Miikapekka – 5,481x

The second biggest win in our Tombstone countdown goes to Finnish streamer Miikapekka who is playing for €1 a spin at Wildz Casino. The clip starts just in time for us to see him land both sets of scatters to earn 12 Bounty Spins. It takes Miikepekka just 2 spins to land all three Outlaw Wilds and earn a 7x win multiplier. On just this second spin he completes lines of horseshoes for a €699 win. As he also landed 2 scatters for an additional 2 spins, Miikepekka enjoyed a full 13 spins with fully wild middle reels and a 7x win multiplier. His biggest spin came when he landed full lines of Aces and Kings for a €756 win, but he also enjoyed another couple of wins around the €600 mark. All the other spins were ranged from around €200-€400 for a final score of €5,481 (5,481x).

1. Lambgodson – 6,124x

Our biggest win of all only took place earlier this month and was thankfully posted on our forum by member Lambgodson. Playing at £0.50 a spin Lambgodson, just like Miikapekka before him, landed all three Outlaw Wilds by the second spin. However, he enjoyed a slightly bigger win multiplier of 9x for the remainder of his spins. Also, just like Miikapekka he was able to land a couple of scatters to secure himself an additional 2 Bounty Spins. His biggest single win of £425 came from landing full lines of horseshoes but there were plenty of wins between £150 and £400. After 14 successful spins Lambgodson’s round came to an end with a win of £3,061.80, worth 6,124x his original bet.

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