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Online Roulette Variations for Every Player: Exploring Different Online Roulette Games

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Updated on: 13 May 2024
Dean McHugh

Roulette is one of the most traditional casino games that’s been around for centuries, having first emerged in 18th-century France. It can be found in every land casino around the world and in all the quality online casinos, too.

It’s never been easier to find online casinos offering roulette in all its forms, but the popularity means there are also new variations. In addition to the conventional rules, many software providers have created updated versions of roulette that add an extra dimension to the gameplay.

The new types of online roulette have also proven to be a huge hit, which has driven the creation of even more roulette games. With bigger payouts, bonus rounds, and new features, playing roulette has never been more exciting.

But what are these new roulette games, and what do they offer? We take a closer look into some of the best online roulette games to find out exactly what you could win.

Online Roulette Variations

There are many different software providers in the world of online casino play, but Pragmatic Play and Evolution are two of the best. They have both carved out solid reputations for providing outstanding gameplay, including in a live dealer format.

Pragmatic and Evolution offer some of the most thrilling versions of online roulette. Below, we’ve listed a few of their top games, including crucial information about each title.

Speed Roulette - Pragmatic Play and Evolution

If you like to play quickly, then Speed Roulette could be the casino game for you. An accelerated live version of roulette, Speed Roulette, is available from both Evolution and Pragmatic Play.

Speed Roulette Evolution

The Evolution version was first released in 2017 and is based on European roulette. The style is simple and pared back, with the main camera action focussing on the wheel. As the name suggests, the primary feature is the speed at which it’s played, with only 25 seconds between spins.

This faster speed provides an extra 50 spins per hour of gameplay, offering increased opportunities to win. Due to the rapid gameplay, there’s less chat and more play, so it’s a good choice if you prefer to get on with the action.

One way that Speed Roulette achieves such a quick turnaround is the ability for players to place their next bet while the wheel is still spinning. In most games of roulette, no bets can be placed until the previous turn is complete. There’s also the option to save your favourite bets, so it’s quick to find regular wagers for the next round of play.

The main feature of Speed Roulette is the speed at which it’s played; the RTP of 97.30% and the payouts remain the same as traditional roulette.

Speed Roulette Pragmatic Play

The Pragmatic Play Speed Roulette game is virtually the same as what’s offered by Evolution, so it’s just a matter of personal preference which one to play. The styling looks very similar, and the RTP and payouts are the same.

Pragmatic offers a similar speed, with just 11 seconds to place your bet and up to 60% more spins every hour.

This game of roulette is simple and sticks to the conventional rules, but the fast speed means that it’s well-suited to more experienced players.

Mega Roulette - Pragmatic Play

Mega Roulette

Mega Roulette is a great hybrid version of roulette that offers a live dealer roulette table that’s supplemented by RNGs to boost the potential prize payouts.

Created by Pragmatic Play, Mega Roulette uses the European wheel, which is always good news for players as the house edge is lower. The game involves the usual roulette play plus up to five additional multipliers, which come into effect for winning straight-up bets.

When the wheel is spun, up to five numbers are selected for a multiplier boost if they win as part of a straight-up bet. The RNG also chooses the value of each of the multipliers, which range from x50 to x500.

The enhanced prize potential for the straight-up bet means that the regular payout is somewhat reduced, dropping to 24:1 from the standard 35:1. However, the possibility of collecting a huge x500 payout adds a thrilling edge to this roulette game.

Although this isn’t speed roulette, the gameplay is fairly quick, and there’s less chat due to the amount of information that the dealer needs to impart.

PowerUp Roulette - Pragmatic Play

PowerUp Roulette

Similar to Mega Roulette, PowerUp Roulette is a live version of roulette that’s played with multipliers. Also, like Mega Roulette, PowerUp nominates up to five numbers at the start of the round, and they carry the potential for extra prizes.

If any of the PowerUp numbers land on the wheel, it will trigger the special PowerUp bonus round. What’s particularly interesting is that you don’t need to have placed a bet on the winning number to take part in the bonus round. As long as you have placed some straight-up bets, you’ll be automatically included in the bonus.

During the bonus round, every number on the wheel is displayed on a grid and allocated a multiplier. Just like regular play, PowerUp numbers are selected before the wheel is spun. The numbers you bet on in the regular round will remain frozen for the bonus play. If the wheel lands on one of your numbers, you’ll win the multiplier prize from the board.

If a PowerUp number lands during the bonus round, the multipliers double, and there’s another turn. The PowerUp numbers can trigger up to four times during the bonus, increasing the multipliers up to a potential x8000.

Due to the potential size of the bonus round payouts, there is a slight reduction in the regular payouts. A straight-up bet reduces to 24:1, but the house edge remains the same at just 2.70%.

Lightning Roulette - Evolution

Lightning Roulette

Launching in 2018, Lightning Roulette from Evolution made a huge impression on the world of online casino play. A live dealer game, Lightning Roulette is fairly simple with no separate bonus round but the potential to enhance the payouts if a large multiple lands.

After bets are placed, up to five “lightning numbers” will be selected using an RNG. There will be a minimum of one lightning number nominated per spin of the wheel. Every lightning number has a multiplier attached, also randomly generated, that is worth from x50 to x500.

If you place a straight-up bet on a lightning number and it wins, your payout will be enhanced by the multiplier. Standard straight-up bets are paid at 30:1, which is only a small reduction on the traditional straight-up payout of 35:1. This means that it’s only a small trade-off to play a game with big multipliers on every spin.

Unlike some other versions of live dealer roulette, Lightning Roulette is particularly interactive, with lots of chat from the dealer. If you enjoy a lively atmosphere, Lightning Roulette is a great pick.

XXXTreme Lightning Roulette - Evolution

XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

The popularity of Lightning Roulette among online casino players was so big that Evolution introduced an upgraded version: XXXTreme Lightning Roulette. Released in 2022, XXXTreme Lightning Roulette takes the original Lightning Roulette and boosts the features and the payouts to create an even more exhilarating game.

Everything starts in a similar fashion to Lightning Roulette, with up to five lightning numbers selected per spin with a value of x50 to x500. However, there are new features that can also strike: Chain Lightning and Double Strikes. These can appear in any round and increase the potential for getting a lightning number and a larger multiplier.

Chain Lightning provides up to a total of 10 lightning numbers, including the original 1-5. When Double Strike appears, the multipliers increase up to a maximum of x2000.

Everything else is just the same; you’ll need a straight-up bet to take advantage of the boosted payouts. If your bet is chosen as a lightning number and it lands on the wheel, you’ll receive the increased multiplier payout.

Red Door Roulette - Evolution

red door  roulette

Love roulette? Adore Evolution live dealer game shows? Then, this could be your chance to enjoy a fun fusion of the two with Red Door Roulette from Evolution. This version of roulette is wild, taking the traditional play and adding new fun courtesy of the bonus rounds from Evolution’s Crazy Time live dealer game.

The game of roulette starts as usual, but you’ll need to include some straight-up bets to take part in any bonus round. Once betting is closed, a reel is spun to determine how many “keys” will be included in this turn. Between 3 and 15 keys will be distributed and allocated to numbers on the wheel. Multipliers will also be randomly distributed to numbers on the board, each one worth between x2 and x20.

If the roulette wheel lands on one of the key numbers, the bonus round is triggered. The live dealer will walk through a red door - hence the name! - and through to a Crazy Time wheel.

The Crazy Time wheel has 64 sections and contains doubles and multipliers. If the triggering key also has a multiplier attached, this will be applied to all the sections on the wheel.

The Crazy Time wheel is spun, and if it lands on a double, it is spun again. This can continue up to a maximum of x4000, providing the possibility of big wins for everyone taking part in the bonus round.

The regular straight-up bets are reduced to 19:1, but all other roulette bets are unaffected. The goal with Red Door Roulette is to manage your bankroll to stay in the game for long enough to collect a payout from the lucrative bonus round.

Auto Roulette - Pragmatic Play and Evolution

auto roulette evolution

auto roulette pragmatic play

Auto Roulette is offered by both Pragmatic and Evolution, with very few differences in the gameplay.

Unlike many other variants of roulette described here, Auto Roulette doesn’t feature a live dealer. However, the twist is that it’s still played in real-time, giving players the chance to take part in live roulette but without the interaction and chat.

There are no bonus rounds with Auto Roulette; the unique point is the cutting-edge technology used to deliver a live roulette experience without a dealer. These games are also fast, offering the chance to play 60-80 turns every hour.

There are both regular and VIP versions of the tables offering low and high limits, making this a particularly flexible type of roulette game.

Immersive Roulette - Evolution

immersive roulette

If you prefer to stick to the original roulette rules and payouts but crave a little more sophistication, Immersive Roulette could be what you’ve been waiting for. Effortlessly elegant and with a focus on superior camera shots, Immersive Roulette offers a different live dealer experience.

With evening attire and a classy backdrop, this is a roulette game that takes itself seriously. The camera work is superb, giving players the very best views of the wheel in HD vision, viewed from multiple angles.

Immersive Roulette is for purists who want a straightforward game that offers every advantage and utilises the best technology available.

Instant Roulette - Evolution

instant roulette

Instant Roulette from Evolution is a live-streamed version of the game that’s played with a European wheel. It doesn’t deviate from traditional roulette with the standard rules and prizes. However, Instant Roulette is pretty special and has some features that set it apart from any other live roulette game.

Typically, live roulette is streamed from a dedicated casino studio and uses a single wheel. Players only have a certain amount of time to place their bets and must play at the speed determined by the wheel. That’s not the case with Instant Roulette; you can play as fast or as slow as you want while still taking advantage of the live-streamed format. Confused?

Evolution achieves this by having no fewer than 12 roulette wheels in constant play. The camera zips around the studio, bringing the next wheel to the player. No matter when you place your bet, you’ll get an almost instant result. This is because the bet will be placed on the next wheel to be spun. With every wheel spinning right after the other, the studio is a non-stop whirl of roulette games, allowing players to bet at their own pace while still enjoying instant results.

A truly revolutionary concept that’s tailored to the player’s comfort, Instant Roulette demonstrates just why Evolution is held in such high esteem.

Double Ball Roulette - Evolution

double ball roulette

In another first for online play, Double Ball Roulette was created by Evolution to use two balls on every spin. A live dealer game, Double Roulette uses an automated mechanism to fire the two balls onto the wheel one second apart.

If you place an outside bet, both balls must win to get a payout, but the prizes are higher. For inside bets, only one of the balls must land, so you have two chances to get the win; for this reason, the payouts are lower than usual.

For example, a straight-up bet is reduced to 17:1 because there are two chances for a ball to land on your chosen number. In contrast, an odds/even bet is enhanced to 3:1 as you’ll need to successfully land both balls for a payout.

The idea of playing with two balls is a fun concept, but there’s also the chance of winning an enormous payout. If you place a straight-up bet and both balls land in the same winning pocket, your prize will be boosted to a whopping 1300:1.

Dual Play Roulette - Evolution

dual play roulette

The final game on our list is another fascinating take from Evolution. Dual Play Roulette is named because it takes place inside a land casino, allowing online players to play alongside those physically present at the wheel.

This is a marked departure from any other form of live casino, as it’s typically streamed directly from a dedicated casino studio. Streaming live play from a land casino is a brand new idea and brings online players much closer to an authentic experience.

Choosing Your Roulette Game

As can be seen from the above selection, the choice of roulette games is simply dazzling. Whatever your personal preference, you’ll be able to find a variation of roulette to suit your gaming style.

To choose the right game of roulette, it’s worth taking a moment to consider what you really enjoy from a game. Is it the interactive chat and upbeat atmosphere? Is it a speedy style of play? Or do you really hanker after the chance for a big money payday?

There are no right or wrong answers here; it’s all about what you enjoy. You might have your own ideas on how to select a game of roulette, but common factors to consider include:

  • Speed of the gameplay
  • Size of the stake
  • Boosted payouts
  • Bonus rounds and features
  • Prizes for regular wins
  • Visual style
  • Technology used
  • If the game can be found on reputable casinos

Summing Up

Roulette is such a traditional casino game you may not have realised there are so many variations! Advances in technology and creativity in developing bonus features mean there’s now an enormous selection of roulette games to choose from.

With games such as XXXTreme Lightning Roulette and Dual Play Roulette offering an authentic, interactive experience and Instant Roulette and Speed Roulette delivering rapid gameplay, there really is something for every player.

Why not head over to the CasinoGrounds forum and let us know what your favourite roulette game is?

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