How much can you win? What's the volatility? What's the Return to Player percentage? Do you have a list of bonus buy slots (yes, click the link)? Has anyone won big on these games? Pick, or search for your favourite; we'll show you the most interesting stuff. If we don't have a big win video, submit yours! We accept video content and images from registered CasinoGrounds Community members and feature it in our reviews. Got questions? Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Got questions about online slots, do you?

No? My bad. Carry on …

HAH! Still, reading? Superb! Let's get down to business quickly and easily, answering the most popular questions we get related to playing slots on online casinos.

Question: Where do I find (and play) online slots?

Answer: Any casino, really. You are, however, much better off (and considerably safer) playing them on our streamers top rated casino bonuses.

Question: What are free spins?

Answer: It's free money. Well, almost no-strings-attached-free-of-charge-game-rounds on the house allowing you to try a specific (or any) game, completely free of charge.

Question: Almost free free spins?

Answer: Yes. There's a difference. You have spins WITH and WITHOUT wagering requirements; the latter being the most lucrative pick as you get to keep the winnings (if any), not having to do anything BUT play.

Question: A wager-what?

Answer: A. Wagering. Requirement. It's a set of rules the casino offering the promotion imposes on, say, "free spins" or "no deposit" offers. It boils down to how many times you have to wager your winnings (if any) before you can withdraw those sweet pennies to your bank account. Most of the casinos we recommend are cool and have good player terms and rules.

Question: I want those spins. Where do I find them?

Answer: two options. Option a) Check out our casino bonuses page or option b) play around with the filtering functions on our online casinos page (and sort by offer).

Question: What's a casino streamer, and what's up with them and slots?

Answer: Glad you asked (presumably you did, I just anticipated the question)! It's a person who broadcasts him/herself playing on online casinos (usually playing around with a slot machine hunting for big wins) live, to an audience on Twitch and/or YouTube. There's like 30 of them on the CasinoGrounds roster. Come say hi on the streamers page.

Question: What is "RTP"?

Answer: RTP, when used in context with online slots, stands for Return To Player. It tells you how much a slot is expected to pay back to players given a theoretical infinite amount of game rounds/spins. It's a number needing certification by multiple (independent) testing facilities and third parties before being approved as the official game RTP.

Question: What is "volatility"?

Answer: Now we're talking! It tells you how volatile a game is. Low volatility means that the game pays often, but very small wins. High volatility means less frequent, but a lot bigger wins. Don't get us started on the super volatility games though (like Dead or Alive 2, capable of dishing out 111,111x your bet size max wins. True story).

Question: Max win?

Answer: Well. Yes? I mean, would you place a €1 stake on a game if you knew the max win was €1? Exactly. The max win is either defined as a) ex-amount of times your stake (your bet size) or b) a capped number in currency, like €250.000

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