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Slot volatility: Fewer and bigger wins - or frequent, smaller wins?

Volatility in relation to slots found in both physical gambling venues and online is a term used to describe risk when playing a slot machine. That risk boils down to how likely it is for you to bust your bankroll, before winning anything big (or small, for that matter). While “volatility” is the preferred term used by players, some use the term “variance”; different word - same thing.

When you learn what slot volatility is you’ll know exactly what to expect from any game before you play. The volatility level is often - but now always - directly displayed upon loading the game. In cases where not, you can look at the paytable and figure out the level using simple math.

Different levels of volatility

There are primarily three different levels of slot volatility - or variance for that matter:

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Low volatility/variance slots

Slot titles with a low level pay out much more frequently. The winnings are much smaller compared to higher levels. They’re a perfect option if you’re a new player wanting to test the waters, as they extend the “lifetime” of your bankroll considerably. Just don’t expect to win more than 1.000x your bet size, ever, playing low volatility slots.

Medium volatility/variance slots

Slot titles that are on the medium scale of volatility are right in between the lowest, and the highest levels. They’re “all-rounders” with a good balance between payout frequency and the size of winnings, increasing the lifespan of your bankroll, while also perfectly capable of dishing out +1.000x your bet size in prizes.

High volatility/variance slots

Ever since casino streaming started becoming popular, high volatility slots became the new, golden standard for most game developers as both players and the audience alike wanted to see bigger and bigger wins. While highly volatile slots are known to easily cripple player bankrolls and have no issues whatsoever dishing out 10 dead spins (game rounds with no winnings) in a row, they are also fully capable of landing you a 10.000x times (or more) your bet size payday.

Online Slots FAQ

Where do I find (and play) slots online?

Practically every single online casino out there has a portfolio of slot titles readily available to their players. It's on you, however, to ensure that you're playing on a safe and secure casino that is also licensed by at least one regulatory body. For a list of trustworthy casinos that have a good selection of online slots, [see our list of online casinos here](

What are free spins?

Free spins are free game rounds on online slots where you play with the casino's money. They're often given as a single - or a part of a bigger - promotional campaign. There are two types of free spins you need to know about; 1) Wager free spins, and 2) non-wager free spins.

What are wager and non-wager free spins?

Wager free spins come with a wagering requirement on any winnings derived from using these, while those that are wager free do not. The latter meaning you get to keep the money you've won, without having to play through them ex-amount of times before you can withdraw.

What is a wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement when in the context of online gambling and bonuses and/or free spins mean that you have to play through your funds a pre-determined amount of times, before clearing it. An example here would be if you had a 10x wagering requirement on your free spin winnings, meaning that you'd have to wager 100 USD if you won 10 USD, before being able to cash out those winnings.

What does slot RTP mean?

RTP, when used in the same context as online slots stands for "Return to Player". It tells you how much a slot is expected to pay back to players given a theoretically infinite amount of game rounds/spins. It's a number needing certification by multiple (independent) testing facilities and third parties before being approved as the official game RTP.

Is there a strategy for playing slots that works?

The best strategy you can possibly apply for playing slots online is to accept that there isn't one that will make you win. This is due to all slots having a predefined RTP range, which always gives the house a certain percentage of an edge against you. You can't beat the house. Playing slots is entertainment, and there isn't a single strategy for playing slots that will make you a winning player.

What if I want to test a slots strategy?

The staff at CasinoGrounds receives messages from players who claim that they have a working slots strategy on a weekly basis. Although eager to prove it, and sometimes even attaching massive big win clips or screenshots, we credit that to sheer luck and volatility. As mentioned on previous occasions, there's no online slots strategy that will work unless the game is flawed, to which all operators have a clause in their terms and conditions where they stipulate that winnings derived from faulty games, bonus abuse, or bug exploitation will be confiscated