About us

CasinoGrounds was started in April 2016 by an enthusiastic group of casino streamers and regular casino players. The site is aimed to gather both casino streamers and streaming fans to share and discuss their knowledge, opinions and feelings about online casino and casino streaming. Essentially to form an online casino streaming community.

At CasinoGrounds, the users are always in the centre. The site’s direction is and always will be based on what our users request, what content they like to see and the ways they want to communicate and interact with each other. If _you_ know of a feature or content that you think CG is missing, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll see what we can do to accomodate this.

To get the most out of CasinoGrounds, make sure you interact; discuss in the forums, comment and chat in casino streams, ask & answer questions, brag about your big wins. The way we see it: the only way CG can become a flourishing community (and thereby foster new and entertaining casino streamers) is if as many as possible chip in to help and make everybody feel welcome and appreciated.

We love to have you on the site.    

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