War of Gods by Red Tiger is a 7-reel & 6-row online slot with 60 paylines and a 95.66% RTP. Playable on all devices from €0.10 to €20 per spin, War of Gods is a high volatility game with a max win capped at 2518x your stake.

Having opened 2021 with Legend of Athena, Red Tiger now looks to Athena’s Dad, the mighty Zeus along with his equally might brother Hades for their next slot, War of Gods. In Greek mythology, they might be brothers, but Zeus and Hades (and their other bro, Poseidon) were constantly battling. They were always trying to take over each other’s Kingdoms (Zeus controlled the Heavens, Poseidon the seas, and Hades the underworld. Poseidon gets a breather here, however, as it's only Zeus and Hades – Thunderbolts vs Bidents. It’s the battles each face, which provide the setting for the game’s highest paying features.

Where to play

How to win big in War of Gods – Warring Gods

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The most lucrative of the three battle features sees Zeus go up against Hades in Warring Gods. Other than the regular symbols which land on all reels during the base game, there are 1x2 size symbols of Zeus and Hades which only land on reels 1 and 5 of the 5 reel base game. Land Zeus and Hades on the same spin to trigger Warring Gods.

Both Zeus and Hades combine to fill reels 1 and 5 during Warring Gods and all regular symbols are replaced with high paying Warring Gods symbols (all the same). The reels spin with reels landing blanks or Warring Gods symbols. The bonus round ends when no Warring Symbols land at the conclusion of a spin.

There are two reel modifiers at play during Warring Gods; an expanding slot arrow token, and a symbol upgrade token. The expanding slot arrow faces up or across with the board adding an additional row for the up arrow and an additional reel for the across arrow. The board can expand from its base 5x4 to a 6x7 reel set. The expanding reel set increases the number of paylines from 30 to 45 and up to 60 with the full expansion. The symbol upgrade token upgrades the Warring Gods symbol to a higher paying symbol. There are a possible three upgrades from the initial red to purple to green to gold.

add Warring Gods with Expanded Reels and Symbol Upgrades

Special Features

  • Wrath of Zeus
  • Hades Hellfire

The two special features are essentially the Warring Gods feature split into two. A Zeus symbol on reels 1 and 5 trigger Wrath of Zeus where only high paying Zeus symbols are in play, as well as the symbol upgrade token.

add wrath of Zeus pic

Hades Hellfire only uses the Hades Hellfire high paying symbol along with the expanding slot token.

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Look and Feel of War of Gods

Red Tiger designs some spectacular slots, and War of Gods is certainly one of them. The depiction of the battleground is spectacular. Molten lava pours down the crumbling columns and edifices of the underworld into the fire and brimstone below. Statues of Sisyphus, the unfortunate King of Corinth whom Zeus forced to roll boulders uphill in Hell for all eternity mark the entrance to the hellish underworld. Above ground, Zeus’s thunderbolts crack and illuminate the bleak battle scene The double sized symbols of Zeus and Hades are equally impressive, in fact all symbols are works of art. Speaking of symbols, there is a hell of a lot of them. There a 9 total Zeus/Hades themed symbols for the battle features as well as 8 regular symbols which are only used in the base game. You can see them all below with their respective prizes.

add all the different symbol pics starting with warring gods add all the different symbol pics  Zeus symbols add all the different symbol pics  regular symbols

In terms of gameplay, things are perhaps not quite as splendid as the presentation. The battle features are entertaining, and they trigger often enough. However, with no base game features and low paying regular symbols, the base game is nothing more than a means to an end. Furthermore, that end doesn’t especially wow for a modern day high variance slot, with a max win of just over 2,500x.

War of Gods has plenty going for it but in my opinion, it doesn’t have quite enough to make it a top tier slot.

Disclaimer: the game’s RTP and min/max bet may vary depending on operator and jurisdiction. Use our data as a pointer, but always make sure you check the real RTP by locating the help file directly in the game itself once loaded.