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Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus buy slots are garning new attention and popularity in our streaming community every day. These games allow players to pay to access bonuses, and they provide entertainment like no other slots. Try the demo version or play for real money with one of our partner casinos.

  • Hyper Respins

    Reel Play

  • Geese with Attitude


  • Excalibur Unleashed

    Pragmatic Play

  • Red Hot BBQ

    Red Tiger Gaming

  • Kingdom of The Dead

    Pragmatic Play

  • Chili Bonanza X UP


  • Catch of the Day Reeling `Em In

    Inspired Gaming

  • Ashoka

    ELK Studios

  • Shadow Raiders Multimax


  • Buster`s Bones


  • Jane Hunter and the Mask of Montezuma

    Pragmatic Play

  • 3 Dancing Monkeys

    Pragmatic Play

  • Holy Hand Grenade

    Print Studios

  • Stampeding Strike

    Iron Dog Studios

  • HelioPOPolis


  • Fear the Dark

    Hacksaw Gaming

  • Wild Celebrity Bus MEGAWAYS

    Pragmatic Play

  • Monkey Bonanza

    Northern LIghts

  • African Elephant

    Pragmatic Play

  • Sheep Gone Wild

    Red Tiger Gaming

  • Banana Town


  • Shark Frenzy


  • Rabbit Royale

    ELK Studios

  • Granny VS Zombies


  • Wrigley`s World

    Red Tiger Gaming

  • Sugar Craze Bonanza


  • Stormforged

    Hacksaw Gaming

  • Chests of Gold: POWER COMBO


  • E-Force


  • Big Bucks Buffalo Gigablox

    Reel Play

    What are Bonus Buy Slots?

    These online slots experiences allow you to pay to bypass luck elements and access bonus multipliers, games, and free spins directly. By paying for these features, you will gain a greater chance of winning big and won’t waste your bankroll waiting for your lucky moment.

    When you play on a bonus buy slot, you will be able to see each bonus that is available to you, with the cost of accessing each bonus clearly stated. If you select one, you will immediately be transported into the game’s most lucrative features.

    Please note that the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and many other regulators do not currently licence bonus buy slots. This is because they are concerned that players may be dragged into an impulsive form of gambling, which relies on spending more to get a better chance of winning.

    In this environment, it is great to be cautious when playing bonus buy slots to make sure that you are always staying in control. Playing our demo versions of the bonus buy slots will help you to understand the game mechanics and notice the aspects of the game that may be encouraging impulsive behaviour. Playing for free allows you to develop a healthy way to play bonus buy slots in a safe environment.

    If you want to find out more about bonus buy slots, the best thing to do is to start playing. All the slots available on our page have demo versions, and you can easily transition to real-money versions at one of our partner casinos when you are ready.

    How to Play Demo Versions

    Playing bonus buy slots with CasinoGrounds is easy. All you have to do is enter our bonus buy section and choose a slot to try. Then simply select “Demo”, where you will be taken onto the game, and you can start playing. Having experienced the slot, you can then find a partner casino where you can play the slot for real money, or you can play demos of the range of other bonus buy slots available to you.

    Demo versions of slots are great ways to learn how to play a game, but they have a range of limitations, and you will eventually want to go to a real casino to play for real money. This is primarily because you are only playing for virtual currency. Therefore, there is no risk or reward to playing the game, and some gamers may soon get bored of this.

    Another limitation is that only playing for pretend money doesn’t put any pressure on you to select strategies that will actually help you to win. You might fall into unrealistic strategies that can lose you money once you start playing for cash.

    You also won’t be able to participate in a casino’s bonuses while you are in demo mode. Casino welcome bonuses and progressive jackpots won’t apply.

    Finally, you won’t get as much assistance to gamble responsibly while you are playing in demo mode. Demo mode has no self-exclusion or time limits, which might mean that playing bonus buy slots might start to impact your life if you get carried away.

    Benefits of Bonus Buy Slots

    Bonus buy slots offer a range of bonuses that cannot be accessed via other types of slots. This is because you can skip the base game, reducing the time you need to play to access the exciting features that make you want to get started with slots gaming.

    Many players find this type of gaming more exciting because it offers a form of instant gratification that most slots cannot give you. You won’t need to spin slots endlessly anymore and can get the adrenaline rush of a bonus instantly.

    Bonus buy slots can also be financially beneficial. Accessing bonuses straight away means that you have the possibility to gain much bigger wins. However, be aware that if you don’t win, then you might be greatly multiplying your losses.

    Another key aspect to consider is that you are already effectively paying to access bonus features because of the number of spins it takes you to reach them. By revealing a specific price to access the bonus, this type of slot experience gives you a unique degree of transparency.

    In order to fully enjoy bonus buy slots, you will need to join an online casino and start playing for real money. When you choose your favourite bonus buy slot, head over to one of our partner casinos. There, you will need to register, which may require you to verify your identity. After that, you can deposit money into your bankroll to start playing. Always make sure to check if there are any welcome bonuses available so you can play as much of your favourite bonus buy slots as possible.

    How to Choose a Bonus Buy Slot

    There are now hundreds of bonus buy slots to choose from, with most major slot developers having bonus buy slots available in their portfolio. It is now impossible to play every bonus buy slot on the market, so you will need to consider the following factors so that you can focus on the slots that are most likely to become your favourite.


    Every great bonus buy slot comes with an exciting theme to entice you in. These range from traditional themes, which will make you feel like you are playing in a real casino, to wild themes based on ancient civilisations, fantasy worlds, or pop culture. It is up to you to decide which themes you will connect with the most and resonate with your interests. Choosing the right theme will mean that you won’t get bored with the slot.


    Volatility refers to the frequency and size of payouts, and it is a vital factor to consider when choosing any slot experience. A high volatility slot has less frequent wins but bigger jackpots. Meanwhile, low volatility slots have frequent wins but much smaller jackpots. Therefore, high volatility slots are high-risk high-reward, while low volatility slots offer vice versa. You should choose a bonus buy slot that aligns with your play style and risk tolerance.

    RTP (Return to Player)

    RTP is the proportion of wager that is returned to you over the course of a gambling session. Choosing a bonus buy slot with a high RTP means that you will lose much less money in the long term. As a general rule, look for bonus buy slots with an RTP of at least 90% to ensure you have a chance of beating the casino.

    Special Features

    When you enjoy a bonus buy slot, you are paying extra to get better access to the special features that a slot offers. Therefore, it is important that the bonuses appeal to you so that you will feel happy making the additional investment.

    You should also make sure that the prices to purchase bonus rounds, multipliers, free spins, and more are proportional to the amount of benefit that you will get from them. This will ensure that you are always getting a good deal.

    Providers of Bonus Buy Slots

    In the following section, we have listed the top providers of bonus buy and Megaways bonus buy slots. Choose casinos with partnerships with these developers if you want to explore bonus buy slots.

    Big Time Gaming (BTG)

    BTG is a huge player in the bonus buy slot industry, constantly seeking new ways that its players can win. Its most popular slots are Bonanza Megaways and Extra Chilli Megaways. In these games, you can buy bonus rounds and free spins that come with enhanced multipliers.


    NetEnt is a huge player in online gambling and has recently made big strides into bonus buy slots. It has recently added bonus buy features onto Divine Fortune Megaways, which you can use to trigger free spins that come with additional features.


    Playtech has focussed on bringing exciting themes to its bonus buy slots. This is especially the case with the underwater-themed Great Blue Megaways, which allows you to buy free spins that give you a great range of different starting multipliers.


    What are Megaways Bonus Buy Slots?

    These slots combine the Megaways mechanic, whereby players have a huge number of ways to win, with the bonus buy feature. This means the multipliers and more you buy have a greater chance of yielding results.

    Are Megaways Bonus Buy Slots more profitable than regular Megaways Slots?

    This is a complicated matter. Using bonus buy options on Megaways slots will increase your chances of winning big. However, it will also increase the size of your losses if you don’t win or you don’t win big enough to cancel out your spending on bonus buy options. Furthermore, the bonus buy will be wasted if your spin without a bonus buy would have hit your bonus anyway.

    Can I still trigger the bonus round or multipliers in Megaways Slots without using the Bonus Buy feature?

    Yes, it is possible to trigger all the bonuses that a slot offers without having to spend extra money on the bonus buy options. However, you might need to spend a lot of time playing and waste a lot of money on spins before you can access them. If you want to discover all the features a slot can offer, it is almost always better to go via the bonus buy option.

    Do Megaways Bonus Buy Slots guarantee a win in the bonus round?

    There is absolutely no guarantee that you will win after you purchase a multiplier on bonus buy. The outcome of the spin is still totally random. Therefore, choosing bonus buy options will increase the volatility of your gameplay.

    Are bonus buy slots available in demo mode?

    At CasinoGrounds, we have scores of bonus buy slots available in demo mode. This gives you a chance to try out all the bonus buy features and decide if they are worth the additional investment before you start playing.

    Should I set a budget and time limit when playing bonus buy slots?

    The core concepts of responsible gambling still apply when you are enjoying bonus buy slots. You should always set a budget and time limit so that you can always stay in control.

    How do bonus buy slots work?

    Accessing special features on bonus buy slots is easy. Next to the main game, you will see a list of features and the price it costs to unlock them. Simply click on them to make use of them for your next spin.

    Where can I play bonus buy slots?

    CasinoGrounds has a great range of partnered casinos that offer the best online gambling experiences in the world. After enjoying a demo of a bonus buy slot, you can access further information on it, including our partnered casinos that offer that slot.