Totem Lightning Power Reels Slot

Totem Lightning Power Reels slot from Red Tiger Gaming! This massive slot comes with a 6x8 symbol grid, pretty high volatility and potential of winnings up to 7777x! The game is all about totems and the animal figures we usually find on them.

For special features, we find a cascading symbol system (Power Reels), in addition to a random trigger. The RTP is set at 96.03%.

Design and Symbols

Red Tiger - Totem Lightning Power Reels - symbols - casinogroundsdotcom

All the higher paying symbols are represented by totem animals and we find the normal 9-A card symbols as lower paying ones. On the right-hand side, you will find a “Symbol Strike Bar” called “Removed” with slots designated to all the lower paying symbols. - This is an important part of the special features in Totem Lightning Power Reels. More about that a bit further down in our review.

We do not find any special symbols in this game, which we actually found strangely refreshing!

Special Features

Albeit lacking in the special feature symbol section, Totem Lightning Lightning Reels is not lacking in regards to special features in general. Remember that “Symbol Strike Bar” bar we mentioned briefly earlier? This bar keeps track of your “Removed Symbols” progress for each spin, among other things.

Symbol Removal

Whenever you have a winning combination with the lower paying symbols, they will be completely removed from the reel set. In addition, new symbols will fall down taking their place, effectively granting a re-spin. The next lower paying symbol win will also disappear, giving you another re-spin.

If you manage to collect all lower paying symbols from the reels, you will be in a really good place indeed. At this stage of the game, you have the highest possible winning potential.

Lightning Bolt - The Random Trigger

The lightning can strike both on the reels and on the symbol strike bar. The lightning acts differently depending on where it lands:

  • Reels: If the lightning hit the reels, it will clone symbols. The winning symbols disappear, making space for new ones.

Red Tiger - Totem Lightning Power Reels - Chain Lightning - casinogroundsdotcom

  • Symbol Strike Bar: If the lightning strikes on the bar, you will remove all linked symbols.

Red Tiger - Totem Lightning Power Reels - Lightning - casinogroundsdotcom

Our Thoughts on Totem Lightning Power Reels

Yet again we find a Red Tiger title with a huge winning potential in the “base game”. We love the fact that all the action happens here, and that we don't find tonnes of random symbols triggering the features in the game.

That said, I hit a 10 or 15x win during my demo play today and the game presented a huge animation congratulating me with a “Big Win”.  I would highly recommend that Red tiger show "Big Win" on a bit higher multiplier.

Finally, the pay-line setup in this game was a bit hard to grasp with all these disappearing symbols. Although all lower paying symbols disappear from the reels if you win, the only symbols that actually pay are those who fall on a paying line as shown below:

Red Tiger - Totem Lightning Power Reels - Win Lines - casinogroundsdotcom

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