The Shadow Order by Push Gaming is a 5-reel & 5-row online slot with 0 and a % RTP. Playable on all devices from €0.10 to €100 per spin, The Shadow Order is a medium volatility game with a max win capped at 24200x your stake.

Where to play

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Design & Symbols

The Shadow Order Design and Symbols

The action takes place at night outside The Shadow Order’s vast country mansion. Lights glow from the windows of the stately home, in front of which fir trees and sculpted hedges make way to shield a full maze. A white fountain is visible at the bottom left of the screen, while a white dove hovers next to a tree at the top right of the screen. The 5x5 game board sits in the centre of the screen. To the left of the board is an illuminate triangle in a square which, when, triggered, activates free spins. Above the board are three glowing Orbs which, when released, cascade onto the board where they not only reveal a series of base-game reel modifiers, but ultimately complete the aforementioned triangle to trigger the bonus round. To the right of the gameboard hovers one of the game’s four characters, each of whom delivers a different, randomly activated reel modifier. Whichever character is showing indicates which level you have progressed to. The background music fits the mysterious nature of the slot’s theme with plenty of eerie strings and staccato bursts of piano and keyboard.

Low value symbols are coins with the royal values Q-A. Medium value symbols are the chess pieces, Knight, Rook, and Queen. High value symbols are cryptex cylinders, books of the Illuminati and golden coin rings. The rings are the most valuable regular symbols with a line of five paying 120x the best size. The wild is a gold star with the all-seeing eye. The wild is also the highest paying symbol of all, awarding 300x the stake for a line of 5. The blue, green, and purple orbs above the gameboard both act as wilds and also activate special features which we’ll look at further below. There is one more symbol, a single golden, glowing ring. Each ring that lands fills a meter to the right of the game board and when the meter fills you level up and the next character replaces the current one to the right of the gameboard.

Special Features

  • Orb Features
  • Character Features
  • Free Spins

Orb Features

The Shadow Order Orb Feature

The Wild Orbs, which rest above the top left of the 5x5 game board come into action one by one and are released onto the grid after a succession of cascade wins has fully charged them. Dotted around the board are 3 ‘hotspots’, and when an Orb lands in one on its journey to the bottom right hand corner of the grid, it’s special feature is released. The Orbs are released in the following order and release the accompanying reel modifiers**. **

  • Orb of Destruction (Blue) – destroys any low value symbols on the board which are then replaced by higher value symbols via a new cascade
  • **Orb of Creation (Green) **– adds 3-6 wilds randomly to the board.
  • Orb of Preservation (Purple) - The highest value symbols are held, along with the orbs, while a series of cascades are played. Cascades only stop when no more matching symbols land.

Character Features

The game has four characters, each with their own reel modifying feature. As you go through the levels you unlock the characters, and with it, their features. A new character is assigned each time the ring meter to the right of the gameboard is filled. The more characters are unlocked, the more reel modifiers are unlocked. The features occur randomly at the end of any spin which failed to release at least one Orb. Any of the unlocked characters features could be picked. The character levels and features increase as follows.

  • Molly the Messenger - Molly eliminates the entire top row of symbols, allowing the Blue Orb to drop into play.
  • Billy the Gambler – The gambler converts low paying symbols into the highest paying symbols
  • Archie the Spy – Archie replaces one symbol on each reel with a Wild.
  • Amarillo the Magister – Amarillo holds the high value symbols and awards a cascade that features only high value symbols

Free Spins

All 3 Orbs must make their way through the grid to the portal at the bottom right hand side of the board during the same series of cascades. All three Orbs passing through the portal awards 5 free spins. During free spins, the Orbs are always fully charged and drop into play at the first available opportunity. As such there is a far greater chance of all three making it through to the final portal in any given spin. A 1x win multiplier is added for each Orb which passes back through the portal. 2 more free spins are added each time all three Orbs successfully make it to the final portal.

Our Thoughts on The Shadow Order

The Shadow Order is yet another great slot from Push Gaming, who can seemingly do no wrong. There are a few similarities to their classic Jammin’ Jars with regards to the reel mechanic and how the free spins play out, although it is far too slight a similarity that one should especially notice. The Shadow Order is a fine-looking slot with a well-constructed narrative and theme. It also boasts an embarrassment of well thought out reel modifiers and has a potentially huge free spins game.

One thing this game isn’t, however, is easy to get your head around. There are so many featurettes and random reel modifiers that to work out exactly what’s going on takes a bit of investment of time. It’s for this reason that The Shadow Order is unlikely to ever reach the dizzy heights of a Jammin’ Jars. That said, if you do stick with it, this is a great fun to play. Also, as it is of medium variance you will get a little more gameplay for your cash than with the highly volatile Jammin’ Jars or Razor Shark. And with wins of over 24,000x possible, there is a lot to be played for.