Reactoonz 2 by Play'n GO released on 01.10.2020 is a 7-reel & 7-row online slot with cluster pay and a 96.20% RTP. This is an aliens-themed game offering players a max win of up to 3000x their stake. Reactoonz 2 can be played on all devices from €0.2 to €100 per spin and is considered a high volatility game.

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Where to play

  • Cluster Pays Mechanic
  • 3,000x Max Win
  • High Variance Action

Released back in October 2017, Reactoonz quickly became one of Play’n GO’s most popular slots, so it’s no surprise to see that 3 years down the line, a successor is finally set for release. Reactoonz 2 brings more of the same and is bound to appeal to fans of the original.

The same 7x7 grid and cluster pay mechanic are back and in operation. So too are the same 8 alien Reactoonz character symbols (4 one-eyed and 4 two-eyed). We also see the return of the mighty 3x3 Gargantoon Wild, ready to be released onto the grid to cause mayhem.

There are, however, a whole host of different features and crazy, confusing reactions, with equally crazy and confusing names. Nevertheless, at its core, Reactoonz 2 plays the same as its predecessor. Namely that you win by landing clusters of 5 or more matching symbols. Furthermore, you win big by landing consecutive winning clusters. Along the way, you’ll trigger bigger and better features helping you create bigger and better clusters until you release the mighty Gargantoon Wild, where the biggest wins of all (up to 3,000x) are to be found.

How to Win Big in Reactoonz 2 – Charge the Quantumeter

reactoonz 2 quantumeter

As anyone who has played the original will know, the biggest wins tend to come from the release of the 3x3 Gargantoon Wild. To do this one must first charge the Quantumeter, the meter to the right of the grid which houses said Gargantoon, to level 3. To charge the Quantumeter to level 3, symbols must be removed from the board via wins caused by Electric Wilds. Each symbol removed in this way counts as 1 charge, and the Quantumeter requires 110 charges to be fully charged. The 110 charges must be reached in one spin. Failure to reach at least 110 charges means the Gargantoon will not be released, although there are helpful features released for achieving 55 charges (level 1) or 85 charges (level 2). Confused? Then perhaps a little information on the game’s other features, which you’ll have to encounter along the way might shed a little more light…

Special Features

reactoonz 2 wild pair explosion Cluster pays with cascades and reaction wins The Fluctometer Electric Wilds Wild Pair Explosion Clusters of 5 or more matching symbols are required for a win. The biggest cluster wins are paid for 15 or more symbols, with the highest awarding 500x the bet size. Once a winning combo has been counted the symbols disappear to be replaced from symbols cascading from above. Land a winning cluster from the cascade and the cycle repeats. A non-winning cascade ends the spin. Above the Quantumeter to the right of the grid you’ll find another meter, the Fluctometer. On each spin, one of the one-eyed symbols can be seen at the centre of the Fluctometer, signifying that symbol is the fluctuating symbol for that spin. Land a winning cluster with the fluctuating symbol and an Electric Wild appears to fill one of the cluster’s spaces. Furthermore, the symbols from the fluctuating cluster start to fill the Fluctometer. Once full, the Fluctometer releases between 1-3 Electric Wilds onto the grid. All symbols from any win containing an Electric Wild count as charges to the Quantumeter. Two or more Electric Wilds remaining on the grid after all wins are counted activate a Wild Pair Explosion. If two Electric Wilds are adjacent to one another the explosion removed all symbols from the grid. Non-adjacent Electric Wild explosions remove all symbols between the two Electric Wilds. The game also has an uncharged wild which merely acts as a blocker for potential wins. However, when adjacent to a cluster win, or if two Electric Wilds become active, the uncharged wild transforms into another Electric Wild. As previously noted, to fully charge the Quantumeter, 110 charges are required. However, there are reel modifiers awarded if you fail to reach 110 charges (level 2) but are able to reach level 1 (55 charges) or level 2 (85 charges).

  • Level 1 released four 1×1 Energoon wilds.
  • Level 2 released a single 2×2 Energoon wild.
  • Level 3 unleashes a single 3×3 Gargantoon wild.

It is possible to reach a 4th level by taking the Quantumeter to its overcharged state by reaching 135 charges. Reaching level four adds a 2x multiplier to all wins, including Gargantoon Wild wins. Once the 3x3 Gargantoon is released, a familiar run down occurs whereby after the 3x3 Gargantoon wins are counted, it splits into 2, 2x2 Gargantoon Wilds, then 9, 1x1 Gargantoon Wilds.

Look and Feel of Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz 2 is very similar to the original in terms of design, featuring the same board and symbols, and similar meters for producing features. In terms of gameplay, it is also a very familiar experience with the same overall goal – although getting there entails some new and unfamiliar twists and turns. Reactoonz 2 is a variation on a theme rather than a brand new, which certainly isn’t a criticism. Rather than create a new game, Play’n GO have wisely stuck to a winning formula and merely buffed, polished, tweaked, and freshened up some of the gameplay for a fanbase who want more of the same.

Disclaimer: the game’s RTP and min/max bet may vary depending on operator and jurisdiction. Use our data as a pointer, but always make sure you check the real RTP by locating the help file directly in the game itself once loaded.