Pirates 2: Mutiny by Yggdrasil Gaming released on 17.03.2020 is a 5-reel & 5-row online slot with 0 cluster pay and a 96.20% RTP. This is a pirate-themed game offering players a max win of up to 4400x their stake. Pirates 2: Mutiny can be played on all devices from €0.20 to €100 per spin and is considered a low volatility game.

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Special Features


For a low volatile slot and a sinking pirate ship, let’s take a look to see what special features this new slot game offers players, to help them find the gold. 

DropDowns Win

To trigger the Dropdown you need to land 6 or more of the same symbol adjacent to each other on the reels. 

Any symbols which did not make up the winning combination are removed and replaced with new symbols which dropdown. This will continue until there are no more of the matching symbols land. 

If you happen to land 2 or more winning clusters then the clusters with the lower paying symbols will be transformed into higher-paying symbols. 


Look out for a Tsunami which has the ability to wipe out any losing symbols. 

To trigger the Tsunami you need to land at least 6 winning symbols on the reels and a dropdown which does not payout. As a result, all losing symbols will be removed from the reels and the winning symbols will be aligned to increase the potential multiplier and new symbols dropdown


By filling the two bottom rows of the reels and up with the same symbol will award you a win multiplier which will reset at the end of each spin.

Mutiny Symbol

Made up of a 3x3 symbol block, the Mutiny can land on the reels at any point. When the Mutiny symbol lands, the highest paying symbols will be revealed. 

Cannon Blast

If the Cannon unloads a ball, the blast will take out any lower paying symbols on a losing spin giving you a second chance to land a winning combination with a fresh set of symbols. 

Free spins

To trigger the free spins round you are required to land three or more scatter symbols on the reels. You will be awarded 7 free spins. 

For each free spin, 1 high paying symbol will be chosen to replace all the other higher paying symbols on the reels. 

During the duration of the free spins, the Row Multiplier will start at the first row increasing 1 each time, and will not reset until the end of the round. 

Design and Symbols


In our casinos today we can find multiple pirate-themed slot games, so it was nice to see Yggdrasil, take that step further and come up with a creative and illustrated slot game. 

The reels are strung up between the bow and the stern of the pirate's ship, which is sinking just meters away from the shore. 

To the right side of the reels is a little animated red crab which happily sits watching the reels. But be careful, this cheeky chap is volatile and can turn at any point, shooting cannonballs at the reels. 

The highest paying symbols are represented by the different crew members whereas the lower-paying symbols are illustrated by a gun, knife, hook and green liquid.

Our Thoughts

For a low volatile slot game, it offered a fun experience. One aspect I like about the slot is the innovative thought that went into the design and the details. From the Tsunami wave to the crab firing the cannon, I felt these characteristics really added to the story of the game. 

With a chance to win up to 4,400x your stake and a slot with such low volatility, you’ll be surprised how active the Pirates 2: Mutiny is.