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Roaming the web for the best online slots to play, you've come to the right place. 

We personally review select games and place them here for you to read. Dive into details such as the look and feel of the game, the return to player, bet sizing, release dates which game provider created the game, and the volatility.

Where to Play Online Slots?

You should only play online slots on legit, safe and regulated online casinos. Period! 


Because online slots are THE most popular casino game in the world. There are plenty of non-regulated online casinos that make use of pirated games. This means you run the risk of playing a game that has had its RTP tampered with. You also run the risk of not getting your winnings approved nor withdrawn. Be warned!

Go check out our Casino Bonuses page. These are safe and secure operators that you’ll see our Streamers and members of the CasinoGrounds community play slots on with real money wagers. All operators listed on that page have fair bonus offerings, balanced wagering requirements and quick payouts of winnings.

Click the link above and you’ll be taken straight to a curated list of licensed and regulated online casinos that safeguards your personal details and money. We also have a more generic casino index consisting of over 60 different operators. You can read our individual reviews and thoughts on them on our casino reviews page

Home of The Best Online Slots

If you’re looking to find the best of the best online slots, this is where you start.

The CasinoGrounds community is the biggest online casino community and the home of the big wins. 

Some of our streamers and community members always look to play the highest paying casino games, while others have different opinions on what the best slots to play are.

A common trait for all of the players is that the slots RTP does matter; a data point that you’ll find readily available when you browse our catalogue below.

Slots RTP: Information on the Game’s Theoretical Return to Player Percentage

For those not familiar with the term slots RTP, here’s a quick introduction.

RTP stands for “Return To Player”, and is a theoretical statistic that tells you what the slots pay given an infinite number of spins over an infinite period of time.

Example: a slots RTP of 97% tells us that the game has proven a 97% payout percentage during independent audits of the game.

All the slots RTP is controlled by government-approved independent third parties for each jurisdiction the game is released in. This is to ensure player fairness. Once a game has its math controlled certified, the return to player percentage is confirmed and approves which means it can’t be tampered with at a later point.

CasinoGrounds streamers CasinoReggie and LetsGiveItASpin have documented (VLOGs) the creation of an online slot titled Dead or Alive 2, by the game developer industry titan NetEnt. In one of those VLOGs, the certification of a slots RTP and math are addressed.

Click here to view the entire VLOG-series of the Making of DOA 2.

Please note: Higher RTP slots equal a greater chance of winning but is not a guarantee. Browse the catalogue of online slots below and look for games that have an RTP of minimum 96% and above.

Free Slots

Looking for free slots? All online slots listed in our database can be played completely for free with no need to deposit real money before doing so.

Important Update: August 14th, 2019. 

Due to stricter regulations, as well as our view on underage gambling, we have decided to remove all slot free play demos on our website.

Online casinos are taking steps to stay compliant with their regulatory bodies. As a result, it is becoming standard for players having to have a registered account in order to view and play online slots for free. Please note that you can register - and play - for free with all online casinos.

Note: non-registered players will often be limited by time. Come 2020, nearly all licensed and regulated online casinos require that visitors have a registered account in order to perform any action, such as playing - and browsing - games. 

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