Monopoly Megaways™ Slot

Bound to happen sooner or later, the Monopoly Megaways slot is now a thing, and to make things even better ... It's the creator of the heavily lauded Megaways™ reel mechanic themselves who brought the Monopoly branded Megaways™ game to the table; Big Time Gaming.

Don't get me wrong, it's not as if there hasn't been a Monopoly branded slot before, in fact there are already more than 20 in circulation (my pick of the bunch has always been Barcrest's Monopoly Big Event).

However, the Megaways™ makeover is always an event, especially for a branded slot – and BTG's effort does not disappoint.

With regards the chief reel mechanic, it's relatively standard Megaways™ fare; the gameboard consists of 6 reels each containing between 2 and 7 symbols per spin. The number of symbols per reel per turn is randomly selected.

With a maximum of 7 symbols per reel, the maximum number of ways to win is 117,649 (7x7x7x7x7x7).

The game operates the cascading symbols mechanic with reaction wins in both the base game and the free spins round. Winning symbols are removed from the board after a turn to be replaced by symbols cascading from above. A cascade resulting in another winning combo (a 'reaction win') causes the procedure to repeat.

This reel mechanic combined with progressive win multipliers in the free spins rounds tends to produce the most significant wins.

BTG's proprietary Reel Adventure™ format not only aids play during free spins. It also contributes several base game features, so big wins can come at any time.

Monopoly Megaways™ is a somewhat volatile slot with an RTP of 96.39% and a maximum payout of 14,700x your stake. Available from October 2019, you can play from €0.10 up to €20 per spin.

Design & Symbols


I won't give you any guesses as to the design of this particular slot. Of course, it is based around the characters, streets, and properties of the classic London version of the Monopoly board.

The reels are housed in what appears to be a city building, perhaps the fascia of a hotel? Behind the board, in shades of green (to resemble the colour of the board game), you can see what appears to be the outline of the Manhattan Skyline.

Given the original game was set in New York this makes sense, although as I noted this slot actually uses the London version in the Reel Adventure part of the game.

The Reel Adventure part of the game sits under the gameboard running from the left side of the screen to the right. It contains the active squares on the gameboard with Mr Moneybags progressing along the streets as you play.

Above the reels are meters indicating the number of properties on any given street and the stations & utilities.

The lowest value symbols are the standard playing card values from 9 to A. The higher valued ones? Monopoly's iconic counters; the dog, car, ship and top hat.

The top hat is the most valuable, with 6 across a pay line worth 50x the stake. The wild is a golden "M" on a rainbow coloured square, and there is no scatter symbol.

Reel Adventure™

The Reel Adventure™ part of the game is where you'll find all sorts of modifiers and features to enhance your chances of winning.

Whenever you land a win, Mr Moneybags strolls around the board. Land on a station or a utility company and you own it.

Landing on a property on your second reaction adds a house to it, with every further response adding a new home.

Individual squares offer exclusive rewards;

  • Go: Landing on 'GO' results in the next spin guaranteeing 117,649 Megaways™
  • Community Chest: Landing here sends you to a random property, adding up to 4 houses.
  • Chance: Landing on Chance can either result in either of the two previously described modifiers, OR it could trigger free spins.

Free Spins

A fifth house awarded to a property activates 8 free spins. A Chance card also occasionally triggers free spins.

It's worth noting these additional elements which come into play upon triggering free spins;

  • Every additional free spin trigger after the first awards 3 more free spins
  • Additional houses above the 5th awards a free spin
  • Every train station owned awards a free spin.
  • Each utility company owned increases the win multiplier by 1x.

During the free spins bonus round further free spins and win multipliers are up for grabs.

They too are arrived at via modifiers during the Reel Adventure™ and are triggered as follows;

  • Landing on a station you own awards one free spin for EVERY station you own.
  • Each time you land on a utility you own the win multiplier increases by 1x for each utility you own.
  • Landing on properties increases the multiplier x1 for each house on it, and see the houses removed from the property afterwards.
  • A Chance card either sends you to a random property, awards a spin a 117,649 Megaways™, or adds 5 free spins.

Our Thoughts on Monopoly Megaways

Now, if you've come to this review to get a taste for the game without playing it and are a little, let's say, overwhelmed by the amount of information to digest, try not to be. Like the board game itself, you just need a couple of scoots around the board and everything slots into place.

To me, this is the perfect Megaways™ slot, combining great potential with excellent mechanics and a superb video game narrative. Not only does it utilise reaction wins and the unlimited win multiplier mechanics, but it has also found a deserving home for BTG's Reel Adventure™.

While I enjoyed Holy Diver's Reel Adventure™, I found the narrative a little weak and lacking cohesion.

The game of Monopoly suits this format down to the ground, and it works brilliantly.

Perhaps it won't suit the kind of grinder who just wants to spin the reels to hit useful and straightforward features before resuming the grind. – But in my opinion, those guys need to lighten up!

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