Mahjong88 by Play'n GO released on 02.05.2019 is an 8-reel & 8-row online slot with cluster pay and a 96.62% RTP. This is a Chinese-themed game offering players a max win of up to 5000x their stake. Mahjong88 can be played on all devices from €0.10 to €100 per spin and is considered a high volatility game.

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Where to play

Design and Symbols


Visually, Play'n Go has made sure that Mahjong 88 has kept the traditional look and it certainly has a Chinese feel to it. The symbols of the slot are shown in the classic grid formation, with bright and vibrant colours as well as patterns.

In the background, you can see a green layout, which looks like the mahjong tiles might have been layed down on a grassy patch somewhere. During the gameplay, you will be able to here a serene soundtrack with both piano music and some wildlife sounds such as frog sounds. Spinning the reels and landing winning combinations will set off other sound effects.

Tiles found on the grid, are tiles from the dams and dot suit. Also, there are four different types of flowers as well as four wild symbols that represent summer, spring, autumn and winter. From these symbols, it is the lotus flower that has the highest value as it pays x500 your stake for 12 or more of them.

On the reels, you will also be able to see black tiles. These can rotate and will then reveal a secret symbol.

Special Features

There are several different features to enjoy in Mahjong 88 such as the Fortune Frog meter, the Four Seasons and Wild symbols.

Fortune Frog


All wins during the game will contribute to boosting the Fortune Frog meter found on the right side of the game screen. When this meter is fully charged with 33 symbols from one chain reaction win, then the Fortune Frog Feature will be activated. In this case, you will be given one of four available extras. If you lose, the meter will be reset to zero. The four available extras:

  • Hope – A symbol will be chosen at random and will destroy and transform adjacent symbols
  • Spawn – A random symbol set will be chosen to transform into a different symbol.
  • Croak – A random symbol set will be chosen to pay scattered as opposed to in adjacent positions.
  • Tongue – 2 edges will be chosen, any symbols landing between will morphe into another symbol

If the meter is overcharged with 88 or more tiles, then the Super Charge feature will be triggered. Here all winning combinations will benefit from an x5 multiplier.

Four Seasons

In Mahjong 88 the seasons can change, in fact, there are all four seasons within the game. Each season comes with its very own unique wild extras. This feature will be randomly triggered during a losing spin.

  • Summer: Up to 5 Wild symbols will be placed in any position on the playing field, meanwhile all the adjacent symbols will be destroyed.
  • Autumn: Up to 11 Wild symbols can be placed on the playing field. Symbols will be changed into Wilds or will be destroyed.
  • Winter: Up to 4 Wild symbols will appear on the playing field and will stay put. Even if there will be a winning spin.
  • Spring: Up to 12 Wild symbols will be placed at any position anywhere on the playing field.

The four seasons in Mahjong 88 can change with every single spin and they can change between 25 spins during the same season and up to a maximum of 99. Any winning combination will also contribute to the Mahjonh 88 seasonal bonus, this will be paid out when the seasons have changed.

Our Thoughts on Mahjong 88

Firstly, we have to make it clear that it is not the Mahjong game as people know it that is found here, but a modernised version turned into a slot of this ancient game. For some, this slot can be rather disappointing, as there is not much happening apart from the features as well as a design that we perceived as rather cluttered and dull. The soundtrack doesn't help much either and can easily put you to sleep. However, if you are looking for a laid back and relaxed slot, this could be the one for you.

The extras in Mahjong 88 are without a doubt the highlights of the game. But the biggest wins are found when the Super Charge feature is activated within the Fortune Frog feature, giving you the chance to get an x5 multiplier that can result in wins of up to x5000 your stake.