Kingmaker Megaways

Screenshot of the base game in the Kingsmaker slot (Big Time Gaming)

Kingmaker Megaways is the latest slot from the Australian video slots- and casino game developer Big Time Gaming. Being a hugely popular game developer, any news of future releases are met with high hopes and anticipation by players around the world.  

The Kingmaker title comes with a regal, medieval theme, a ton of variance, and 16,807 ways-to-win.

Played on a near square gameboard, Kingmaker is a 5 reeled slot which uses the Megaways™ mechanic, meaning that on any given spin any reel may land anywhere between 2 and 7 symbols. The largest possible number of ways to win, therefore, would be if 7 symbols landed on each reel which would result in 16,807 (7x7x7x7x7) Megaways™

Wins up to a massive 40,000 times the stake are possible during the bonus round which benefits from win multipliers earned largely in the base game via the collection of gems (of which more later).

This is a fairly straightforward Megaways™ incarnation but has the potential to be both entertaining and rewarding. It comes with an RTP of 96.65% and can be played from €0.20 to €100 a spin.

Design and Symbols

Kingmaker has a design fairly typical for a royal, medieval slot with a scenic landscape view over lakes and rolling green hills to a stunning castle with sky-scraping turrets. Behind the castle, forests give way to snow-capped mountains which reach up to the rolling clouds and blue skies above. The gameboard sits centre screen and resembles a royal banner.

The reels on which the symbols sit are clear with patterned lattice, designed to resemble the glass windows in the palace beyond. To the left of the gameboard are four coloured flags each with a different symbol matching the coloured gemstones found among the game’s symbols.

The low-value symbols are the standard royal card values 9-A. The higher value symbols are the coloured gemstones; green, red, blue, and of course its BTG’s favourite colour for the highest value gem – purple. 5 purple gems on adjacent reels pay 10 times the bet size. There is also a wild symbol which appears on reels 2-5 and substitutes for all symbols bar the scatter. The scatter is a golden crown which is also the highest single paying symbol, with 5 paying 250x the bet.

Special Features

As I said before, Kingmaker is a fairly straightforward game and this is reflected in the features. The base game benefits from gem win multipliers. These multipliers also come into play in a different way when you trigger the bonus round granting you those beloved spins that are free.

Gem Multipliers (Base Game)

Every time a 5 of a kind gem win lands the win multiplier for this gem increases by 1x. The current multiplier for each gem is shown on the four corresponding flags which flutter to the left of the game board.

The game has 4 different types of gems, represented by the colours Purple, Red, Blue and Green. 

Whenever you land a 5-of-a-kind (including wilds) for any of these gems, you will receive a multiplier in the base game. These will also carry over to the free spins game, with each multiplier equaling an additional free spin on top of your rewarded ones, depending on how many scatters you gathered to trigger these. 

The Kingmaker Free Spins Bonus Game with Gem Multipliers

You trigger it by landing 3 or more Crown scatters; represented by a golden crown encrusted with gems. You also get coin wins by landing these. You can also re-trigger the feature if you land 3, 4, or 5 Crowns scatters during the bonus round.

All spins in the free bonus game are played on a fully extended board with 16,807 Megaways™ available on each spin.

Depending on how many scatter symbols you manage to get in one spin, they award a set amount of free spins: 

  • 3 scatters = 7 spins (4 coins prize)
  • 4 scatters = 12 spins (20 coins prize)
  • 5 scatters = 20 spins (250 coins prize)

Gem Multipliers (bonus round)

Before the free spins start all the win multipliers earned for the gems during the base game are added together to form one larger win multiplier which will be applied for each free spin. The gem multipliers are then reset to zero. Gem multipliers can be acquired once again during the bonus round, with the added bonus that 5 of a kind of any gem will add to the main win multiplier, not just for the gem.

Kingmaker Summary

For what is a very simple slot with one main feature, I found Kingmaker to be a thoroughly enjoyable slot. There may be no cascading reels, no mystery symbols, no multiplier gambles, no 100k+ ways to win – but what you do have is a slot with plenty of potential and a free spins round which can pay off in a big, big, way.

One thing you must be wary of, however, is the variance and how this could affect your potential returns. If you trigger the free play bonus feature too early, the likelihood is that you won’t have earned too many gem multipliers. This will result in a low win multiplier for any free spin wins. Earning additional multipliers is a lot harder in this game than in a standard cascading reels Megaways™ slot, and as such you really need a decent number to start with if you’re looking to win big.

It is pretty darned difficult to trigger the bonus, so get it too early and you could be looking at a long wait before you get the chance again – and this is one hungry slot if you’re just bonus hunting.

Having said that, that long wait is often well worth waiting for when you eventually get the spins. The bonus round guarantees 17k ways to win on each spin, and with a big multiplier, this can pay handsomely.

So, in summary, Kingmaker may not have all the bells and whistles of some of its rival slots, but its simplicity, gameplay, and potential make it a winner in our eyes.

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