Jammin' Jars by Push Gaming released on 18.09.2018 is an 8-reel & 8-row online slot with Cluster Pays cluster pay and a 96.83% RTP. This is a disco-themed game offering players a max win of up to 20,000x their stake. Jammin' Jars can be played on all devices from €0.20 to €100 per spin and is considered a very high volatility game. Not only did Jammin' Jars win the annual CasinoGrounds Community Vote for Best Video Slot of the Year (with 42% of the votes), it spawned a sequel on 02.06.2021 titled Jammin' Jars 2.

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Where to play

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Design and Symbols

Push Gaming - Jammin Jars - Rainbow Feature - Win - Casinogroundsdotcom

Much like the game itself, the design of Jammin’ Jars is simple but effective. The game grid (or, as it is called in this game, the “dancefloor”) is filled with brightly coloured fruits – kind of like candy crush but with oranges, strawberries, and plums instead of candy.

Outside the game grid a mirrored disco ball with the game’s logo illuminates a mosaic mirrored background. The discotheque-like interior is complemented by the game’s superb, funky soundtrack.

Six fruit symbols cover the board, each with a different value. From lowest to the highest value they are; Blueberries, Plums, Apples, Raspberries, Oranges, and Strawberries. Five or more identical fruits connected either vertically or horizontally will trigger a win.

The Strawberry is the highest paying symbol with a cluster of 5 paying 1x bet size all the way up to 100x the bet size if you manage 25 or more in a single cluster. There is one more symbol, and it’s the one that really makes this game snap, crackle, and pop - the Jammin’ Jars themselves.

The jars are filled with (presumably) a rainbow-coloured fruit combo jam and they act as the game’s wild and scatter symbol. They also award ever-increasing win multipliers and are therefore instrumental to nearly all big wins.

Special Features

Free games are the slot’s main feature, although a randomly triggered Rainbow Feature in the base game can also land you some pretty decent wins if it’s feeling generous.

Of course the collapsing symbols themselves must be considered a feature of the game as they can lead to multiple wins, and combined with the multiplying wilds they will ultimately produce the biggest wins of the game.

Jam Jar Symbol

Push Gaming - Jammin Jars - Wild Symbol - Casinogroundsdotcom

As mentioned, the Jar works in several different ways. The most common way is as a Wild. In addition. Whenever a jar is part of a winning combination, it will get a multiplier attached to it. As you get a re-spin for every winning combination in Jammin Jars, you will basically have the possibility for unlimited multipliers!

Nifty little extra feature here is whenever you have several jars with a multiplier attached, they will ADD UP! For example:

  • You have a win of €3. In this combination, you had one multiplier of 2x and one of 3x.
  • You will then get €3x2x3= €18!

Collapsing Symbols

The mechanic of the game is similar to many other cascading win-type games in that once a winning combo has landed it will disappear and the spaces will be filled with symbols collapsing down from above. Furthermore, as long as the new symbols create another winning cluster the collapse cycle will continue.

Wilds do not disappear after helping a win, instead they move to an adjacent space before the next collapse. After forming part of a win the wild will increase its multiplier value by one. The wild’s multiplier value continues to grow by x1 with each consecutive win it forms a part of.

Free Spins

Landing 3 or more wilds will trigger the bonus round, awarding 6 free games. The 3 wilds can land simultaneously or they may build up to 3 over the course of a collapsing win streak. With more wilds on the board there are more opportunities to make winning combinations, and after forming part of any win wilds will, as previously explained, increase their win multiplier value.

However, during free games, once that multiplier value has built up it will remain in place, even when the wild does not form part of a winning combination.

If the wilds get close enough to each other and they form part of the same winning combination then all of their multiplier values will be multiplied. During a good run the multipliers can quite easily reach the high teens. This is the true goal for any serious Jammin’ Jars player.

The Rainbow Feature - The Random Trigger

Push Gaming - Jammin Jars - Rainbow Feature 2 - Win - Casinogroundsdotcom

The Rainbow Feature can be randomly activated after any losing spin. When triggered the reels go dark before a rainbow coloured wave pours down covering the entire board. When the rainbow clears one or more mega-sized fruits are left in its wake, guaranteeing at least one win.

Pro Tip: Jam Jars Symbols will not be converted to giant fruit symbols.

Our Thoughts on Jammin Jars

So what is Casinogrounds’ verdict on this game? This is the kind of game we truly love if what we are being promised is true.

We have a game with great winning potential throughout, even during the base game due to the multipliers. Triggering the re-spins alone gave us a huge thrill, and during the demo session today we got one of the jars all the way up to 11x!

In many ways this is the perfect slot. It’s aesthetically appealing, it offers outstanding potential, it’s simple to understand, it’s incredibly immersive, and it has a kick-ass soundtrack!

Little wonder then that Jammin’ Jars has been voted slot of the year 2018 by our very own forum members. The free game feature, in particular, can be unbelievably exciting when those multipliers increase and the wilds get closer together.

Even the base game holds potential for a nice win streak, and the rainbow feature helps break up the monotony. However, this is a volatile slot and the base game can drain your bankroll so beware and know your limits! If you can stay within your role then there’s every chance you’ll become a Jammin’ Jars junkie, just like us.