Jammin Jars 2 by Push Gaming released on 02.06.2021 is an 8-reel & 8-row online slot with cluster pay and a 96.40% RTP. The maximum win potential playing this slot is 50000x the stake. Jammin Jars 2 can be played on all devices from €0.10 to €100 per spin and is considered a high volatility game. The game is a sequel to the original Jammin' Jars.

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Saying Push Gaming’s Jammin’ Jars 2 has a lot to live up to is something of an understatement. The most popular slots of the last couple of years have been sequels: NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 2 and Relax Gaming’s Money Train 2 both won CasinoGrounds slot of the year in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Not only that but with the original Jammin’ Jars taking home the honors back in 2018, JJ2 has the opportunity to elevate the franchise to legendary status!

Not straying far from 2018’s winning formula (and why would you?), the cartoon fruits and the smiling, multicolored jars are back for more of the same. Retaining the cluster wins, cascades, fruit blasts, and multiplier jar-free spins round will keep Jammin’ Jars fans happy. This time out, however, Push has tweaked the formula a little and thrown in a couple of extra features for good measure.

With an increased max win of up to 50,000x the bet size and with max volatility to boot, there is no doubting that Push Gaming is really going for broke with Jammin’ Jars 2.

How to win big in Jammin’ Jars 2 – Free Spins

Jammin Jars 2 trigger free spins pic

Anyone familiar with the original game will know the Jammin’ Jars free spins game. When at least 3 jars appear anywhere on the game’s 8x8 grid, 6 free spins are awarded. As in the base game, each spin continues as long as each cascade brings a new winning cluster. A winning cluster must contain at least 5 of the same symbol in horizontal or vertically adjacent spaces. The more symbols contained in the winning cluster, the higher the prize. After completion, winning clusters disappear to make room for new symbols cascading from above.

To win big during free spins one really needs to rack up wins which include the Jammin’ Jars. Each win containing a jar (the jars act as both the scatter and the wild) elevates the win multiplier value of that jar by 1x. After such a win, the jar remains on the board, jumping to an adjacent space vacated by a winning symbol. Each win including a jar is multiplied by its current win multiplier. If more than one jar features in the win, then both jar’s multiplier values are applied to the total win. Additional jars cascading onto the grid start with a 1x multiplier.

Special Features

  • Instant Prize Symbols
  • Fruit Blast
  • Collectable Gold Vinyl
  • Giga Jar Feature

instant prize symbols win

One of the sequel’s new features is the inclusion of instant prize symbols, represented by multiplier values contained within blue tiles. Land a cluster of at least 5 instant prize symbols for an instant cash prize. The award is the combined total of the multipliers on all symbols in the cluster. Instant prize symbols contain multipliers (of your playing stake) from 1 up to 1,000. In the event of a jar with a multiplier forming part of the win, the instant prize totals are all multiplied by the jar’s value.

Jammin Jars big fruit blast win

The Fruit Blast feature is taken straight from the original game and can trigger after any random cascade. A colorful graphic equalizer covers the gaming grid to trigger the Fruit Blast. To the left of the game board (or above it, depending on which screen you’re playing it) sits DJ Giga Jar atop his podium and fires one or more matching giant fruits onto the grid. The giant fruit(s) explode to cover every symbol over which they landed for an instant win.

Jammin Jars 2 gold vinyl

During the base game, gold vinyl symbols landing on the grid is sent to DJ Giga Jar and collected in the podium meter on which he stands. Filling the meter increases the game to level 2.

Jammin Jars leveling up

There are 5 levels in total. Once on level 5 (called the ‘MAX’ level), any golden vinyl landing may trigger the Giga Jar Feature, an extra Free Spins round with huge potential. Furthermore, each level filled increases the game’s RTP. See what is required to progress through the levels below:

  • Level 1 – 96.10% RTP. 20 gold vinyl symbols are required to reach level 2.
  • Level 2 – 96.20% RTP. 25 gold vinyl symbols are required to reach level 3.
  • Level 3 – 96.30% RTP. 30 gold vinyl symbols are required to reach level 4.
  • Level 4 – 96.40% RTP. 35 gold vinyl symbols are required to reach level 5.
  • MAX level – 96.60% RTP. Any gold vinyl may trigger the Giga Jar Feature.

The Giga Jar feature may sound a tad confusing but when you get there (if you get there, it is a long slog so prepare for the grind!) it is fairly straightforward.

Giga Jar Feature

First, the grid is cleared of any symbols, then DJ Giga Jar starts the feature by sending 3-4 Jammin’ Jars randomly onto the grid and you are awarded 8 free spins. DJ Giga Jar then leaps from his podium onto the board where he assimilates into the game, appearing as a 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4 instant prize symbol block. The value of this instant prize block is decided as and when it appears in a win. 3x3 or 4x4 blocks trigger a win every spin as they form winning clusters immediately. However, landing a 2x2 Giga Jar means at least one other prize symbol must land on an adjacent space to form a winning cluster. Once the Giga Jar feature is over, DJ Giga Jar returns to his podium and play restarts on either level 2, 3, or 4.

Giga Jar feature free spins do not fill every symbol space, they appear as either blank or as instant prize symbols. Instant prize symbols usually contain win multipliers, as in the base game. However, during the Giga Jar feature, it is possible for an instant prize symbol to award 1 or 2 additional free spins. Instant prize symbols remain sticky throughout the feature, whereas the jars jump to a different adjacent square on each spin as in the free spins bonus game. Instant win symbols forming clusters of 5 or more payout the combined value of their multipliers. Once again, as in the base game, jars also form part of winning clusters to which they are adjacent, with all wins multiplied by the jar’s current multiplier value.

Look and Feel of Jammin’ Jars 2

jammin jars main

Jammin’ Jars 2 is instantly recognizable as the not-so-distant cousin of the original. The funky music is back, as well as the 8x8 grid, the identical Jammin’ Jars, and the original game mechanic. One minor difference on the grid itself are the symbols as the fruits have been changed up a little. No longer will you all be praying for a swathe of Strawberries to hit the grid, as the highest value symbol is now, bizarrely, a red pomegranate, followed by Pineapples, Melons, Peaches, Grapes, and Figs. The full paytable can be perused below:

add paytable

Outside of the grid, the design has been changed up a little, with the action taking place on a rooftop disco in a deliciously tropical local. The night sky is beyond the disco is illuminated by the stars and by two animated floodlights outside the disco entrance, presumably there to let the ravers know where the party is at. Palm trees sway lazily in the tropical breeze, while the action inside is a little more intense with the disco tunes being played by DJ Giga Jar from his golden vinyl podium.

In terms of gameplay, the majority of Jammin’ Jars 2 is the same as the original – fast-paced, volatile, and capable of delivering either heartbreak or overwhelming joy in a single rotation of a disco ball. However, with the additional features and the beefed-up max prize, there is enough of a reason for players to abandon the original and try their luck at JJ2.

Once again, big wins are more likely in the big features, but it is still very possible to make substantial wins in the base game. Not only can big wins come from a couple of jars in the base game, but the new ‘Instant Prize Symbol’ feature is capable of delivering spectacular wins with symbols of 1,000x and the possibility of a multiplier attached.

The Giga Jar feature is also a smart move as it rewards player loyalty. Trust me, it takes quite some time to navigate those golden vinyl levels, which will naturally suit the long-term grinder.

Much like both Dead or Alive 2 and Money Train 2, Jammin’ Jars 2 never strays too far from the original’s premise. This is more a reboot, an upgrade, Jammin’ Jars 2.0 if you will. And just like DAO2 and Money Train 2, I have no doubt that this game will deliver the goods when it is released on June 2nd.

Disclaimer: the game’s RTP and min/max bet may vary depending on operator and jurisdiction. Use our data as a pointer, but always make sure you check the real RTP by locating the help file directly in the game itself once loaded.

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