Giza Infinity Reels by ReelPlay released on 08.04.2020 is a 3-reel & 4-row online slot with infinite paylines using the Infinity Reels and a 96.45% RTP. This is a ancient Egypt-themed game offering players a max win of up to 10000x their stake. Giza Infinity Reels can be played on all devices from €0.10 to €100 per spin and is considered a high volatility game.

Where to play

Design & Symbols

Even at first glance the similarities between El Dorado and Giza Infinity Reels are enough for anyone who has played one to know what they’re dealing with. This isn’t a criticism, more a product of the game mechanic which requires the unusual 3x4 reel set-up. In much the same way that many Megaways slots are instantly recognisable, the Infinity Reels games are also uniquely identifiable. This time, however, rather than stunning waterfalls, foliage, and lakes leading up to lush green grass we have the odd palm tree, ancient ruins, dry riverbeds, and acres of arid desert. Both, however, feature pyramids to the right of the reel sets. The reel set for Giza is framed in gold with the traditional blue and gold piping often seen in Ancient Egypt themed games used to separate the reels. The soundtrack is in equal parts magical, ethereal, majestic, and epic.

Low value symbols are The Shen (the symbol of infinity), Hekha and Nekhakha (The Crook and the Flail), The Ankh Cross, The Lotus Symbol, and The Eye of Horus. High value symbols are the Egyptian animal gods, Horus, Maahes, Sobek, and Anubis. Wins are calculated by the number of matching symbols (of 5 or more) and the most valuable regular symbol is Anubis who paying 0.25x the bet size for each symbol in the chain. The pyramid is the scatter which also pays 0.25x the bet size per symbol. As it is a scatter the pyramid pays for any 5 in view and do not have to be on consecutive reels. The wild is the Scarab which substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter. All symbols can come stacked on all reels.

Special Features

giza-Infinity-reels-slot Trigger freespins

  • Infinity Wins with Symbol Win Multiplier
  • Free Spins with Sticky Win Multiplier
  • Jackpot
  • Buy Bonus
  • Gamble Feature

Infinity Wins with Symbol Win Multiplier

Matching symbols landing on all the first 3 reels releases a 4th spinning reel to the right. If the matching symbols combination is improved with the added reel comes to rest then another reel is added, and so on and so forth. Each new reel also adds a 1x win multiplier to all symbol wins. When the winning streak ends the reels revert back to a 3x4 set-up and the win multiplier resets to 1x.

Free Spins with Sticky and Incremental Win Multiplier

Free spins work in much the same way as base game spins except for the symbol win multiplier. Firstly, the win multiplier during free spins is sticky, once it goes up it never comes down. Also, the increment of the win multiplier can rise as high as 5x. By this we mean that a winning combo not only adds to the win multiplier with each new reel, but at the end of any win or win streak the amount by which the multiplier goes up with every new reel increases by 1x up to a maximum of 5x. A losing spin reduces the increment by 1x. A pyramid symbol win during the bonus round adds 5 more free spins.


A jackpot of 888x the stake is awarded for any winning streak which adds 12 or more extra reels. The jackpot occurs in both the base and bonus game and in neither case is the win multiplier applied.

Buy Bonus

slots giza infinity reels bonus buy

Giza Infinity Reels has a Buy Bonus option (depending on which jurisdiction you are playing) which allows you to buy straight into the free spins round for a payment of 75x your bet size. This will guarantee a winning combination with at least 5 pyramids to trigger free spins.

Gamble Feature

At the end of free spins, you can gamble your winnings up to a maximum of 5x the win. It operates on a simple wheel of fortune with green and grey segments where green wins and grey loses. Winning once increases the win by 1.5x then 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x. If you lose on the first gamble you still walk away with half your winnings. Losing at any other stage takes your winning back down to 1x, although the further you go, the better your chances of winning the next spin.

Our Thoughts on Giza Infinity Reels

As mentioned, the first thing you notice about Giza Infinity Reels is how similar the set-up is to El Dorado Infinity Reels. The win mechanic, the paytable, the free spins trigger, and the jackpot are all identical, and even the themes have their similarities. At first, I thought this was simply the same game dressed up in Pharaoh’s clothing.

However, once I started playing it became apparently that although, yes, there’s no mistaking the similarities, that the subtle differences make this very much a game in its own right. The way the win multiplier increments work is totally different to El Dorado, as is the gamble feature. These small changes make quite a difference to the gaming experience.

The gamble option at the end can be particularly enticing, with decent odds and a guarantee of walking away with at the very least, half your winnings. A max win of 10,000x also means that this is a game with a lot of potential. The main draw to the game, of course, in the Infinity Reels mechanic, which is also still new enough to excite. If Megaways games can continue to flourish with minor changes to the format whilst keeping the mechanic the same, I see no reason why Infinity Reels can’t do the same. This is another fine release from the guys down under at ReelPlay.

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