Fish Party Slot

Welcome to the bottom of the sea! Today we’re looking at another not-so-very-new-slot, but one with high regards in our online casino community. We invite you to join the fish party! This five reel video slot from Microgaming comes with three rows of symbols, scatters, wilds and a gamble feature among others. RTP is set at 96% and has a medium volatility. In regards to design and symbols, we find fish, starfish, crabs and more as symbols, and a Humpty Dumpty soundtrack backed up by Hawaiian themed jingles.  Read on as we go into further detail on this aqua-fantastic video slot from Microgaming!

Design and Symbols

[caption id="attachment_17632" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Microgaming - Fish Party - Reels Spin - casinogroundsdotcom We find symbols like a hooked worm, a slightly droopy eyed looking crayfish, clownfish with a hat, sunken treasures and more! All symbols are nicely animated when you win.[/caption]

As mentioned earlier, Fish Party is all about what you might find under the sea. The reels are on top of an underwater scene, where we see a rocky bottom, seaweed, and bubbles. No card symbols are found in this video slot.  The sounds are super annoying. - Honestly, that soundtrack made me half mad during my review, and I had to mute my game before I was done with it. - Not very impressed.

Special Features

[caption id="attachment_17633" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Microgaming - Fish Party - Rules Free-spins - casinogroundsdotcom Fish Party has a few proper special features, for example, you will find scatters triggering free-spins, wilds and a gamble feature with two ways to lose your money.[/caption]

The features come fairly often, and it kept my balance somewhat intact during the main game. - I had some real luck on the gamble though.


Like most other games, scatter symbol will pay a prize no matter where on the reels it lands. In Fish Party, the scatter will grant free-spins as soon as 3 or more symbols lands on the reels you will win up to 20 free-spins in addition to up to 100x wager prize.


You have two flavors of Wilds in Fish Party. The symbol itself is the game logo.

  • You find normal wilds randomly on the reels during the main game.
  • During free-spins you might get lucky and fill several reels with super-stacked wilds!

Gamble Feature

[caption id="attachment_17634" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Microgaming - Fish Party - Rules Gamble feature - casinogroundsdotcom Any winning during the main game can be doubled or even quadrupled in the Fish Party gamble feature.[/caption]

  • After each winning combination, you can select the gamble feature above the spin button.
  • Choose color for a 1:1 pay-out.
  • Choose face (clubs, hearts etc) for a 1:4 payout!

Our thoughts on Fish Party

Honestly, the only negative I can say about this game is that horrendous background music that would make even Pennywise the clown tremble in the end.

I found the features frequent enough, and the overall design was pleasing. I got really lucky on the gamble feature and was able to make a mere $2 win into a whopping $64 prize.

Will I play it again? - Actually, this slot seems like a pretty neat game to play at the casinos. Additionally, This is one of Nickslots favorite slots for some weird reason as well.

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