Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways

The Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways slot by Blueprint Gaming is set for exclusive release on Casumo Casino on December 12th, 2019. 

Note: This is an observation with notes on a game that has not yet been made publically available. Once we have access to a playable demo version, I'll give it the Diamond Mine Extra Gold video slot a thorough review and update this post.

Design & Symbols

Up until now, there are around 60+ known Megaways slots. Many of these are remakes of "Blockbusters"; older video slots that have been immensely popular among offline, and online players.

Such examples are:

Diamond Mine Extra Gold, however, brings something new to the table; a remake of an already existing megaways slot!

As such, both the theme and symbol is near precisely the same. So the question is why on earth they would do such a thing. 

I suspect the answer to that lies in the "feature buy"-option, which I'll give a brief comment on under the headline.  "Special Features". 

Special Features

I saw three screenshots of Diamond Mine Extra Gold, all of which revealed an upgrade from the original Diamond Mine Megaways.

Golden Bet (Feature Buy)

The Golden Bet feature says it all. People absolutely love being able to buy bonuses on video slots instead of chasing the scatters. Our casino streamers and community members love them. Heck, we even have a dedicated post listing you all bonus buy slots available to play

With the remake (or whatever we should call it) of Diamond Mine, that Golden Bet is just another big fat button waiting to be pushed by someone curious enough to do so. And once that is done, there will sooner or later be huge wins posted on our forums. An excellent example of that is when Slotspinner insta-broke the bank buying bonuses on Pirate Kingdom Megaways the same day it came out. 

Gamble Free Spins

Seeing this screenshot, I instantly knew that things will take an exciting turn. High volatility is about to go up and beyond. Hairloss will become rampant, as people try to gamble from 8 to 30 spins. 

For high volatility slot fans, you might recognize this feature in particular from Extra Chilli by Big Time Gaming, where you can gamble from 8 to 24 spins. 

Well, that's about it for now. I'll get back to you with more details regarding the coming Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways once I have them. 

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