Bronco Spirit by Pragmatic Play released on 16.04.2020 is a 5-reel & 4-row online slot with 75 paylines and a 96.63% RTP. This is a horse-themed game offering players a max win of up to 1470x their stake. Bronco Spirit can be played on all devices from €0.25 to €125 per spin and is considered a medium volatility game.

Where to play

Design & Symbols

Bronco Spirit 4 Roaming Wilds The design of Bronco Spirit is instantly recognisable as one of a certain type of Pragmatic Play game. Others in this group include the likes of Wolf Legend, Buffalo King, Mustang Gold etc. Each has a similar, recognisable design, and to be honest they are all a little lacklustre, certainly aesthetically. The graphics are clunky, dated, and look on the cheap side. This is a shame as Pragmatic have some of the most wonderfully designed slots on the market (The Wild Machine and Mysterious being the most recent examples). Red rocky outcrops can be seen either side of the gameboard. In the distance the setting sun bathes more distant rocky escarpments in hues of yellow and burnt orange. Cactuses and other desert vegetation grow at the forefront of the screen. The gameboard takes up most of the screen and it is framed on either size by totem pole-like carved and coloured heads, with intricate gold detailing on the bottom of the frame. Symbols rest of blue reels and play is accompanied by Native American pan flute music, interspersed with animal and bird noises, and the occasional twang on electric guitar. Low value symbols are hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades, as well as a campfire. High value symbols are peace-pipes, tomahawks, a tribal drum, a tepee, a Native American headdress, a Native American woman, and Bronco. Bronco is the highest paying symbol, awarding 10x the bet size for a full payline. Golden Horse coins collect wilds, and a sunset bonus symbol is the game's scatter.

Special Features

Progressive Wild Feature Free Spins with Roaming Wilds

Progressive Wild Feature

bronco spirit roaming wilds The game is played in endless batches of 10 spin segments in the base game. Golden Horse coins are collected whenever they land throughout a batch of 10 spins. After the 10th spin, all collected coins are exchanged for wilds which are randomly scattered across the board.

Free Spins with Roaming Wilds

Bronco Spirit FS Landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols anywhere on the board awards free spins. 3 scatters award a choice of 5 spins with 7 roaming wilds or 15 spins with 4 roaming wilds. 4 scatters award a choice of 10 spins with 7 roaming wilds or 30 spins with 4 roaming wilds. 5 scatters award a choice of 15 spins with 7 roaming wilds or 45 spins with 4 roaming wilds. Whichever option you select the corresponding wilds switch positions on the board with each new spin and can create any number of winning combinations. Furthermore, any number of the wilds can switch to a 2x win multiplier at the start of a new spin. Multiple wilds multiply together to a maximum win multiplier of 32x (one per reel).

Our Thoughts on Bronco Spirit

Bronco Spirit isn’t a bad game. The 10 spin batches mean you’re always guaranteed at least one slight heart-stopper of a spin in 10. The ability to increase or reduce volatility prior to the bonus round by choosing your number of spins/wilds is also a nice touch. Choosing 7 roaming wilds is almost a guarantee of some reasonable wins, but with quite low potential (the maximum win is only 1,147x), this game is never going to make you rich. Couple this low potential with the lazy design and however nice the features are, Bronco Spirit is destined to become ‘just another slot’ for Pragmatic Play; playable but ultimately a little bit of a let-down.