Beavis and Butt-head by Blueprint Gaming released on 09.05.2019 is a 6-reel & 3-row online slot with 20 paylines and a 95.49% RTP. This is a tv-series-themed game offering players a max win of up to 10000x their stake. Beavis and Butt-head can be played on all devices from €0.1 to €500 per spin and is considered a medium volatility game.

Where to play

Design & Symbols

As with Blueprint’s other branded slots, the designers have stayed as true to the original series as possible. All the characters, scenes, and paraphernalia included in the slot are instantly recognisable to any fans of this gross-out classic.
The main action takes place in B&B’s squalid apartment where they spend the majority of their free time in front of their 1990’s cathode tube TV.

The TV doubles as the gameboard with the boys sitting inches from the screen with Beavis on the left and Butt-Head on the right. Although some of the 12 bonus features take place on the TV gameboard there are several which take the player out ‘on location’. These include scenes at a

fast food joint, in the school coach’s office, in a restroom, crawling across a desert, in a supermarket, or just out in the street.
Low-value symbols are the royals J-A. The higher value symbols are represented by four of the show’s characters; hippy school teacher David Van Driessen, Principal McVicker, Beavis and Butt-Head. The highest value regular symbol is the game’s logo which awards 15x the stake for 5 on a pay line.

The wild is actually the highest value symbol of all, paying 25x the stake for 5 on a pay line. The scatter comes in the form of a Beavis and Butt-Head Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Special Features

Once again a Blueprint branded slot comes with six randomly triggered base game reel upgrades, collectively called the “Couch Your Cash” bonus features. There are also half a dozen trigger scattered bonus rounds known as the “Bonus Stuff Kick-Ass” feature.

Couch Your Cash Features

If the two teenage reprobates start to snigger during the base game then one of the following reel upgrades will be coming your way.

Die, Fly Die: Our two anti-heroes use fly swats to kill the houseflies buzzing across their TV screen. The splatted insects then turn into wild symbols

Cornholio Wilds: Another randomly triggered wild bonus sees Beavis become his alter-ego ‘The Great Cornholio’ who lands as fully stacked wilds on the reels.

Colossal Couch Fishing: Butt-Head casts a fishing rod over the TV to reel in a massive 3x3 symbol on the gameboard.

So Nacho: A clumsy Butt-Head opens a pack of nachos which spray over the TV. Each nacho which hits the TV becomes a mystery symbol on the reels. All mystery symbols then reveal themselves as the same randomly chosen regular symbol

Butt Flambé: Beavis gulps down hot sauce causing him to let rip with some flaming farts which can potentially trigger the bonus round.

Some Like it Hot – Both protagonists drink the hot sauce resulting in burps of fire hitting the reels, in turn leading to a big winning spin.

Bonus Kick Ass Stuff

Three or more scatter symbols will award entry to the ‘Bonus Kick-Ass Stuff’ bonus rounds. It is also possible to access the bonus rounds via a couple of the Couch Your Cash base game features. 

Once in you must choose from 6 filmstrips to reveal a bonus round. If you’re not happy with the choice you get the opportunity to pick again which may result in a better feature, or you may crash out and have to accept a (usually modest) ‘Mystery Win’ cash prize. It is possible to gamble (the pick again option) all the way to the most lucrative feature, the Just Deserts Bonus. The bonus rounds are as follows:

Don’t Be a Buzzkill: The boys are in Coach Buzzkill’s office presumably to be disciplined. Pick either Beavis or Butt-Head and a cash prize or Coach Buzzkill’s angry face will appear on their heads. For every Coach, Buzzkill image picked the KILL-O-METER on the wall behind the coach will go further into the red and the Coach will get more furious. Every cash value will add to the win. The round ends when the KILL-O-METER is filled.

Customer Suck!: B&B are working the registers at Burger World. Each food item ordered applies a different bet multiplier to your bonus round win. Land 3 of ‘today’s special’ burgers and receive a pass to the next bonus round. Land the Burger World logo and the bonus round triggered by landing the 3 ‘today’s special’ burgers is also upgraded to an even better bonus round. The round ends once 3 Worm Burgers have landed.

To ‘B’ Or Not to ‘B’ Free Spins: Set in B&B’s suburban street, during this bonus round the regular reel set is used. On each of the 10 spins either Beavis or Butt-Head appear as wild symbols. Also, any random symbol may contain a small Hollywood Star (bonus tokens) which adds to a meter at the top of the screen. If the meter fills then either Super Spins or the most lucrative bonus round (Just Deserts) are awarded. During Super Spins both Beavis and Butt-Head are wild.

Maxi Mart Free Spins: Set at a supermarket during this free spins round a new symbol ‘Maxi Gulp’ drinks land as sticky wilds which remain in place throughout the round. As with the previous free spins round the bonus tokens also appear. Three-star symbols fill the meter and award Super Spins. Super Spins play out with all the sticky wilds earned in the round in place.

The Great Cornholio Free Spins: It’s off to the school restroom where each reel is set in one of the toilet cubicles. During this free spin round at least 2 fully stacked Cornholio Wild reels will land. Once again bonus tokens are in play which can either retrigger the bonus or activate the Desert Bonus feature.

Just Deserts Big Money: Set in the desert, pick from 3 skulls to reveal how many steps the boys will take through the desert. Each step you land on contains a bet multiplier or an oasis. Land on a bet multiplier and it will be added to your winnings. Land on an oasis and either the future multipliers will be upgraded or a mystery win is added. Reach the end of the desert for a Super Big Money multiplier. To reach this bonus round a player must either gamble through the features or land 5 scatter symbols during the base game.

Beavis and Butt-head Summary

Beavis and Butt-Head certainly follow a very similar path to Blueprint’s other branded slots in terms of reel mechanic, potential, and numbers (and some types) of bonus rounds. However, there is certainly enough difference to make this a worthy slot in its own right. After all, plenty of the Megaways slots Blueprint produce are identical in many ways with a couple of subtle differences and yet they are almost universally praised. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there are considerably more differences on display here.

The game stays true to the show and its characters, the features are thoroughly engaging, and there is more than enough potential here to make it hugely entertaining. We loved it, and we’re sure you will too.