Agent of Hearts by Play'n GO is a 7-reel & 7-row online slot with 20 paylines and a 96.25% RTP. Playable on all devices from €0.20 to €100 per spin, Agent of Hearts is a high volatility game with a max win capped at 5262x your stake.

  • 3rd Alice in Wonderland themed slot from Play'n GO
  • Total of 8 special features
  • Modifiers, free spins feature and cluster wins

Agent of Hearts is the slot for you if you love the fairytale of Alice in Wonderland as much as Play'n GO seem to do. They have released several slots before, such as Court of Hearts and Rabbit Hole Riches where they have clearly gotten their inspiration from the very same story. This time you're in for a slightly acid-looking trip with plenty of neon colours all over the screen, creating a proper weird and wonderful world.

In addition to making use of a cluster pays mechanism, you can look forward to a total of seven different special features as Play'n GO seem to have gone all in on this part of the slot. You can trigger several different modifiers by collecting winning symbols or land random wilds on the reels and of course there is a free spins feature where a 3x2 Mega Wild can land.

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How to win big in Agent of Hearts – Agent features

![agent of hearts](,fauto,qauto,w1200/v1629722140/Slots/playn-go/agent-of-hearts/agent-of-hearts-slot-playngo-capcake-spla.png

On the screen of the game you will be seeing 4 different meters, each of them having been based on a character. Should you land a winning combination made up of 1 of these 4 symbols, then these winning symbols will be collected in their connected meter. If you are able to fill all 6 positions on the meter during a spin and set of the cascade mechanic, you will have activated the feature connected to that very symbol. The key to landing the big wins of the game is through the Mad Hat feature.

agent of hearts cupcake splat

Cupcake Splat feature – a mouse runs across the reel set from the top and downwards, leaving a trail of bombs behind him. As these explode, they will remove the symbol while creating a symbol drop or be transformed into a new symbol.

Grinning Cat feature – the Cheshire Cat smile, causing the symbols beneath to be removed or transformed into a random symbol.

Smokin' Phat feature – you'll see the Caterpillar blow between 1 and 3 trails of smoke across the reel set. Once the smoke fades, symbols will be removed or transformed into new symbols.

You might also see the white rabbit appearing randomly during a spin, which will then award you with an Agent feature. Should you land more than 1 Agent feature during the same spin, then the modifiers will play out in a specific order.

Mad Hat feature – between 6 and 9 Mad Hatter symbols are added to the reel set. These will then spin, which will cause any adjacent symbols to be removed in order to make a new symbol drop or be transformed into new symbols.

Special Features

agent of hearts splashscreen

  • Cluster Wins feature
  • Random Heart Wilds feature
  • Queen's Heart Free Spin feature

When a winning cluster is created, you will trigger the Cluster Wins feature. Any winning symbols will then be blasted off the grid in order to make space for a new symbol drop, followed by a new payout. These will keep on happening as long as new wins are created.

You also have the Random Heart Wilds feature, which can be randomly triggered after a spin without any winning cluster. Anywhere between 4 and 7 wilds will then be added to random positions on the reels, followed by a new payout.

Finally you have the Queen's Heart Free Spin feature which is triggered by collecting 3 keys during a spin and a set of cascades. This will award you with a free spin where the 4 Agent features all will play out. After all the cascades have been completed, a 3x2 Mega Wild will be added in order to give you another chance at triggering more cascades.

Look and Feel of Agent of Hearts

agent of hearts main

Agent of Hearts is far from the first Alice in Wonderland themed slot created by Play'n GO. The story behind this particular slot however is that someone has run away with the queens heart and it's your job along with 4 very well known characters from the story to get it back. In the background you will be seeing the weird, colourful and wonderful world with flying teacups and teapots, purple trees and giant cupcakes all around you.

agent of hearts paytable

On the reels you will have a total of 4 low value symbols, which are represented by differently coloured gemstones in green, purple, yellow and green. The 4 high value symbols are represented by the different characters from the story, such as the mouse, caterpillar, cheshire cat and of course the mad hatter as the highest valued symbol.

disclaimer: the game’s RTP and min/max bet may vary depending on operator and jurisdiction. Use our data as a pointer, but always make sure you check the real RTP by locating the help file directly in the game itself once loaded.

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