Slot Review – Genii - Bigfroot

I stumbled across this nifty slot the other day, with a super high volatility, and a fun theme, so I thought I would test it out and share my experience with you guys. Prepare for some retro-fun in this release from Genii. If you grew up with the old arcades, and 8-bit sounds, this slot will bring a retro-tear into your eyes.  The video slot is a five-reel, three-row machine. You can choose to play with one to 25 lines. You will find Scatter symbol, wild symbols and free spins in Bigfroot.


The only reason I bothered with reviewing this video-slot was due to the well-designed pixelated symbols and frame. After first glance, I was not disappointed when I got presented with a matching sound as well! All in all, there’s little negative to say about the design in this video.slot. The only thing might be the symbols themselves, which has this strange line going through all of them to highlight the pixelation. - I would probably have skipped that, as they are still distinctly pixelated.

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Special Features

Wilds, Scatters, and free-spins is what you will find in Bigfroot. The wilds are a big monkey-like animal, who chugs down a blender of different fruits every time he’s on a winning line. (Might this be the elusive BIGFROOT?!). Bigfroot is not picky at all, and will down whatever comes his way (Yes, this is wild and will replace any other symbol on the reels except scatter)


The scatter symbol is a pixelated smiley in Bigfroot and does not activate free-spins like we have become accustomed to nowadays.

  • Scatter wins are multiplied by the total amount wagered in a spin.
  • The winnings are added in addition to any other win on the same line.
  • Scatter symbols win both ways.


The free-spin symbol is Bigfroot’s blender and activates free spins if three or more symbols land on the reels.

  • 3x grant 8 free spins
  • 4x grant 12 free spins
  • 5x grant 15 free spins


  • Reactivating free spins during the bonus rounds is possible.
  • All winnings have 2x multiplier.
  • You will keep the wager amount from original spin.

Our thoughts on Bigfroot

Honestly, this slot was fun to play! I loved it. I was probably kept busy with this slot a bit longer than I should. The design and sound are impeccable, and albeit a tad sparse on special features, the ones that are there is nicely executed. With a super high volatility and some space between the features and proper winnings, I can see this slot losing some followers for that reason.

If I’m to put a finger on things I would like to see, it would be an auto-spin function, and maybe take the whole pixelated concept a bit further. I can imagine a pixelated forest with a bunch of different fruits and other niceties Mr. Bigfroot can add to his special little brew.


What do you think? Share your thoughts in the forums! 


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