New Slot Review – Playtech - Tinderbox Treasures

Welcome to the world of H.C Andersen and his Magical Tinderbox Treasures. This five reel, three-row, 25 pay-line video-slot from Playtech has a cartoony, strange, lovable dog theme. The RTP is set at 96.35%. You will find features like Wilds, slightly bigger Wilds, Reel Covering Wilds in addition to a bonus picker, free-spins, multipliers, and re-spins.  

Design and Symbols.    

Playtech – Tinderbox Treasures - Reels - Casinogroundsdotcom When it comes to the symbols, you will find several silly looking dogs, and other characters you might remember from the childrens story

 The lower paying symbols are all common 9-A symbols in Tinderbox Treasures, and these would probably enjoy a slight face lift, as they do stand out a bit compared to the remaining symbols.

Special Features in Tinderbox Treasures

These strange dogs mentioned earlier plays an important part when it comes to the special features in Tinderbox Treasures, bringing both re-spins and multipliers to the table. The wild symbols come in three different flavors; Copper, Silver, and Gold.  

The Wilds of Tinderbox Treasures

We mentioned briefly that you find several types of wilds in Tinderbox Treasures. These can never arrive at the same time but will come one after the other. Let us try to explain.

Playtech – Tinderbox Treasures - Rules - Wilds - Casinogroundsdotcom

To initiate the whole affair, you need to receive a copper wild symbol. This activates the Dog Wild Re-Spin feature which means you will get another spin, but this time with a Silver wild which covers two instead of one symbol spots. Should you be lucky and win this re-spin, you will receive yet another spin, albeit this time, -you guessed it, you will have a reel covering Golden Wild.

Free-spins in Tinderbox Treasures

Playtech – Tinderbox Treasures - Rules - Scatters- Casinogroundsdotcom When three or more Scatter symbols land on reels two, three or four, you will receive 10 free spins.

During the free-spins, you will be introduced to the final, fourth Wild symbol called the Free-spins wild. This wild comes with a 3x multiplier.

Additional Free-spins.

The scatter symbol only lands on reel number 5 during the free-spins rounds, and whenever you see one, you will receive an extra spin, up to two additional spins in one round.

Playtech – Tinderbox Treasures - Rules - Free Games and Dog Spins Casinogroundsdotcom if you are lucky enough, you can activate a bonus picker where three doors are hiding extra features like  5x multipliers, two stacked scatter symbols on the fifth reel or five extra free-spins.

Our thoughts    

The design of this game is fun. I loved the characters and the weird feel of the whole game. – This is based on the old Story from Hans-Christian Andersen, where a soldier acquires a magical tinderbox who can summon three magical dogs. – The take on these dog by Playtech is hilarious. Mechanics in the game is OK, but as mentioned earlier, I find the lower paying symbols slightly out of place. I was only able to test the play money version of this game, but during a 20-minute session I was able to get to the free-spins twice and saw the golden wild some 3-4 times.  

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