Top Donuts Wins 2019

Today’s compilation video celebrates big streamed or recorded wins played out on last summer’s Donut themed slot from Big Time Gaming “Donuts”. Donuts is yet another of BGT’s highly volatile slots which combines a pays-all-ways win mechanic with a large number of potential win multipliers.

Starring the likes of Spintwix, Daskelelele, Huneasd, and Juusbaaa, this compilation is stacked with big names, big wins, and big donuts! Enjoy!

If you’d like a little refresher on how Donuts works and what to look out for, why not check out our review here

10. HuggeHugg – 540x Win

Our first clip features CR streamer HuggeHugg and it is a straightforward huge base game spin. The best symbol in the game is the Donut Box which reveals up to four high paying donut symbols (or multiplier wilds) thus extending the paylines. HuggeHugg manages to land Donut Boxes on reels 1, 2, and 4 as well as a wild symbol on reel 3. The boxes contain 4, 4, and 3 donuts, and all of them are the highest paying purple donut. Brought together by the wild this results in a huge single spin base game spin worth 540x his stake of 5kr for a 2,700kr (€254).

HuggeHugg, wearing a dashing cowboy hat and bandit mask (I’ll take a guess he was celebrating some sort of Dead or Alive 2 promo?), sums the win up when he says, “I told you, Finnish people are always f**king lucky in this game”

9. CraigSlots – 593x win

Popular UK streamer CraigSlots is up next with a fantastic free spins win playing at £6.25 (€7.30) a spin. Prior to the 12 free spins round beginning the 4×4 board clears and a new board appears where you are given three spins to land as many golden donuts as you can. Each donut has a win multiplier applied. Whenever a donut multiplier lands, the spins reset to 3. Spins only end if no new multiplier donuts land within 3 spins of the last. CraigSlots does pretty well and he starts his proper 12 free spins on the regular board with a win multiplier of 26x already in place.

On just his third spin Craig landed 2 golden donuts, enough to earn another shot at the golden donut win multiplier board where he lands a rare 50x multiplier, as well as 10 more free spins. Now playing with a 76x win multiplier with a £6.25 stake, even a single row of J’s earns him almost £200 so the wins certainly rack up here. The final tally reaches £3,707.50 for a 593x win.

8. Apehehe & Huneasd – 958x Win

HuggeHugg would appear to have been correct in his assertion that Finnish people are lucky at this game as our next big win features two more Finnish CG streamers. We Apehehe and Huneasd join just as they trigger the free spins round. After picking up a 21x win multiplier during the pre-free spins bonus spin things are looking good for the boys, but things don’t go to plan at first with their first 9 spins returning precisely zero. However, redemption comes with just 3 spins remaining as a purple donut on reel 1 and 3 purple donuts on reel 3 are joined by wilds on reels 2 and 4. Playing at €2.50 a spin this returned a whopping €2,362.50. A couple of small wins later and the pair ended with a win of €2,394, equating to a win 958x their stake.

7. CasinoStories – 1,096x Win

This win by CasinoStories from last summer is the first of our compilation to top the 1000x mark. Just like Apehehe, CasinoStories is playing at €2.50 a spin, although unlike the Finnish streamer, he doesn’t have to wait long to see returns. Before the free spins even started a win multiplier of 57x had been earned from the golden donut multiplier round. After bagging a small win on his very first spin, followed by a medium win on his 4th spin, CasinoStories hits it big on spin 5 landing a row of purple and a row of blue donuts for a single spin win of €2,166. That’s not the end of this story, however, as CasinoStories manages to retrigger the bonus on his 9th spin, earning him another 10x in win multipliers and adding more free spins. Although there are no more megawins to come, he does bag a few more 3-figure wins to finish with a bonus round worth €2,739, worth 1,096x the bet.

6. JuusBaaa – 1,440 Win

It’s back to the CG streamers now, and this time it’s a big win for JuusBaaa from May this year. As with our first clip this one is short but sweet and once again showcases the huge potential of the Donut Boxes. Playing at €1 a spin JuusBaaa lands boxes on every reel which all reveal purple donuts; 3 on reel 1, 4 on reel 2, 3 on reel 3, and 2 on reel 4. Added to this there is also a wild on reel 3. When all combinations were added, this total single spin win came in at €1,440 for a 1,440x win. Good work by the video editing guys here who bring back the ever prophetic HuggeHugg to deliver his message about the luck of the Finnish!

5. Zimfox – 1,594x Win

Playing at 3.75kr (€0.35kr) a spin it’s a very average start to Zimfox’s free spins round after he only manages to accrue a win multiplier of 13x going into his 12 free spins. It looks like it’s only going to be a very modest win for Zimfox, as coming into his 10th spin only 78kr had been won. That 10th spin, however, changed all that as purple donuts landed on every reel, and with the inclusion of a couple of wilds, every reel but reel 1 ended up with two purple donuts for a huge win of 5,860kr. The total free spins win for Zimfox ended at 5,977kr (€561.50) for a 1,594x win.

4. Spintwix – 2,278x Win

We all know Spintwix likes to play at the higher end of the available stakes and so sit back and enjoy his big win playing at €7.50 a spin. After triggering the bonus round Spintwix hits the 50x golden donut multiplier right off the bat and continues to add multipliers until he reaches 69x and the free spins begin. After a nice win of over €500 on his 3rd spin, Spintwix imagines what it would be like to hit the purple donuts with such a huge win multiplier. Well, he didn’t have long to wait as just two spins later a purple donut lands on every reel, with 2 landing on reel 3 for a killer win of €15,525. Further wins of €100, €500, and €300 and change result in a final bonus round bounty of €17,082 for a win worth 2,278x his stake.

3. EnskCS – 2,322x Win

Playing at just €0.25 a spin, EnskCS makes the most of his pre-free spins multiplier spins, starting his free spins proper with a 73x win multiplier. It is the 7th free spin here which creates the headlines as purple donuts land on reels 1, 3, and 4 with wilds on reels 2 and 4 combining to make a total single spin win of €547.50 (2,190x). With 12 free spins in the bag the total winnings added up to €580.45, worth 2,322x the bet size.

2. Daskelelele – 2,370x Win

More CasinoGrounds streamer action here with Daskelelele playing at €10 a spin. Things look promising as soon as the bonus is triggered, with Daskelelele hitting the 50x golden donut multiplier straight away, prompting him to utter the prophetic words, “This could get interesting”. More and more multipliers poured down, resulting in his 12 free spins starting with a 75x win multiplier already in place. After an early €600 win from a row of Queens, it’s the 5th spin where things go off the charts when 2 purple donuts land on reel 1, with 1 each for the rest of the reels. This single spin is worth 2,250x the bet size, a staggering €22,500. A few more 3-figure wins round off Daskelelele’s free spins round for a total score of €23,700 – 2,370x the bet size.

1. erXzn – 4,808x Win

The top win is from CG forum member erXzn and it is another short but very, very sweet collection of donut boxes! Playing at €1.50 a spin, 5 boxes land in total, 2 on reel 2 and 1 on all the other reels. They open to reveal 4 purple donuts each for a box on reels 1, 2, and 3, and 2x and 4x win multipliers for the second box on reel 2 and the single box on reel 4. These combine to create a colossal win of €7,212, worth 4,808x the bet size.


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