The Biggest Dead or Alive 2 Wins #4

The Biggest Dead or Alive 2 Wins #4

10. CasinoLand – 7,704x win

First up is Belarus based CasinoGrounds streamer CasinoLandStreaming playing at €0.45 a spin. We join the action in time to see CasinoLand trigger 12 free spins and choose the extremely volatile High Noon Saloon spins which come with sticky and increasing multiplier wilds. After making the free spins and choosing High Noon Saloon, the next step to a huge win is to land a sticky wild on each of the five reels, something which takes CasinoLand 9 of his 12 spins. However, once you get there another 5 free spins are awarded, and every one of them is going to be a goodie, especially if, like CasinoLand, you also land a 2nd wild on one of the reels which makes both wilds on that reel 2x win multipliers.

CasinoLand’s first two spins after earning the extra spins are worth around €120 (278x) each. The third spin makes our streamer whoop and jump for joy as a second wild lands at the top of reel 5 which not only makes both wilds on that reel 2x multipliers, but also completes an up and down wild line. This spin earns him €400. The very next spin brings in a 2nd wild on reel 2, and with two-time 2x wild multipliers on 3 of the 5 reels, CasinoLand earns roughly €600 (1,333x) for each of the last 5 spins. With a grand total of €3,467 for his 17 free spins, CasinoLand took away the equivalent of 7,704x his bet size.

9. JJCasino – 10,721x

In our next clip another CasinoGrounds streamer is in line for a big win, although JJCasino makes a lot harder work of it than CasinoLand and has to wait until his very last free spin to hit wilds on all five reels. Playing at €1.80 a spin, JJCasino then has 5 spins to improve on his modest €140 win so far. With two 2x wild multipliers already on reel 2, and second falls on reel 3 on the very next spin for a €1,250 (694x) win followed by wins of €1,800 and €1,350 before things go crazy again for the last two spins. A second wild on reel 4 completes two wild lines for a €5k win on the penultimate spin, and finally a second wild lands on the 5th reel on the last spin to double that for a €10k final spin. In total JJCasino took DOA2 for a €19,298 payday, equating to 10,721x his initial bet size.

8.TomzerSRP – 13,714x

Next up is up-and-coming streamer, TomzerSRP playing at the minimum €0.09 stake. By the time we join the action Tomzer has already enjoyed considerable success from his time at High Noon Saloon with two complete wild lines and two times 2x wild multipliers on reels 3, 4, and 5. He has also amassed €290 in winnings, equivalent to 3,222x his bet size as well as 5 more spins remaining.

Although in cash terms this isn’t among the biggest wins you’ll see in this compilation, you can see how much it means to TomzerSRP who is having trouble adjusting his screen settings because his hands are shaking so much. The next three spins add around €140 more each to his profit before another wild lands to fill reel 4 with 3x wild multipliers. This additional multiplier means Tomzer’s last 2 spins bring in around €200 each for a final winning total of €1,234 for a 13,714x win.

7. James S – 14,300x

Forum member James S provided us with this clip, where once again we join play sometime into the player’s most profitable spins, once the extra spins have been added. Playing at £0.90 a spin, James S has a fully wild line as well as two times 2x wild multipliers on the middle reel. At the end of the first spin we see he has earned £472 with 6 spins remaining. The next spin adds a second wild to reel 4 resulting in £600 (667x) wins for the next 2 spins. With 4 spins remaining James manages to land second wilds on reels 2 and 5, meaning that all reels except reel 1 now have two times 2x multipliers. The average win over the next 4 spins is a little over £3,000 a spin resulting in a total free spins win of £12,870 (€15,000), equal to 14,300x the bet size.

6. Arn – 17,683x

We’ve done well to avoid any hand-held wins so far but it’s time to get shonky and shaky with our next big win (only joking, thank-you Arn for sharing!), as forum member Arn brings the fire playing at 1.8 NOK (€0.18) a spin. Arn has already had quite the run before deciding he really ought to whip out his phone to capture the remainder of his High Noon Saloon spins for posterity on video. By the time we are introduced to Arn’s big win he’s already got wilds on every reel including two on reel 3 and 3 on reel five, each with a 3x win multiplier. With 5 spins still to play, Arn has also locked up 1,281 NOK (712x) in winnings. Two spins later a second wild lands on reel 2 resulting in two spins worth €540 a piece. With two spins remaining two more wilds land, creating a second full reel of wilds (reel 2) and a second 2x wild on reel 4. This crazy number of wilds leads to a single spin win of 16,655 NOK – a huge 9,252x spin. The final spin isn’t quite as big but still adds a further 12,781 NOK to bring the High Noon Saloon spins total up to 31,830 NOK (€3,183) for a 17,683x win.

5. Silvah – 19,176x

Forum member Silva is up next with a win from 20th July playing at 0.90 SEK (€0.90) a spin. Silvah has already earned his extra High Noon Saloon spin, has 2 fully wild lines, and has two times 2x wild multipliers on reels 2, 3, and 4. As well as that his bonus round winnings are already up to 2,552 SEK (2,836x) and he still has 6 spins to play. Despite no more wilds landing over the course of the next 6 spins, each one adds close to 2,500 SEK to his winnings which end up at 17,258 (€1,726) for a 19,176x win.

Incidentally, it’s worth noting that Silvah posted another win from the same session which apparently took place within 5 minutes of the win just described which netted him another 7.6k SEK, equal to almost 8,500x his bet size!

4. Heathslots – 19,306x

Another forum member managed to capture their last few spins of an epic win here, as we join Heathslots from a win posted in late August. Playing at €0.09 a spin, Heathslots has a fully wild bottom row with two times 2x multipliers on reels 2, 4, and 5 as well as £185 in winnings and 5 more free spins to go. The first proper spin we see results in reel 2 filling with 3x wild multipliers for a £200 win. The very next spin sees reel 5 do the same, bumping that spin up to a £313 win. No more wilds land, but nevertheless Heathslots adds of £1,000 to his profit for the last 3 spins taking his final score up to £1,737.57 for a 19,306x win.

3. ReeceRhys – 26,048x

Our 3rd biggest win comes from ReeceRhys who lands a crazy number of wilds. With 4 spins remaining ReeceRhys has earned £400 from his £0.18 bet (2,222x) and has wilds on all reels with 2 on reels 3 and 4, with a full reel of 3x wilds on reel 5. The first spin we see more than doubles his winnings to £867. The second spin adds a second 2x wild to reel 2 and fills reel 4 with 3x wilds meaning that the final three spins average £1,273 (7,076x) a piece for a total win of £4,488,64, a score worth 26,048x the original bet size

2. Drew – 36,692x

Regular visitors to CasinoGrounds might remember this clip from a couple of weeks ago after it topped our compilation for the biggest recorded wins for October. It is from CG forum member Drew who gets lucky playing at €0.45 a spin. This win is made all the more enjoyable because of the commentary in the background. We join the action at High Noon Saloon with 6 spins remaining. Drew already has wild on 4 of the reels, including two times 2x wild multipliers on reel 5. All he wants, however, is to earn 5 additional spins by landing a wild on reel 3 to complete one on each reel. Despite landing another wild on reel 4 and completing a 3x wild reel on the 5th reel, things don’t look good for those all-important additional spins. With one spin left Drew is bemoaning his luck, saying to his friends that he had 10 spins to try to get a wild on the middle reel. However, on the very last spin that wild finally drops, causing pandemonium at Chez Drew. Over the next 5 spins Drew adds another wild multiplier to reel two, creating an up and down wild line, and filling the top row with wilds whilst also filling reel 4 with three 3x wild multipliers. With so many wilds in play it is no wonder that Drew’s final win reaches a huge $16,551, or to put it another way 36,692x his initial bet. Drew also racks up an impressive 32 cries of “Oh My God” during this epic recording.

1. Levi –41,973x win

Once again, the eagle-eyed among you will also probably remember this clip which featured as our biggest recorded win for the month of September from forum member Levi who managed to capture the last few High Noon Saloon spins played on his mobile phone. We join the action just as Levi has earned 5 extra spins, presumably for landing a wild line on his final regular spin. When the spins begin, he already has a wild on reel 1, three 3x wilds on reel 2, two 2x wilds on reels 3 and 4, and a single wild on reel 5. With 3 spins remaining the 5th reel adds an extra wild meaning that both wilds on the final reel now also hold 2x win multipliers, almost doubling the size of those last 2 spins. Playing at £0.18 a spin, Levi’s eventual win tally amounts to a whopping £7,555.16, worth 42,973x his initial stake.


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