Top 10 Biggest wins 2017 reaching 1 million views

Our First Youtube Clip to Reach One Million Views!

Oh, look how it grows! The Casinogrounds Youtube channel just hit another milestone, with the first video to reach over 1 MILLION views on youtube. The video is none other than our popular Biggest Wins From 2017 clip, published January 14th last year. – Just ten days short of its one year anniversary, we hit the first milestone of many more to come in 2019 😀 

No wonder the video is so popular when some of the funniest and most entertaining casino streamers currently available went home with the biggest wins two years ago. Find streamers like DavidLaowsky, RocknRolla, and some of our very own streamers like SlotPlayer, Letsgiveitaspin and Nickslots. All playing at reputable casinos like LeoVegas, or Maria Casino

Check out the video below, and try your own luck at one of our recommended casinos while you’re at it 🙂 


10 – K_Blackwood – Vampires

K_Blackwood starts to grind the extra wild all the way from the beginning. She gets few monster spins, which are giving her multiple wilds. On the 11th spin, she hits the max win of the game, as the wild line lands to the screen, which is a 1000x hit! Unlucky or not, the rest of the spins are not paying too much. In total the bonus paid with €1 bet €1157, great win!

9 – David Labowsky – 300 Shields

David is grinding 300 Shields, and as the clip starts, he has 5 spins left with 300x multiplier. The first spin won’t pay anything, but the very next spin is insane. Three wilds in a row pay alone 300x the bet, which was €2,50. In total, this one spin pays almost 1400x, and the total win was €3,837.10 which is 1535x win.

8 – Slotplayer – Immortal Romance

Slotplayer gets the dream hits with the Amber (5x multiplier) bonus on Immortal Romance. On the seventh spin, he lands 4 wilds with four Sarah, which is the best symbol. The best symbol goes all the way to the end eight times, so it’s a guaranteed 1000x win. On the same spin, the worst symbol ‘9’ goes twice to the end, and ‘K’ Once. On the last spin, he gets another five of a kind with the Amber symbol and it goes twice all the way to the end. Bonus pays in total £3112.80 with a £1.80 bet, and its 1729X hit.

7 – RocknRolla – 300 Shields

Monster hit on 300 Shields boosts RocknRolla’s balance. Even before the last 5 spins start, the bonus has paid already 60X the bet, which is £5. On the first spin, he gets 70X hit, but he wants more. Second last spin pays already over 200X the bet, but more is coming. The last spin gives 4 of a kind, and 3 of a kind hits with the boat symbol, and the last spin pays almost 1400x on one spin. In total bonus pays £8,764.20 which is 1753X.

6 – Casinomon – Red Hot Wild

Casinomon gets a nearly full screen of wilds on Red Hot Wild. Wilds has 2x Multiplier, which grows the win even bigger. With €2 bet, this one insane spin paid €6080 which is 3040X win. One wild line is €2000 so the full screen would have been €10000 with five lines!

5 – Slotspinner – Knight’s Life

Slotspinner gets 4 scatter start on Knights Life, and the last scatter is one away on the last reel. Slotspinner protects himself with three sunglasses, and the bonus begins. On the 13th spin, he retriggers for ten extra rounds. So far, bonus has paid a bit over 100x which is kind of disappointing, as every spin you get one more extra wild. After this, everything changes. On the 18th spin, he gets Wildline, which pays 3000x. Slotspinner goes insane. In total the bonus pays with €2.50 bet 3169X which is €7.922,50

4 – LetsGiveItASpin – White Rabbit

Kim buys the bonus for SEK 2000 in white rabbit and gets insanely good start 8820 megaways. After the sixth spin, he gets the first retrigger which gives 5 extra spins. Next retrigger gives 12 spins, next after that gives another 12 spins and the fourth retrigger give 6 spins. On this point, the bonus has paid over 1000X already. This bonus is a real fiesta after this, and on the second last spin, he triggers the last re-trigger. Seven more spins, almost every spin 75x – 200x win. In total bonus paid SEK 80,734.00 with SEK 20.00 stake. Insane 4037X win.

3 – NickSlots – Queen of Riches

Queen of Riches surprises NickSlots big time, as he gets the stacked reels feature on every reel. This rewards him with over £20000.00 win as the Q symbols goes to the end 4096 ways. In total this one spin pays £20485.50 which is with £5 bet 4097X hit.

2 – Jarttu84 – Book of Ra Jackpot

Jarttu gets Book of Ra bonus with the best symbol on €8.00 bet. First spins are not paying anything, but on the sixth spin, he hits three of the best symbols, which pays 100x the bet. Two spins after, the dream lands. Five explorers and Jarttu calls her wife to see what happened. This one spin pays 5000X which is €50000. In total bonus paid €40864.00 which is 5108X win.

1 – BlackCatSeven – Dead or Alive

BlackCatSeven lands three scatters on Dead or Alive with SEK 4.50 bet. He starts to hit the wilds, but it looks too good to be true. After six spins, he has six wilds on the screen. BlackCat is missing one wild from the last reel from a double wildline. On the very next spin, he lands the last wild for the double wildline. Two wildlines means that every spin will pay guaranteed 667X. BlackCatSeven can’t believe what he is seeing and winnings keep growing. In total, the bonus paid SEK 36.737,00 which is 8164X win.

BONUS – Jörgen – Raging Rhino

On LetsGiveItASpin stream, Jörgen goes to high roll as Kim is not watching after him. He sets SEK 500.00 bet, which is €50. The first spin pays his bet back, but the next spin surprises everyone and the party starts. 24 ways five of kinds with the best symbols paid SEK 75000 which is €7500!

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