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Found 29 results

  1. Huge Win on Fish Party Slot

    Had a nice hit on fish party yesterday, full screen of the purple fish in the bonus
  2. Estonian gambler

    Hi fellow gamblers! I am a player from Estonia specified in both poker and casino games! I have amazing content from every casino game, given that i have not access right now to my old computer i will be uploading stuff from my new achievements! Will keep you up to date and provide much knowledge from sites regulated in Estonia! Peace to all players!
  3. So I just thought i'd share these 2 hits i got within a month of playing. These 2 are 2 of 3 fullscreens ive had with the best symbol in any kind of expansion (book) game. Heres Also a video of me reacting to the first big win a couple weeks ago HEY REGGIE AND KIM! Feel free to use this win in a video on CasinoGrounds!! Would be appreciated
  4. Ohoy!

    Figured if drop by here and say hi. Wife and I are starting up a stream to play some 2-4€. Hope we will be able to share some big wins soon /TheLangs - https://www.twitch.tv/dvergfisk
  5. Joker Pro Mega Win

    Here is a nice joker pro win on low stakes.
  6. New casino streamer on twitch!

    Hey Guys im a new streamer on twitch and wanted to introduce myself here! I am streaming mostly in nighttime at the moment so feel free to come say hi at twitch.tv/daskelelele and i hope you guys will enjoy my stream! =)
  7. Nice hit on Bonanza

    Just under 200 x on bonanza but thought i would share anyway enjoy
  8. Fu dao Le 209x

    Screenshot of a win i had on fu dao le the other night
  9. Live at www.twitch.tv/mikehuntslots come say hello will be on till i rip or till 1:45 Tunes and slots whats better on a wednesday morning
  10. Book Of Ra 6 Mega Hit 533X Retrigger City!

    Hit this this afternoon whilst watching nicks novo stream crazy and people say you cant win big on book of ra 6 low bets haha this is proof for you enjoy!
  11. Danger High voltage Nice Hit

    Hit this this morning on the new slot danger high voltage the potential on this slot is crazy it looks haha enjoy people
  12. Big win on book of ra 6!!!!

    Got a big win on book of ra 6 video to be uploaded tomoz morning to back it up got a little bit of wagering left so i am going to stream the rest of the wagering before Nicks stream tomoz so will be live on twitch #mikehuntslots give us a watch there might be a giveaway :))
  13. Holy Cow this slot is fun. Awesome free spins features, decent RTP of 96.5% and a uniquely amazing Bonus game https://casinogrounds.com/new-slot-3-kingdoms-battle-red-cliffs-pragmatic-play-review/
  14. Hello everyone! I've been playing slots almost daily since 2014 and been through all the ups and downs that gambling bring with it. I've recently started to up my stakes and hit a bit of luck, and since this community is so awesome in being supportive, active and thoughtful I thought maybe some of you would enjoy watching while the big dogs are offline. Some of you might recognize me from the Swedish Counter-Strike scene from a few years ago, nevertheless - if you want to watch some slots, listen to some music and just talk smack. Come join me at http://twitch.tv/gravyman Cheers!
  15. Merkurs under game maintenence on mr green hope they are not getting rigged!!!
  16. The novos are giving the bonuses this morning another nice one here on book of ra deluxe and with jacks aswell enjoy
  17. Big win Book of dead

  18. The Big Bad Wolf (epic comeback)

    Big Bad Wolf is the talk of the town, and rightfully so. The other night we hit near rock bottom, when the Wolf stepped in. Check out the highlights here: Big Bad Wolf is a 97.34% RTP game with high potential. A true gem from the Quickspin family.
  19. Check out this ultra big win i hit the other day on happy halloween guys , The video is on my youtube channel HUXslots - Hope you enjoy
  20. One year of online slots!

    For you who doesn't like reading, scroll down below for my biggest wins. Hello fellow gamblers, I'm Erik, 30 years old and I live in Groningen. It's a city in the North of the Netherlands. I'm a small stakes player and here is my story of one year on online slots. (English is my 2nd language so I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes) I've started playing online slots about a year ago, cheers to Nickslots for making me do that haha. I've had some money left on pokerstars (played small stakes PLO for 4 years). At the beginning I've played for 2 weeks on Starburst alone. Amazingly I won almost every time (played on it once a day for 10-15 minutes). Then I discovered TwinSpin. I remembered one saturday, I played like an 8 hour long hangover session on StarBurst and TwinSpin alone. Won like 2500 euro's with max bet of 1,25. Insane! Now I hate those 2 slots, like everyone right? I've never won on them again. Lost much of that 2500 euro after that Saturday ofcourse. A couple of weeks after, which was in March or April 2016, I saw LetsGiveItASpin doing DingDing and AnkleSpins on youtube. very funny and entertaining, thnx for that Kim! Also the 3 Swedish brothers where destroying the casino's at that time and ofcourse still do, thnx CasinoDaddy! So I decided to play the slots those streamers play. And I decided to put in 25 or 50 euro on 1 casino at a time. Get 100-300% bonus and try to wager it all. When I started to do that I was like 500 euro up on the slots (from the Starburst and Twinspin day and some money I've won on Karamba (FruityFriends was so good to me)). The whole summer things where bad. I've gone through 20-25 casino's and everytime I couldn't cashout because I didn't wagered all of my money. At that time I was down like 1000-1500 euro (for me that's a lot for gambling). I've deposite sometimes more then once on a casino before I banned it for a year or longer. In september I said to my girlfriend I deposite 50 euro one more time and then you gonna change the K9 (program to exclude websites) password. It was on Diamond7casino. And then..you guessed it, I started to win. I was up to 900 euro's in two days. The whole holiday on Malta I've wagered the most of the 4500 euro (150*30) on my mobile. Good times, sitting in the sun with a cocktail in your hand and hitting 100x-300x bonusses everyday. When I was back from my holiday the wagering was almost done and I was still on 650 euro's. So finally a nice 600 euro profit. But...I decided to play DOA for like only the 8th time or something (I didn't liked it at first). And I've hit the wildline! Last normal spin the 5th wild land on a perfect line. So 5 extra spins of glory! After that one I was like break-even or a little bit up! And at that time I'm watching almost everyday (and still do!) a video of the Bandit, very entertaining, thnx Steven! So now I can't quit right? The last 3 months have been very good to me. I busted like 10-15 casino's, most of them only 25 euro's, but I've cash out on 2 more casino's. Bot of them 750 euro's! How? Well most of my winnings of those last months are here below. My first DOA wildline, a 600x on Wild Rockets and a 1200x! on Jack and the Beanstalk are sadly on my previous phone, which died. But I did capture my biggest achievement of the year. A 5 scatter hit and a wildine hit on DOA in one day! (only 1 hour on that slot separated sessions) You'll see very small betting, but that's just me. I really enjoy playing and I don't have a lot of money. So when I hit big, that's where the fun part for me begins. Trying to wager all the money with average betting of 60p. Playing for houres and houres with only 50 euro's of my own money. So that's my story. I hoped you liked reading it. I like to thank al the streamers and youtubers out there. NickSlots, Casinodaddy, LetsGiveItASpin, The Bandit, Dazza G, MikaPekka, Shirox1980, Slotspinner,RocknRolla and everyone I've forgotten and who is out there! Cheers everyone! 213 euro Jurassic park = on 30p 96,05 euro Immortal Romance = on 30p 227,10 on Amazon Queen = I was to late for the picture it was full screen of gorilla's except bottom middle one, insane! The 2nd screen on wonky wabbits is so beautiful, look at those wilds! On pimped it was 1 line play and not even in the bonus, sick!
  21. Halo fellow slot lovers my name is Manny..

    Halo fellow slot machine lovers. My name is Manny i am the owner of Manny's Slot Machine Channel at Youtube. I just started to branch out to Twitch and you can all so fined me on most of all the social medias. I am from California , USA. I enjoy to play slot machines at my local casinos. I started recording about 2 years. I like to play most of types of slots : Koami ,WMS,Aristocrat,IT, Bally other new co. that have started tome come this way from the UK like Novomatic. I hope you all have time to check out my new twitch and my Youtube channel. Follow or Sub will be apreciate it. Youtube - Manny's Slot Machine Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/mannysslotchannel1 Twitch Channel - https://www.twitch.tv/mannysslotmachinechannel t.y for your time !!!