The best UK online casinos for English, Scottish, Welsh, or Northern Irish players in 2022

Players from England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland looking for the best places to gamble with real money online should do so at casinos regulated and licensed by the UK gambling commission. Although non-UKGC alternatives are available, we at CasinoGrounds list - and strongly recommend - only casinos that provide UK players with a safe and responsible gambling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about UK online casinos

Why can't I withdraw my winnings from the casino?

Any UKGC-regulated online casino is prohibited from holding on to your money unnecessarily. If you can not withdraw your funds, your account may be locked for unusual activity, KYC procedures, breach of terms and conditions, or other things. We recommend contacting the casino directly via one of their communication channels to find out what is causing it. If dissatisfied with their response, you're encouraged to follow the casino's complaint process to initiate a formal complaint.

Why does the casino ask me for documents, such as proof of address?

Since May 7th, 2019, all UKGC-regulated online casinos are required by law, as a minimum, before allowing players to gamble with them to verify their patrons' names, addresses, and dates of birth. Asking for documents is a normal, quick part of that process known as KYC (Know Your Customer). Read more about KYC & Gambling here.

Why has the casino closed my player account with them?

If your logins to your player account are unsuccessful, it might be that you've forgotten your password. If you reset it and still can't get access to your account, it is closed. Account closures include - but are not limited to - reasons such as; risk of harm; breach of terms and conditions, risk of money laundering; suspicious activity; underage gambling, and more.

How do I stop receiving casino marketing emails and SMS?

It's prohibited for a UKGC-licensed casino to send you any form of marketing unless you have personally given them the consent to do so. If you still receive such marketing, you should be able to stop it by logging into your player account and changing your communication preferences. If this proves unsuccessful, you might be subject to spam from third parties. In cases of SMS marketing, try replying to the sender with "STOP." If unsuccessful, contact your operator, as they might be able to block the sender. If nothing helps, and you still receive unwanted marketing emails and SMS, [contact the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)].