Relax Gaming

Although named Relax Gaming, their team has now expanded to over 170 hard-working employees, who have been working hard day in and day out to produce quality content and expand out. Based across Europe, they have staff reporting in from Estonia, Malta, Barcelona, Finland, Sweden, Serbia and the UK. In the 10 years, they have been active, Relax Gaming has developed poker and bingo products and has been working on a full-fledged casino solution.


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RelaX have reached a stage where they handle everything in-house. The company itself holds licenses in the UK, Malta and Romania. If we are talking about RG’s story, it would be incomplete without mentioning Unibet. Relax Gaming’s goal, when coming up with their poker software, was to make a game filled with tons of fun and a level playing field, that pros and amateurs can play alike.

Here is where Unibet steps in. Unibet Poker is a poker client that has some variations of poker available: No-Limit Texas Hold 'em, Pot Limit Omaha and Fast-Fold. They also have the ever-fun sit n go tournaments. In this article, we will guide you to the best online casinos that offer Relax Gaming’s products to its players.

History Of Relax Gaming

Believe it or not, Relax Gaming was started one evening in a pub in Malta. In 2010, Patrik Österåker and Jani Tekoniemi met in a Maltese pub. When they began talking and sharing interests and ideas, the result of this drunken evening, was Relax Gaming, which was founded with a goal in mind, which was to provide a gaming platform of a much higher quality than available in the market.

In September 2016, something major happened for RG. RG was the first to be granted a gaming license in Romania. They now hold a B2B supplier license, which allows them to make their Silver Bullet, Poker and Bingo software available to Romanian partners. Let’s shed some light on RG’s Core Team. Later in 2018, their Silver Bullet program was launched.

To kick start a new year off, in January 2018 Relax Gaming launched The Plat-To-Plat casino vertical with its first integration attracting widespread attention from all over.

In September 2019, a massive round of applause goes to RG for their first collaborative branded game project which was launched. To make things even more exciting, the new launch featured the infamous Michael and Bruce Buffer.

With Relax Gaming on a roll in 2019, they celebrated even more achievements, one of which included RG now having 15 P2P live and onboard. This meant for RG that their portfolio became even more diverse adding new as well as existing providers to the market. 

Patrik Österåker

The CEO and Co-Founder. With a technical education and background in computer development and programming and after 7 years in various software development roles, he moved to Malta in hopes of becoming CTO of an online gaming operator. He is a cat person ( I know, we were shocked too) and we have also found out that though being in this industry, he is yet to set foot in Las Vegas. He loves working out, relaxing with a Cold Lager or enjoying the occasional good single malt.

Martin Stålros

The COO of this joint venture. Martin brings the poker influence to RG’s table, with his background being a fanatic himself. He stepped foot in this industry by founding a consultancy that bridged the gap between players and operators. He then moved to London and joined Unibet, only to become Head Of Poker and Bingo there. He loved working with RG and their software. When given an opportunity, decided to join RG and moved to Tallinn. Martin is known to be a big Poker and Football fan. He loves visiting good restaurants in Tallinn, that keep him close from a table with chips (Get it? Chips meaning poker chips lul).