No Account & Pay n Play Casinos Index

No Account Casinos / Pay N Play Quick Facts:

  • Currently for residents in Sweden, Finland and Germany
  • You log in and verify your identity in seconds with BankID before playing
  • All your deposits and withdrawals are INSTANT
  • You don’t have to to provide documents to the casino

As a Swedish, Finnish or a German player - you are fortunate to have the “pay n play”-option if you’re looking to gamble online. 

Registering with a No Account casino operator removes the need to fill out personal details, remembering new passwords, and saves you bucketloads of time.

The BankID verification via Trustly increases your account security and protects your financial- as well as personal data. 

The best part is that all deposits and withdrawal requests are instantaneous and there are no fees whatsoever. Let’s talk about that for a second in the section below …

Online Casino

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    • Exclusive VIP program
    • Limited live table games available
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    • 24/7 support
    • 100% match bonus
    • bonus code
    • 100% match bonus up to $250
    • Great loyalty scheme
    • $500 bonus money
    • $25 cash
    • Unibet 25 for $25 on registration
    • No VIP program

What Makes Pay N Play Casinos different?

Nearly 1 out of every 4 players who start the registration process with any online casino simply quits. You’ve probably done so at some point too? What about deposits? Have you skipped the deposit process as well? You’re not alone. In fact, only 1 out of every 3 players who DO register follows up with a deposit.

Then there’s the withdrawal process … Have you ever been asked to submit documents? That’s because casinos that have a valid license and thus answer to a regulatory body has to comply with a lot of different rules and regulations.

The casino is responsible for carrying out the checks, but it’s you who have to do the legwork with providing documents like copies of your passport, IDs, bank statements, proof of address-documents and more.

This is done to ensure compliance with Anti Money Laundering, Underage-gambling, Know Your Customer, and other regulations.

Once all of this is done, you’re probably going to stick with the casino you’ve registered with to avoid the same hassle over and over again.

Not only do the casinos spent a tremendous amount of money on all of these steps, but you spend quite a bit of your time on it as well.

Pay N Play Casinos removes the need for all of the above. That’s the difference - and it’s a huge one, that is currently revolutionizing the industry - for both casinos and players alike.

Pay N Play Paves the Way for “No Account Casinos”: A Smoother Gaming Experience

When you open an account with any no account casinos, you’re in for a smoother gaming experience. Unlike other casinos, a casino without registration is done within seconds thanks to BankID and Trustly.

You no longer “open an account” the traditional way, but simply complete the registration process using Trustly and BankID to verify your personal information and who you are.

Whenever you create an account with what is often referred to as “Pay N Play” casinos, you start playing in seconds. All deposits and withdrawals to and from your bank account are instant. You also no longer have to deal with the verification process (also referred to as Know Your Customer) where the operator asks you to provide documents such as ID, banking statements and proof of address.

Player Benefits

Once you’ve experienced a Pay N Play casino first hand, you’ll never really want to go back to the old solutions.

  • No Registration: No lengthy registration forms or sending of documents to verify who you are. The casino processes the information and creates your account in the background using existing data from your bank.  
  • It’s completely free: While other payment methods usually have a fee attached to processing both deposits and withdrawals, the use of Pay N Play with Trustly is completely free. 
  • Lightning-fast withdrawals: You most likely have a smartphone. Right? So “instant gratification” in forms of being able to book a taxi (Uber, Bolt, etc) placing a takeaway order, streaming, and more. The casino industry has finally caught up, handling withdrawals with just a tap on your phone, sending the funds to your bank account within minutes!

How Pay N Play Works

Pay n Play is a combination of 3 separate, existing solutions and products from Trustly. 

  • Deposit: players deposit directly from their online bank account.
  • KYC: players are automatically verified and the casino creates the player account in the background.
  • Withdrawal: players can withdraw their money instantly back to the same bank account they deposited from, even after leaving the casino and logging back in at a later point

How it Works for the Players

The Pay N Play casino product is a new rage since its release in 2018; super easy, user-friendly and ridiculously fast.

Here’s how it works for the players: 

  • Click the “Play Now”-button on an eligible Pay N Play casino of your choosing
  • Select your bank and make a deposit
  • Complete the process and verify yourself by using BankID to log into your online bank
  • Start playing
  • Withdraw any winnings of yours by selecting the “Withdraw”-option
  • Your winnings are instantly credited back to the same bank account you deposited from

The Different Pay N Play Modules Available

There are two different Pay N Play modules available to casino operators wishing to incorporate this solution to their website. 

  • Pure Pay n Play mode: used for both new and existing casinos that want this to be the exclusive solution used for their players. 
  • Hybrid Pay N Play mode: used to complement existing deposit/withdrawal-methods. Returning players can’t “resume play” and must log in using a username or password/deposit again using trustly, and/or log in to an online bank account when withdrawing funds. 


Pay N play operators (also known as no account casinos) are currently only available in the following countries,

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Finland

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions that people ask regarding the new craze of no account casinos have already been answered on this page. However, we’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions section to address the most obvious questions. 

How many Pay N Play casinos are there as of now? 

There are currently over 60 casinos that offer the “Pure” or “Hybrid” Pay N Play-module. 

Can you list the casinos that use Pay N Play?

Sure thing. Here’s a list of 24 casinos that offers Pay N Play! Please note that several of these have multiple brands under their corporate structure, and thus have not yet been included in the list below.

  1. Ninja Casino
  2. Betsson
  3. Dreamz
  4. comeon!
  5. Spela
  6. Omnia Casino
  7. No Account Casino
  8. Bajungo
  9. Kaboo
  10. Thrills
  11. Snabbare
  12. Casino Heroes
  13. Premier Live Casino
  14. Hajper
  15. Blitzino
  16. Speedy Casino
  17. Lucky Casino
  18. Mobocasino
  19. Spelklart
  20. SpeedyBet
  21. Loistokasino
  22. Spellandet
  23. Nopeampi
  24. Pronto Casino

Are Winnings Tax-Free for Swedish Players?

Winnings stemming from countries within the EU are not subject to tax, meaning that Swedish residents do not have to pay taxes on their winnings if the casino holds a valid MGA-license (Malta Gaming Authority). The general rule of thumb in relation to winnings (above 100 SEK) derived from gambling is that it’s considered as “capital gain” and must be accounted for in the income declaration to the Swedish Tax Authority, and taxed at a 30% rate. However, gambling winnings from regulated EU operators are exempt from tax.