Bonus Buy Slots Benefits And Drawbacks

All About Bonus Buy Slots: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Updated on: 18 Jun 2024
Dean McHugh

Landing a win on an online slot game never fails to be thrilling, but it’s the bonus feature that holds the real excitement. However, as many players will testify, it’s not always easy to hit the special combination that unlocks the bonus play.

But there’s another option that offers a shortcut to that all-important bonus round: the bonus buy feature.

In this guide, we examine the bonus buys in more detail, including how to use them and what factors to be aware of.

What is the Bonus Buy Feature?

Every slot game has a range of symbols which need to land on the reels in a certain combination to win. The required symbols to unlock the bonus round are much harder to land. And with no absolute guarantees of success, you could play for a whole session without ever unlocking the bonus round.

The attraction of the bonus round is that it typically offers the largest payouts. Some of them offer a guaranteed win, so once the bonus round is triggered, you’ll definitely win something. This isn’t the case with all types of bonus rounds, so it’s always important to check the game information and be clear on the potential before deciding how much to bet.

Bonus rounds also offer some fun gameplay, so they’re attractive for many reasons. However, the difficulty involved in hitting the bonus combination can be rather frustrating!

Bonus Buy feature offers an alternative way to unlock the bonus round. Rather than playing for an unspecified amount of time and bearing the cost, players can opt to buy entry into the bonus round via the Bonus Buy.

The terms of each Bonus Buy will determine what exactly you’ll get in the bonus round. Sometimes it might just be a straightforward case of providing access. In other games where players can enter the bonus round with different types of special symbols, there might be the option to select different Bonus Buy features.

Once the Bonus Buy has been purchased, the bonus round will be triggered, but other than that the gameplay will continue as normal. There are no special advantages in the bonus round for players who have used the Bonus Buy feature.

How to Use the Bonus Buy Feature

How to Use the Bonus Buy Feature

You don’t need to be a slots whizz to use the bonus buy feature, as it’s very easy to activate.

Most slots that offer this option feature it clearly on the screen, typically right next to the reels. This means that you can opt for the bonus buy at any point during the game when you’re due to place a bet.

If there are various Bonus Buy options, you’ll see these on screen. To activate the feature, simply click on the Bonus Buy. You should be able to clearly see the price of the feature and what extras you’ll receive, if any.

The cost of the Bonus Buy will be deducted from your account balance, so you’ll need to have sufficient funds to make the purchase.

Once you’ve confirmed the Bonus Buy, the reels will usually spin again and the bonus combination will magically land - who’d have guessed?! This will then allow you to progress to the bonus round where you will play it out as normal.

How Much Does It Cost?

The prospect of a Bonus Buy may have you busting to dive in, but before you activate the feature, there’s one very important question to answer: how much does it cost?

Every slot sets its own price for the Bonus Buy, but it’s not usually a cheap option. Gaining instant access to the bonus round doesn’t come cheap, so it’s essential to fully understand the cost and the full benefits.

The cost of a Bonus Buy feature typically ranges from x50 to x200, averaging at x100. However, prices can fall outside this range, with some Bonus Buy features costing up to x2000 (San Quentin xWays by Nolimit City).

Most games that offer a really expensive Bonus Buy often have cheaper options, which include fewer benefits. For example, San Quentin xWays offers five bonus symbols plus three Jumping Wilds in return for x2000. But players can also opt for x100 Bonus Buy that includes three bonus symbols and one Jumping Wild.

As always, it’s vital to read the terms so you’re absolutely clear about the different options available and what’s included in each.

As we mentioned above, the Bonus Buy in slots doesn’t confer any extra advantages, so you won’t get an enhanced chance of a big win. With some bonus features, there’s no guarantee of any win at all, and even if you do win, you might not recoup what you’ve spent on the Bonus Buy.

That’s why the decision to purchase a Bonus needs to be balanced carefully, in the same way that you’d carefully plan how much to gamble on each spin. The Bonus Buy should always be part of your overall playing strategy and not something that you impulsively dive into.

The reason this is important is that the Bonus Buy feature can be very expensive on some slots. Of course, there’s always the potential to hit eye-watering wins, but that’s the exception rather than the norm.

Which Slots Include Bonus Buy Features?

Slots with bonus buy

If you’ve never seen a Bonus Buy feature before, that’s because they can’t be found on every game. Not every developer offers a Bonus Buy, and they may not include it in every single game in their library.

In addition, the Bonus Buy feature is completely banned in some countries, such as the UK, so they can’t be found at all in those regions. This means that you could play the same online slot in different jurisdictions and have different Bonus Buy options.

The popularity of the Bonus Buy feature means that there are now hundreds of titles to choose from, covering every niche and style of play. You should choose your slot in the same way as you would normally do, taking account of your favourite provider, RTP, volatility, max payout, and so on, while also factoring in the available Bonus Buy.

Some of the most popular Bonus Buy slots include:

As can be seen from the above selection, there are all types of online slots that offer a Bonus Buy feature, giving the maximum choice for gameplay.

What to Consider Before Using the Bonus Buy

Bonus buy pros and cons

Guaranteed access to the bonus round might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not as straightforward as it might initially seem. Before clicking enthusiastically on the Bonus Buy button, make sure you’ve fully considered whether it’s the right move.

Although it’s theoretically possible to win a big prize in any slot, each game has its own structure. This means that it can be much easier to trigger the bonus round in some slots or that the chances of a higher payout during the bonus are greater. Much of this has to do with the combined effect of the RTP and volatility, and it’s essential to understand both before mapping out your strategy.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to try out the demo version of the game before you start gambling. This will allow you to get a feel for how the game plays and what the volatility and RTP are like in practice. We have compiled a list of Top Bonus Buy Slots with high RTP, providing players with an informed starting point for their gaming adventures. These slots not only offer thrilling gameplay experiences but also maximise your chances of winning.

The Bonus Buy feature won’t normally count towards wagering requirements and may even invalidate a payout. Therefore, if you’re trying to fulfil wagering requirements after claiming a bonus, it’s probably best to avoid the Bonus Buy temporarily.

The cost of the Bonus Buy should also be properly considered. If you can trigger the bonus round fairly quickly in regular play, the high price of a Bonus Buy might not be cost-effective. This is particularly the case if the wins from the bonus round tend to be relatively small.

You also need to think about what the attraction of the Bonus Buy is for you - is it because you’re hoping for a big win, or just because you enjoy the thrill of the bonus round? If it’s just because you want to maximise your potential payout, you need to be extra careful. In some slots, the Bonus Buy cost is set relatively low, but in other games, it’s very high. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security; remember that the casino always has the house edge, so you’re never guaranteed to come out on top financially.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of playing online slots, so it’s advisable to always start with a playing budget. This stops you from overspending and ensures that you don’t play with money that you can’t afford to lose. The Bonus Buy should always come out of your playing budget, and this may reduce your overall playing time if the cost is high. Don’t go over your budget because of the temptation of the Bonus Buy - remember, you can always come back and play on another day!

Pros and Cons of Bonus Buy Slots

The Bonus Buy option is controversial, but there are pros and cons of this particular feature. Here’s an overview of the main advantages and drawbacks of playing the Bonus Buy:


  • You are guaranteed to trigger the bonus instantly
  • It may be cheaper to reach the bonus than constantly betting on each turn and hoping for the best
  • It provides instant access to the highest potential payouts
  • Players can enjoy the most thrilling part of the game straight away
  • Instant gratification provides more interest
  • Provides high rollers with more options than straight gameplay
  • Offers higher potential rewards for shorter play sessions
  • The RTP may be higher during bonus rounds


  • There is no guaranteed win
  • It can be expensive, especially if you want to play with the top option
  • You can wipe out your bankroll more quickly
  • It might cost more than waiting to trigger the bonus during regular gameplay
  • The bonus payouts might be lower than the cost of the Bonus Buy
  • Some players prefer the challenge of triggering a bonus naturally

To Bonus Buy or Not Bonus Buy, That Is The Question…

There’s no right or wrong answer about whether to use the Bonus Buy facility. As we’ve described above, much depends on the game, the RTP/volatility, and the available bankroll.

For some slots, the Bonus Buy feature has the potential to provide a real advantage, while in other games, it may not be worth its cost.

For many players, the best avenue is to experiment with the demo slot games first and then try out the Bonus Buy on the slots, where it looks like a good option. And just like all types of online play, if it’s not working for you on one slot, then move on to another. There’s no point in persisting with something that isn’t delivering when there are countless other online slots to try out instead!