Super Sic Bo

Always the little brother to craps in any casino, the Chinese dice game of Sic Bo has nevertheless gaining some serious traction both online and in live casinos.

In a nutshell Sic Bo (translation: precious dice) is a fairly straight forward game where players bet on the outcome of a roll of three regular dice.

Super Sic Bo from Evolution Gaming takes the ancient Chinese games and throws a little dynamite into the mix. By adding win multipliers on a random selection of outcomes on each game, players seeking out a Super Sic(k) payday may just find what they’re looking for with Super Sic Bo.

The History of Sic Bo

There is relatively little known about the origin or Sic Bo other than it originated in China a long time ago. The timeline of its origin is so vague that sources often state that the game could be anything from hundreds to thousands of years old. So yeah, let’s just say it’s been around a while!

It is believed that the game was initially played with a pair of painted bricks before being substituted for the far more convenient dice option. Eventually a third dice was added resulting in the game we see today. To play, the dice were placed on a porcelain plate topped with a bowl before being shaken. Sic bo was introduced to the West by Chinese immigrants in the 20th Century but remained a relatively fringe game until the 1990’s when casinos started to offer the game almost as a novelty as Chinese tourism increased. Today Sic Bo can be found in most land based casinos and is also becoming increasingly popular online.

Versions of Sic Bo also popular in the west include the English variants “Grand Hazard” and “Chuck-a-Luck”. In Macau, where the game is hugely popular, it goes by the name Dai Siu, which translates as Big/Small.

How to Play Sic Bo

At first glance, the multitude of options available on a Sic Bo betting table may lead a person to believe that it is a complex game. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. A player is simply betting on the outcome of three rolled dice. Naturally, with three dice there are quite a few possible outcomes. As well as the scores of the dice themselves players can bet on whether the total will be odd or even, high or low, pairs, trips, or on various dice combinations etc. All the available options are spread across the betting table in numerous shapes and sizes along with their corresponding odds to create a rather daunting looking piece of casino baize. However, once you are even remotely familiar with the set up and the very basic rules, it all becomes crystal clear.

Super Sic Bo is played live in a purpose built studio are at their studios in Riga. The dealer sits at a small table on which the dice shaker sits. The dice shaker is similar (albeit much fancier) to those you might find on the popular board game “frustration”. It is a glass dome with a vibrating base with three dice inside. Before the dome is activated is when bets are placed. Once the betting time has elapsed the base vibrates which causes the dice to hop around inside the dome. Once the vibrating stops the dice come to a standstill and the three up faces of the dice are recorded.

Super Sic Bo Table

Evolution gaming’s Super Sic Bo table is identical to a regular Sic Bo table in layout, although you’ll find some of the odds less favourable than its traditional counterpart. There is, however, a good reason for slightly dampening the odds, and that is to create a pool of monies which is then used to make big payouts when multipliers up to 1000x are added to a number of randomly chosen betting options on each and every game.

As an example, the payout for correctly betting on the total score of the 3 dice being 17 is 60:1 in regular Sic Bo but only 50:1 in Super Sic Bo. Similarly, the payout for correctly betting on the outcome being a specified triple (i.e. you bet on all three dice showing the same specified number) is 180:1 in Sic Bo but only 150:1 in Super Sic Bo. However, certain bets pay the same odds; for example the payout for correctly betting on ‘Any Triple’ (you win if all three dice show the same number, regardless of that number) is 30:1 for both games.

You may only get paid 150:1 for a Triple in Super Sic Bo, but if lady luck is on your side and that bet is chosen to have a win multiplier added, you could walk away with odds of up to 999:1. All bets with the exception of even bets (i.e Big/Small, Even/Odd) can receive random multipliers, and each betting combo has a range of multipliers for which they are eligible. You can see the full list of payouts (including multipliers) below, along with the Super Sic Bo betting table layout.

Bet Payout (maximum with multipliers in bold)
Big / Small 1:1
Even / Odd 1:1
Double 8 – 87:1
Triple 150 – 999:1
Any Triple 30 – 87:1
Total 4 or 17 50 – 499:1
Total 5 or 16 20 – 249:1
Total 6 or 15 15 – 87:1
Total 7 or 14 12 – 29:1
Total 8 or 13 8 – 24:1
Total 9 or 12 6 – 49:1
Total 10 or 11 6 – 24:1
Combination 5 – 24:1







2 – 19:1

3 – 87:1

Super Sic Bo Betting Table


Super Sic Bo Strategy

To be perfectly honest, there isn’t really much in the way of strategy that any vaguely competent gambler wouldn’t be able to figure out. At the end of the day Sic Bo is a game of chance with the odds slightly in the casino’s favour just like any other table game. The RTP of Super Sic Bo ranges from 95.02% to 97.22% (with 97.22% being optimal using evens bets).

The only real strategy would be based on what level of volatility a player is willing to accept. Optimal play, just as in roulette, would be to stick to the even money bets where there is very little variance. From there is simply a case of adjusting your betting in line with the odds. The more variance you’re willing to accept while chasing a big win, the more you should bet on the longest odds. Of course with Evolution’s Super Sic version there is always the chance of any medium/high volatility gambler making a very big score at any time. As such Super Sic Bo should be the Sic Bo game of choice for those thrill-seeking punters looking for that big payday. Check out Super Sic Bo at LeoVegas

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