Dream Catcher Strategy

There isn't a single Dream Catcher strategy out there that will make you a winning player.

Like all casino games, Dream Catcher will always have an edge over you. Although luck is a factor that may net you a big win on rare occasions, smaller, more frequent wins is the norm, and the longterm expected player results are always losses. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

The strategies on this page are betting systems based on Dream Catcher's odds and payouts, focusing on risk versus reward.

Table of contents for Dream Catcher strategies:

  • Low Risk: Cover 38.88% of the Wheel with the “20-10-2 Strategy”.
  • Medium Risk: Cover 25.92% of the Wheel with the “Simple 5 Strategy”.
  • Very High Risk: Cover only 5.55% of the Wheel with the “Big Win - Big Risk Strategy”.

Strategic Dream Catcher betting systems based on coverage of wheel

We’ve created three betting systems with focus on wheel coverage and risk versus reward, ranging from low to very high. These strategies are to be used with caution, as they are in no way meant to be interpreted as any form of guarantee of producing winning results.

Low Risk: the 20-10-2 Strategy (38.88% wheel coverage)

The 20-10-2 strategy will likely result in frequent, but smaller wins. It's a low risk approach that extends the lifetime of your bankroll, and the perfect choice if you enjoy playing longer sessions.

How to make use of the 20-10-2 system:

  • Place one bet on 20 (2 wheel sections covered)
  • Place one bet on 10 (4 wheel sections covered)
  • Place two bets on 2 (15 wheel sections covered)

You're now betting on 21 out of 54 wheel sections in total. This gives you a coverage of 38.88% (21/54 = 0,3888). This strategy gives us low variance, gets us our money back if we hit number 2, and a good profit if number 10 or 20 hits.

Medium Risk: the Simple 5 Strategy (25.92% wheel coverage)

The simple 5 strategy is a medium risk strategy that costs you more in bets and variance, but also ensures a little bit higher payouts when hitting the right number.

How to make use of the simple 5:

  • Place a bet on 5 (14 wheel sections covered)

You’re only betting on the number 5, covering 14 out of 54 sections on the wheel in total. This gives you a coverage of 25.92% (14/54 = 0,2592). With the simple 5 in play, you can expect a hit rate of a little more than once per every 4 rounds on average.

Very High Risk: The Big Risk - Big Win strategy (5.55% wheel coverage)

Some gamblers like to “go big, or go home”. This is an extremely volatile strategy we don’t recommend anyone making use of. Still, if you do - here’s what, how and why.

How to make use of the Big Risk - Big Win system:

  • Place one bet on 20 (2 wheel sections covered)
  • Place one bet on 40 (1 wheel sections covered)

You're now betting on 3 out of 54 wheel sections in total. This gives you a coverage of 5.55% (3/54 = 0,0555). It’s a boring strategy where you sacrifice the smaller wins in hopes of hitting the Dream Catcher multipliers before landing on one of your numbers. The house has an 94.45% edge here, but to put things in perspective on why people are doing it; the multipliers (which are also stackable)!

As an example, if you were to bet €1 on 40 and you hit two 7x multipliers in a row, before the wheel stops on 40, you’d walk away with €1.961 win (7x7x40 + your bet returned). Even just the 2x multiplier once before hitting 40 would net you €80 + your bet returned. So if you’re a patient person who prefers going after the big wins, then go ahead. It might just be worthwhile, once in a blue moon.

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