DreamCatcher Basic Strategy

Is there a Working Dream Catcher Casino Strategy?

While there isn’t a strategy that’ll guarantee you a win when playing Dream Catcher Live, we’ve compiled a list of three different strategies based on risk and odds.

Summary of what you’ll find in this guide

  • Dream Catcher Game Betting Strategy Options
  • Low Risk: Cover 38.88% of the Wheel with the 20-10-2 Strategy
  • Medium Risk: Cover 25.92% of the Wheel with the Simple 5 Strategy
  • Very High Risk: Cover only 5.55% of the Wheel with the Big Win - Big Risk Strategy
  • Good Dream Catcher Casino Alternatives
  • How to play Dream Catcher Live

Dream Catcher Game Betting Strategy Options

Betting strategies for Dream Catcher is all about wheel coverage; how much of the wheel you’ll cover for an ex-amount of money. You can either opt in for the strategy of less frequent but bigger wins, or smaller but winning more often. Here are few options if you’re looking for a specific betting strategy.

Low Risk: Cover 38.88% of the Wheel with the 20-10-2 Strategy

If you want low risk and have your bankroll last you longer, apply the 20-10-2 strategy for more frequent wins.

With 2, we cover 15 sections, 10 covers 4, and 20 covers 2. In total, we cover 21 sections. 21/54 = 0,3888 = 38,88% covered of the wheel. On Number 2, we bet as much as we bet in numbers 10 and 20 in total.

As an example, if we bet 10€ on numbers 10 and 20, we bet 20€ on the number 2.

This way, we get our bet back, if it hits number 2, but good profit if it hits 10 or 20. And just so we’re clear; betting on number 1 makes no sense, it’s usually useless unless a 7x or 2x multiplier hits.

Medium Risk: Cover 25.92% of the Wheel with the Simple 5 Strategy

Simply dubbed “The Simple 5”, this strategy aims at taking advantage of the number 5 covering 14 out 54 sections on the wheel.

It's a simple betting strategy that gives you a winning chance in a little more than once per every 4 spins on average.

Very High Risk: Cover only 5.55% of the Wheel with the Big Win - Big Risk Strategy

The Big Risk Big Win Strategy is not something for the faint of heart, or not for those who don’t enjoy losing money. If you enjoy reaping the big rewards when Lady Luck turns her gaze towards you though, then go ahead – try this strategy of betting only on sections 20 and 40 of the wheel. They only cover 5.55% of the wheel, but with the multipliers of 7x and 2x in mind (which also are stackable), then this can turn into a hefty profit.

That 20x bet can turn into a 140 prize + your bet if you hit a 7x. A 40 bet with a double 7x multiplier would be worth 1960x .. If you’re a patient person who prefers going after the big wins, then go ahead. It might just be worthwhile.

Good Dream Catcher Casino Alternatives

The Dream Catcher game from Evolution Gaming can be found on nearly all licensed online casinos that offer live dealer games. Click on any of the listed brands below, or go directly to our casino bonuses page for more offers.

Here are our top 7 Dream Catcher casino alternatives:

How to Play Dream Catcher Live

You’ll need two things to play dream catcher live; 1) real money to stake and 2) your best guess on where the flapper will stop on the wheel once it comes to a halt.

The video above shows NickSlots - a CasinoGrounds casino streamer - playing Dream Catcher Live during a stream; winning decently while doing so. It's also a great summary of the common denominators for practically every casino game out there; simple games that are easy to both learn and play.

Dream Catcher Live isn’t any different, and although theory can be boring - a little knowledge about the game can save you a pretty penny before you go crazy with bets.

Rules of the Game

  • The theoretical RTP (Return to Player) is between 90,57% and 96,58%.
  • The game starts with a betting round (placing your stake on marked sections on the betting board).
  • The wheel of Dream Catcher has 54 sections.
  • The game host will announce “no more bets” before closing the betting round and proceeding to spin the wheel. The direction of the spin alternates between each game round.
  • There are 8 possible outcomes in a Dream Catcher game
  • If the flapper stops on a number you’ll receive your stake back, + a multiplier of your stake equal to the number it stopped on.
  • If the flapper stops on a multiplier (either 7x or 2x) all bets remain on the board and a new round starts (no further bets can be made in a multiplier round). Any wins are then multiplied according to the multiplier the flapper stops on.
  • The maximum win possible in Dream Catcher Live is $500.000 (or currency equivalent).

Familiarize yourself with the Dream Catcher Wheel

The Dream Catcher wheel comprises 54 different sectors, out of which 52 are for bets to be placed on, and the other 2 are multipliers.

You can place bets on the following numbers: 1; 2; 5; 10; 20, and 40.

Wheel Multipliers

If the wheel hits the multipliers 2x or 7x, all bets stand for the next round, and every bet is multiplied by the landing multiplier. New bets are not allowed on the next spin when the multiplier is hit. Multipliers can hit multiple times in a row during a dream catcher game.

Game Odds

Dream Catcher Pay out table

  • Number 1 appears on the wheel 23 times. (23/54 odds)
  • Number 2 appears on the wheel 15 times. (15/54 odds)
  • Number 5 appears on the wheel 7 times. (7/54 odds)
  • Number 10 appears on the wheel 4 times. (4/54 odds)
  • Number 20 appears on the wheel 2 times. (2/54 odds)
  • Number 40 appears on the wheel just once. (1/54 odds)
  • Multipliers 2x and 7x appears on the wheel once. (1/54 odds)

How to Bet

Decide which sector you think the wheel will stop on, and place your bet accordingly.

After placing your bets, it’s time to play the waiting game, waiting for that giant wheel-of-fortune-like wheel to come to a halt.

If the wheel stops in your sector you win your initial wager. Your bet is also multiplied with the number in the sector you land on.

**$1 wager Example: **You wager $1 on number 10 and win. That will pay you 1 x 10 +1 giving you a total of $11. The +1 is your original bet, and the 10 is the number which the wheel stopped on, giving you 10x your bet.

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