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Playing casino games and slots can give rise to many questions, speculations and concerns – and it is partly why Casinogrounds came to life. In this section of the website we’ve gathered all the casino guides that our writers and contributors have produced, all covering questions that often come up from members of the casino streaming community. The casino guides include a wide array of topics, from how to play the best basic strategy of blackjack, to more in-depth articles of how casino slot machines work, randomness and why they aren’t “rigged”.

If you have questions of your own regarding casino games, or just seeking some guidance, don’t hesitate to give a shout in the casino forum or on a casino stream. There’s always people in the casino community ready to help. And who knows, it might even result in a new casino guide of its own to help other people in the very same situation.

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Casino TipsAs a new player to online casino slots, there are things to learn about and take into consideration, if you want to make your slot experience as understanding and pleasurable as possible. For this purpose we made articles that explain to you basics of game rules, volatility, stakes at which you should play online slots, responsible gambling, bet size and coin values.  Take a look at the following guides:

Theory into practice

If you read the above articles and are eager to try slots, we suggest you check out the guides on which slots to play and how to plan your deposits for best experience in the world of online gambling.

One of our streamers, DavidLabowsky has made two articles with recommendations on which slots you should try first. Make sure you check them out:

In addition to the guides above, you might want to check the below article if you are unsure which slots to play:

Advanced slot guides

Now that you grasped the basics of online slots and tried it out yourself, we get to cover more advanced topics which might seem overwhelming at first sight for inexperienced players. Explained further is variance & volatility, everything you need to know about wagering bonuses and if that’s not enough, we’ve also covered the slot mechanics you’ll come across while playing them – be it jackpot slots or rolling reels:

Slot theories

So, we’ve covered most of the basics and advanced stuff regarding the online slots. Now comes the fun part! There are rumours and conspiracy theories regarding slots, and we’ve taken the liberty to discuss them. In one of the articles we answer most of the questions that you’ll hear from people, including – are online slots rigged? 🙂

In addition to that, our streamers have developed a theory on a certain slot, make sure to check it out!

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Blackjack is fun and loved by many online casino enthusaists. However, if you’re just starting to uncover card games, you might want to take a look how blackjack is played, what is the best strategy to increase your odds of winning and much more. Read the guide below to find out more: © 2018