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Side Bet City is a live casino poker game made by Evolution Gaming where players can win up to 1000x their bet.


Side Bet City Hand Values

In Side Bet City, the hand rankings ranging from a pair to a royal straight flush are the same as those of Texas Hold 'em. The key difference between this and regular poker games is that the type of hands you make depends on what bet you place and the multipliers for each of them.

  • Pair: two cards of the same value.
  • Two pairs: two sets of two pairs2 pairs.
  • Three of a kind: three cards of the same value.
  • Full House: a three of a kind and a pair.
  • Four-of-a-kind: four cards of the same kind.
  • Straight: five sequential or consecutive cards.
  • Flush: five cards of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush: a combination where you have five sequential or consecutive cards in the same suit.
  • Royal Flush: The highest possible Hand in poker, where you have a straight flush from 10 to A.

How to Win playing Side Bet City?

When you play a hand in Side Bet City, you're playing against the game's paytable; not the dealer.

Players can place bets on four different spots in Side Bet City.

  • 3-Card Hand.
  • 5-Card Hand.
  • 7-Card Hand.
  • All Lose.

Once bets are placed, there is no further player action.

After a deck shuffle, the dealer will deal seven cards face up. The round starts when the dealer deals seven cards face up, from a freshly shuffled deck of 52 cards, with the winning card combinations being based on all the usual poker hands as mentioned above.

However, for pairs to pay in this game, only JJ QQ KK and AA count as pairs, except in the 3-Card Hand. The lower pairs are disregarded in the 5-Card Hand, and Pairs of JJ and above are ignored in the 7-Card Hand. In a nutshell:

  • 3 Card Hand: Your result is determined by the first three cards from the deck.
  • 5 Card Hand: Your result is determined by the first five cards.
  • 7 Card Hand: The best 5-card Hand is determined from all seven cards.
  • All Lose Where you're betting on there being no winning hand.

Side Bet City hand values and payouts

3-Card Hand
Royal Flush 100x
Straight Flush 40x
Flush 4x
Straight 5x
Three Of A Kind 35x
Any Pair 1x

Note: A four-of-a-kind, full house, or two pairs do not pay when playing a three-card hand in Side Bet City as these require 4 or 5 kinds to make the Hand.

5-Card Hand
Royal Flush 1000x
Straight Flush 250x
Four Of A Kind 100x
Full House 50x
Flush 40x
Straight 25x
Three Of A Kind 7x
Two Pairs 4x
Pair JJ-AA 1x

Note: There are no payouts for a paired hand lower than J-J in Side Bet City.

7-Card Hand
Royal Flush 500x
Straight Flush 100x
Four Of A Kind 50x
Full House 7x
Flush 5x
Straight 4x
Three Of A Kind 3x

Note: There aren't any payouts for any pairs or two pairs in 7-Card hands.

The RTP of Side Bet City

The best hands to place your bets on in Side Bet City are the "3-Card Hand," and the "All Lose," These have the highest RTPs, while the worst ones to make are the remainders.

  • 3 Card RTP is 96.69%.
  • 5 Card RTP is 95.21%.
  • 7 Card RTP is 94.34%.
  • All Lose RTP is 96.29%.

Commonly asked questions about Side Bet City

Should I bet on all options in Side Bet City?

No, you should not. Betting on all options in Side Bet City results in an average RTP of 95.70%, making it the third worst choice you can opt for when playing while also crippling your bankroll at a much faster rate instead of placing bets on single outcomes.

Is the "All Lose" the same as insurance in Blackjack?

Insurance in Blackjack is a side bet that pays 2:1 if the dealer's up-card is an ace, and the Hand ends up being a "Black Jack.". "All Lose" in Side Bet City is not insurance but the second best bet to place in the game when considering the overall RTP is 96.29%.

Should I bet on the 5-Card Hand due to the high multipliers?

Although the highest multipliers are found in the 5-Card Hand paytable, it's also the third worst option to bet on as it's much harder to make a 5-card hand. Then again, it's the more popular bet between players due to the multipliers.

Is there a strategy to beating Side Bet City?

You're not playing against other players but the house, specifically the paytable. As such, there is no strategy as the house always has a mathematical edge over the players, in the long run, ensuring that the casino makes a profit.