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Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming is a live casino game show combining familiar game mechanics from both bingo and lotteries to create a unique player experience that could net you a win worth 1.000.000x your bet. The heart of this game is the custom drawing machine with its 51 numbered lottery balls. To play, purchase 1, or up to 200 Mega Ball cards; each a 5x5 square with random numbers. The game begins with 20 numbered balls being drawn. Your goal is to match these with your cards to complete as many lines as you can. Adding to the excitement of each round, the host reveals a multiplier between 5x to 100x when the last ball is drawn. If this ball completes one, or more lines on your cards, your win is multiplied.


Here’s a quick overview of the features and other properties that’s specific to Evolution Gaming’s Mega Ball:

  • To participate, purchase 1 or up to 200 Mega Ball cards pr. game round.
  • Each card is a 5x5 grid with random numbers.
  • Your goal is to complete as many lines on pr. card as possible.
  • A line completion occurs when you match 5 numbers in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • A Mega Ball draw (game round) consists of 20 (of 51) colored lottery balls being randomly picked.
  • The max you can win playing Mega Ball is 1.000.000 times your stake (winnings capped at €500.000, or currency equivalent).

RTP & Payouts

Return to Player percentage:

  • The optimal RTP of this game is 95.50%, according to Evolution.


Number Of Lines Payout
Six+ 9,999–999,999:1
Five 999–99,999:1
Four 249–24,999:1
Three 49–4,999:1
Two 4–499:1
One 1x (push)–99:1

How to Play the Mega Ball game

Mega Ball is a simple game, much like playing Bingo, Keno, or even normal lottery games. It isn't as much about how you play it, but when you'll start doing it. Use the live feed on top of this page and see for yourself. For those that prefer theory before practice, here's a quick introduction teaching you what you need to know before playing Mega Ball.

Each game of Mega Ball features two rounds; 1) the betting round, and 2) the draw. To participate you have to purchase cards that contain 5x5 cells complete with random numbers.

The goal of the game is to form as many winning lines as you can on your card(s). During the gameplay as winning lines are formed, golden numbers will appear above your cards to highlight potential winnings that could be made, essentially making the game more nail-biting and exciting.

How the Betting Round works

Mega Ball Betting Round

The betting round is where you buy the number of cards you wish to play with, and also allows for changing/editing of cards before doing so.

  • Select the stake for each card (min & max €0.10/€100).
  • Pick the number of cards you want to purchase.
  • The user interface allows you to quickly select bundles of 1, 10, 15 or 25 cards.
  • Purchase 1, or up to 200 cards per game round.
  • The numbers in each square on all cards are random, except for the middle square.

How the Drawing Round works

Ball Drawing in Mega Ball from Evolution The drawing round begins with the drawing machine picking a ball. This machine contains 51 coloreds and numbered lottery balls. Each drawing round randomly selects 20 of these.

  • All numbers drawn are automatically marked on your Mega Ball cards.
  • Throughout the draw, all cards are automatically sorted and updated.
  • The cards that are closest to result in a win by forming a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line are placed on top.
  • During line completions, winnings per card are updated and displayed for each.
  • You also see the potential win if one - or more - specific balls are drawn.
  • As winnings form, balls needed to win are highlighted in gold, together with possible winnings.
  • The last part of this game is the Mega Ball Multiplier.

The Mega Ball Multiplier

The Mega Ball Multiplier When the last ball in the main game has been drawn, either one or two compelling Mega Ball bonus rounds will occur.

To determine the number of the Mega Ball, a random ball is drawn from the ball drawing machine. Before however, a Mega Ball Multiplier valued between 5x to 100x will be generated and displayed on the large screen in the studio. The different multipliers are highlighted by set colors which will change depending on the value of the multiplier.

Any winning lines which are made up from the Mega Ball Multiplier (MBM) will result in any winnings generated being multiplied by the value of the MBM. If by chance there is more than one Mega Ball among your winning lines on one card, this will result in your payout being multiplied only by the highest multiplier displayed.

On the off chance that no line is completed by the Mega Ball, this will result in the MBM transforming into a regular number and any winnings generated will not be multiplied.