Mega Ball
by Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball

Evolution launched the Mega Ball Live Casino game in April 2020.

Mega Ball is a fast-paced casino game show, which has similarities to Bingo or the Lottery.

The Live Casino Game requires you to purchase from 1 to 200 cards, which contain 5x5 cells complete with random numbers. The more lines you manage to complete the more money you will win and have a chance to increase the winnings by adding multipliers during the bonus games.

The Live Casino game comes with 2 bonus rounds which consist of; The Betting Round and the Ball Draw. Before you can start enjoying the gameplay you are required to determine how much you want to play for and purchase Cards.

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How To Win Big in Mega Ball

In order to make up a winning line, you are required to get a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of five squares and to maximise your chances of winning you have the chance to win up to 12 lines per card!

Betting Round

During the main game, 20 balls will randomly be drawn at a very fast pace by the ball drawing machine. These numbers are automatically marked on your Mega Ball cards.

The Mega Ball at the end can multiply your winnings. If a multiplier was included in at least one line on a card, these winnings will be multiplied accordingly.

Ball Drawing

During the base game, the Ball Drawing machine will randomly select 20 balls out of 51 at a very fast-pace. These numbers will automatically be marked on your Mega Ball cards.

When a line has been completed, your winnings per card are also updated and displayed for each card. You can also see how much you could win if one or more specific balls are drawn.

As winning lines begin to form, the balls you need in order to win will be highlighted in gold above your cards together with your possible winnings (should your numbers actually be drawn).

When the last ball in the main game has been drawn, either one or two compelling Mega Ball bonus rounds will occur.

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