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Lightning Blackjack is the newest addition to Evolution Gamings collection of live casino blackjack games. This new version happens to introduce multipliers to the classic game, keeping everything you love about a classic blackjack game, with the addition of their innovative multiplier mechanic. This isn't the first classic table- or card game to get the Lightning makeover either as Evolution Gaming have done this with both Roulette, Baccarat and Dice. With Blackjack Lightning, the change you will be seeing is that every time you win a hand of Blackjack, the next hand will be paid on a multiplier basis. Then the better hand you get, the bigger the multiplier will be, making the game seemingly straightforward.

Game-Specific Features

  • Players with bonus multipliers
  • Game is played with 8 decks of 52 cards
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • Dealer offers insurance when the up card is an ace
  • No side bets
  • Each bet comes with an equal valued Lightning Fee
  • Multipliers of up to x25

Odds & Payouts


  • Winning hand – 1:1
  • Blackjack – 3:2
  • Insurance – 2:1
  • Highest multiplier – 36.5:1

Return to Player Percentage:

  • RTP – 99.56% (with optimal play)

How To Play Lightning Blackjack

Lightning Blackjack is pretty much played just like a standard game of Blackjack. You start off with 2 cards and the goal is to beat the dealer where the hand closest to twenty-one after the game ends is the winner.

The game starts by placing bets, where each bet placed will be subject to a lightning fee of 100% of your wager. This means that if you bet €10 you will be wagering €20 on that round because of this lightning fee. Your options will be to Hit, Stand, Double or Split.

In each round, multipliers will be randomly assigned a value of between x2 and x25, however, the multipliers won't be applied to cards. They are applied to the hand results, with one being applied to wins under 17 and another one is applied to 18, 19, 20, 21 and blackjack. This means that if your hand was an 18 and you win, you will get the multiplier that was applied to 18. The payout won't happen immediately as it is carried over to the next round.

If you win that following round, then the multiplier from the previous round will increase. The win from the current round will then go on to create a new multiplier and will also be moved into the next round. Lose and the multiplier is lost.

Betting Round

Before a round starts, you will be asked to place your bets. Select the amount of cash you wish to bet using the available coins on the screen. This will have to be complete before the timer runs out. Once the timer has run out the cards will be dealt on the table and the game starts.

Play Round

Once the timer has run out and all bets are placed the card will be dealt on the table and the game round is started. Here you will be able to hit, stand, double down or split on your hand, depending on the cards you have been dealt. You will be able to see both your cards as well as the dealer's facing up card. If you choose to split or double down then the dealer will draw additional cards. After completing your turn, the dealer will reveal their second card and if needed they will draw more cards too. Your goal as well as the dealer's goal is to reach 21 or get as close as possible without exceeding 21.