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Paroli Betting System: How to Use It in Roulette

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Updated on: 22 May 2024
Dean McHugh

The Paroli betting system is a method that has been used in gambling since the 16th century. It makes you think that there’s got to be something to a betting system that has stood the test of time for hundreds of years.

The name comes from the word ‘Par’, which is Latin for ‘equal’. This is in reference to how bets are doubled up from round to round. While the Paroli system is often applied to roulette, it can also be used with other popular casino games such as blackjack, craps, and Sic Bo.

How Do You Use the Paroli System?

The Paroli betting system can only be applied to even money bets. These are bets that pay out an equal amount to your wager, otherwise shown as a 1:1 payout. In roulette, this can mean betting on red or black, as well as odds or evens. You will then need to decide on a fixed betting amount, which will be referred to as a unit. This can be any amount that fits within your bankroll over an extended period of play. It is usually recommended to pick an amount between 1% and 5% of your total budget. Here is a breakdown of the Paroli strategy step by step:

  • Each round begins with you betting one unit on any of the even-money betting options.
  • Double the bet amount after every winning round
  • Reset your bet amount to 1 unit after winning 3 rounds in a row
  • Keep your bet at 1 unit after every losing round

What Is the Strategy of the Paroli System?

The strategy of the Paroli system is to capitalise on winning streaks while keeping the bets low during losses. It relies heavily on wins and losses coming in streaks to be effective.

Game rounds can be assessed in groups of 3, which is the cut-off point during win streaks. This cut-off point acts as a safety net to prevent the continuous doubling of stakes, eventually resulting in a severe loss. Resetting the bet amount after 3 wins means that the following results are possible:

Bet 1 Bet 2 Bet 3 Win/Loss
Loss Loss Loss -3 units
Loss Loss Win -1 units
Loss Win Loss (Doubled bet) -2 units
Loss Win Win (Doubled bet) +2 units
Win Win (Doubled bet) Win (tripled bet) +7 units
Win Loss (Doubled bet) Win 0 units
Win Loss (Doubled bet) Loss -4 units
Win Loss (Doubled bet) Loss -1 units

As you can see in the table above, there are 5 out of the 8 possibilities that result in a loss. On the other hand, a successful streak means winning 7 times the stake made on the first winning round.

How Does the Paroli System Differ From Other Betting Strategies?

With a fixed cut-off point and a focus on capitalising on wins, the Paroli system differs from other popular betting systems. It employs a less risky strategy than other systems and requires less of a bankroll to implement.

Deciding which strategy is best comes down to personal preference. Each betting system has elements of risk and reward, and it’s up to each player to decide whether the risk is worth the reward when thinking of how they want to stake their funds.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is an aggressive betting system that focuses on claiming back funds from losing rounds. It does this by requiring the player to double up the stake after each loss. This strategy is also only suitable for even-money bets. There is, however, no cut-off point like the Paroli, meaning that a losing streak can be incredibly costly.

If you are staking 1 unit, losing 5 games in a row would result in a required stake amount of 32 in the next round. This is incredibly risky, but the logic is that a win would then recoup all losses accrued from the previous losing rounds, no matter how long the streak has been going on for. It is, therefore, not a strategy that capitalises on wins but instead aims to cut out losses.

The Parlay Strategy

In contrast to the Martingale system, the Parlay strategy instead asks the player to double up their stakes on wins and reset the amount on losses. This strategy instead looks to capitalise on wins and winning streaks while keeping losses at low stakes.

The Parlay strategy is less risky and requires a lower bankroll to employ than the Martingale system. It doesn’t aim to reclaim losses in the same way, though, as it just looks to mitigate them. This is why some prefer the Martingale system. The Paroli Betting System sits somewhere in between the two systems.

The Fibonacci System

Another betting system that only applies to even-money bets. The Fibonacci sequence that is seen in nature and art has also been applied to gambling. The sequence works by adding the previous 2 numbers together to get the result of the 3rd number in the sequence. The numbers carry on ad infinitum, but below is the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144

Beginning with the second 1 in the sequence, you can pick any number as a starting point. From there, you go up the sequence by 1 number on losing rounds and down by 2 numbers on winning rounds. If you were to bet 13 units, for example, a loss would mean the next round should be staked at 21 units, while a win would mean staking at 5 units. The Fibonacci strategy again looks to mitigate losses through increased bet amounts.

The D’Alembert system

Another system that focuses on even-money bets. The D’Alembert system requires that you first calculate 1% of your total bankroll. This will be the baseline for your stakes.

Starting at 5 units, each losing round will mean adding another unit to your next stake. A win will result in taking away a unit on the next stake. Three wins and a loss would, therefore, mean your next stake should be 3 units. The minimum stake will naturally remain at 1 unit until a losing round comes up. Only going up or down by 1 unit greatly mitigates the risk that is seen in other betting systems that require you to double your stakes.

Pros and Cons of the Paroli Strategy

pros and cons

Breaking down the pros and cons of the Paroli strategy will let you know if it is the right one for you. Each strategy has strengths and weaknesses, while some are more suited to a particular player’s style. It is important to be mindful when employing any betting strategy and aware of the associated risks.


Unlike the Martingale system, the Paroli strategy does not require a large bankroll to take advantage of. Bet sizes are kept at a minimum thanks to the 3-round cut-off point for win streaks.

A system like Martingale requires a large budget to effectively double up after each loss during a losing streak.

Keeping the stake amounts low also means that it is less risky than other strategies. The Parlay system not having a cut-off point on winning rounds means that there could potentially be a huge upset after a winning streak. That is why it is recommended that players adopt a restriction like the Paroli strategy to set a limit on the streak before resetting the stake.

The system is also relatively simple. There is no maths required and there is a clear logic to be followed after every winning or losing round. It is very suitable for newer players, as they will be able to spend more of their attention on the actual game. This doesn’t mean that the strategy isn’t suitable for more experienced players as well, as it provides a clear plan on how to stake, which many players look for.


Despite the bets being even-payout, there is not a 50% chance that you will win. In roulette, the chance ranges from 47.34% to 48.6%, depending on if you are playing American roulette or European roulette. This is due to the fact that even-payout bets still result in a loss when landing on any green segment. The house edge is, therefore, a major obstacle to the success of any of the above-mentioned strategies.

As shown in our table above, there are more outcomes that result in a net loss than a net win. Only 2 outcomes result in winnings, while one breaks even. The rest are all net losses. A high net result only happens in 1 out of the 8 outcomes with a gain of 7 units. Essentially, this means the probability of gaining from this strategy is stacked against you.

Does the Paroli betting system work?

No betting system can guarantee success, unfortunately. While the Paroli system has certainly been around for a long time, it cannot claim to have a lasting success rate in roulette or any other casino games. Elements of randomness coupled with the house edge mean that any given betting system will eventually fail with enough time, even for expert gamblers. These strategies should instead be looked at as a different form of betting and a showcase of what is possible.

There is nothing wrong with trying out any betting strategy; it is just important to keep in mind that none of them guarantees a way to win. That is also the case for betting without any system, and at least strategising how you are going to stake your funds is a good way to give yourself some advantage.

Paroli Betting System Tips

If you are looking to try out the Paroli betting system, it is good to keep these tips in mind. They can apply to other strategies as well, so be sure to make the most out of them:

  • Try it first in demo mode. Virtual online casino roulette tables have a demo mode option that you can choose when first entering the game. This allows you to play with fake funds in your own time. Testing out strategies without risking any real funds allows you to see if they are effective and suit your play style.
  • Only bet at licensed casinos. This goes for any game or circumstance. Only play at online casinos that you trust, which are regulated by a gambling authority. Look for casinos that are licensed by authorities, such as the MGA or UKGC. This will ensure that your funds are protected and that the games are verified to be fair.
  • Be mindful of your budget. Establishing what 1 betting unit will be when going forward with this strategy is important. One unit should be a percentage of your overall gambling budget and should preferably remain at around 1% to 5%. Even 5% may be a bit high, as this could result in just 20 rounds if all of them result in a loss.
  • Remember the 3 round limit. Feeling the rush of a winning streak may tempt some to ignore the 3 round limit. After all, if you are on a streak, why not see where it goes? Well, it can possibly result in a large upset when all of the previous round’s winnings get sunk into a losing round. The limit is there for a reason, so stick to it.


Like any betting strategy, the Paroli system has its flaws and is not a guarantee for winning big at the casino. The most important aspect of any casino game is having fun.

Strategies can be used as a method to control your bankroll while also creating order for how you place your bets. This order allows you to weigh up risk and reward while also creating a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of a game like roulette.

It is therefore recommended that you don’t entirely discount betting strategies, as they do offer some value with regards to providing a guide on how you can place your bets more effectively. Most gamblers see this as a much-preferred way to stake their funds than simply doing so at random.