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Updated on: 24 Apr 2024
Hans-Martin M

Reading through our Dream Catcher strategy article, you'll learn different strategies for what segments to bet on depending on how comfortable you are with risk when gambling. The systems include tables that assume you're betting one unit at a time to achieve the suggested wheel coverages and your chances of hitting them. We'll also show you the best possible and by far biggest paying strategy long-term, applicable not just to Dream Catcher but to any live casino game out there. At the end of the article, there's a glossary to help you better understand the terms we use in this article, along with links to pages with more information on these topics.

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Dream Catcher odds

Wheel number Odds of hitting Pays Segments House Edge Colour
1 1:2,35 1:1 23 4.66% Yellow
2 1:3,60 2:1 15 4.49% Blue
5 1:7,72 5:1 7 8.76% Purple
10 1:13,51 10:1 4 3.42% Green
20 1:27,03 20:1 2 7.26% Orange
40 1:54,05 40:1 1 9.19% Red
X2 1:54,05 x2 multiplier next number 1 n/a Black/silver
X7 1:54,05 x7 multiplier next number 1 n/a Black/gold

Dream Catcher wheel strategy based on risk versus reward

Depending on how much risk you're comfortable with when gambling, here are three strategies you can try based on coverage of the Dream Catcher wheel.

Volatility strategy Wheel coverage Total segments Odds to win
Low risk 38.88% 21/54 1:2,51
Medium risk 25.92% 14/54 1:3,86
High risk 5.55% 3/54 1:18,02

The low-risk Dream Catcher strategy

Covering 38.88% of the wheel (21/54 = 0,3888), expect frequent but smaller wins when opting for the low-risk strategy. It offers low volatility, often extending your bankroll lifetime, enabling you to play longer sessions in hopes of the occasional win streak landing several 20:1s and 10:1s in a short time.

The medium-risk Dream Catcher strategy

Bet Segment Coverage Chance of hitting
x1 20 2/54 3.70%
x1 10 4/54 7.40%
x1 2 15/54 27.77%

Covering 25.92% of the wheel (14/54 = 0,2592), the medium risk strategy is for longer sessions. It ups the volatility slightly, as you'll only win just a little over one in four on average in hopes of landing one or more multipliers before hitting your number afterward.

The dream outcome using the medium risk strategy is to hit three x7 multiplier in a row, resulting in a €1.715 payday if landing on segment 5, + your initial bet back.

The high-risk Dream Catcher strategy

Bet Segment Coverage Chance of hitting
x1 20 2/54 3.70%
x1 40 1/54 1.85%

Covering 5.55% of the wheel (3/54 = 0,0555), the high-risk strategy is highly volatile, hitting your numbers just over five times per hundred spins on average. You're sacrificing smaller wins for volatility in hopes of stacking multipliers up to three times before landing your 40:1 and 20:1's.

The dream scenario using this strategy is hitting an x7 multiplier three times in a row, resulting in a multiplier of x343 if you hit your 20:1 or 40:1, resulting in a €6.860 or €13.720 payday on a €1 bet.

The absolute best Dream Catcher casino strategy

The best Dream Catcher casino strategy is to play on online casinos that offer cashback on your net losses. It's a sound strategy as you can recuperate between 5% and up to 20% of your net losses and applies to any game you've played, not just Dream Catcher.

Over time, those percentages make up a nice sum of money that you - in most cases - are free to use as you want, paid weekly or daily. If you prefer live table games or game shows such as Dream Catcher, your best money-saving tactic, in the long run, is to play on cashback casinos.

How to pick the best Dream Catcher casino to play on

Here's a short list of tips to quicken your decision on whether or not your casino pick is a good choice:

  • Check that the casino is licensed by one - or more - regulatory bodies.
  • Ensure that the casino has your preferred game(s) available.
  • Make sure that it has your preferred payment method(s).
  • See if it has a bonus(es) that entices you.
  • Ensure that the wagering conditions and withdrawal limits are fair.
  • Check for casino player reviews by doing a quick Google search to see what others say about it.

CasinoGrounds' pick when going for the best Dream Catcher casino:

LeoVegas casino is a "top 3" picks-candidate, one of the best choices you can make when looking for the best Dream Catcher casino to play on.

Here's why:

  • Best selection in Live Casino games, including game shows like Dream Catcher.
  • LeoVegas is regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, the Danish Gambling Authority, and the Swedish Gambling Authority.
  • New players can choose a welcome bonus meant for live casino play.
  • They have a good selection of payment methods applicable to your country of residence.
  • Speedy withdrawals of funds when your player account is KYC-verified.

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Disclaimer: Dream Catcher is a game of chance where the house always has a mathematical edge over its players. There are no winning strategies out there you can use to beat the game in the long run. Gambling is not a source of income. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Please gamble responsibly.


Here's an alphabetical list of words used in this article with explanations; a brief dictionary to help you better understand what we've discussed.

Cashback: a promotion available to loyal patrons where the casino credits a certain percentage of any losses back to the player accounts. Here's our list of cashback casinos.

Game shows: A mix of traditional casino table games and money wheel games that combine elements from world-famous game shows and board games with hosts.

KYC-verified: KYC is short for Know Your Customer, a crucial part of AML (Anti-money laundering) and Customer Due Diligence checks to verify the ID of customers as legitimate. Read more about why casinos enforce KYC here.

Net losses: excluding any bonus funds, net losses are amounts you have deposited and lost to the casino.

Regulatory body: A term used to describe regulators such as the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission, SGA (Swedish Gambling Authority), and DGA (Danish Gambling Authority) that regulate ownership and operations of online casinos subject to pervasive regulation under laws, rules, and regulations of each of their respective jurisdictions and markets.

Table games: any casino game where the house dealers or croupiers sit down at a table to play against other players. Examples include Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. See our casino table games section for more examples.

Volatility: A term used to describe the amount of risk associated with a game. As an example, expect to win less frequently but much bigger when playing on high volatility slots, versus frequent but smaller wins when playing low volatility slots.