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Street Fighter II Tournament - Stats/Feedback

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Hey all,

so... I'm pretty sure you're all wondering who was the most voted streamer in yesterday's SF2 streamer tournament, these are the results:

Daskelelele - 53 votes

Slotspinner - 66 votes

Letsgiveitaspin - 136 votes

The actual results of the tournament were:

1. Slotspinner - 612x

2. Daskelelele - 279x

3. Letsgiveitaspin - 134x

I hope you all enjoyed it, if you have any feedback or comment, let us know in this thread!

Also make sure to follow CasinoGroundsTV channel for more fun stuff in the future! :D

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Feedback: This was fun to watch, i hope we will see more of this in the future. 👌👍

If there were any other feedback on how to improve, i think it would be more "fair" if the prizes where drawn among those who guessed the correct winner. At least "main" prize. Then some other prizes for everyone. I feel the guessing part kind did not have any purpose 🤷‍♂️


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I don't know why people Compete with slotspinner the guys a machine :D


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Posted (edited)

👍 I have just watched the replay of the tournament on the CasinogroundsTV Twitch channel and enjoyed the recording.

Kudos to all involved in making this, especially Skylined and K_Blackwood for the audio commentary.

Of course congratulations for Slotspinner and Desity on winning the tournament, it'd  be foolish to predict anyone else to win this thing ;) 

Edited by vanHooff
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