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1213x Jamming jars

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This game...




28 strawberries and 2 jars.



Thought the bonus was going to come too.

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Watching Daskelelele, just noticed its the exact same hit they get in their intro but they are betting 4 per spin.

Sort of caught the aftermath of it



Can see the same multi and the fruits will fall into place.

My one:


Their is a hit of apples or something on the left which their screenshot doesnt show yet, thats why the multi is a fraction off, but by the end of their round it's the same as mine.

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Nice, Congrats!?

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Had similar one. With my balance almost gone had the rainbow feature dropping strawberry. Was a good cashout for a 20e deposit

EDIT: Its weird, after posting i just saw @dirtystack win and its exactly the same combination as mine. What are the odds? 


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Same as the hit above !!!!

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there is several million possible boards iirc.

Its not all that unikely though considering how many spins we collectively do.

Hope I see it again:D


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On 15/10/2019 at 11:20, CasinoReggie said:

strawberry GIF by Grace Lee

This strawberry turns a full turn before you can say strawberry 

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