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Lag can do bad things...

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Was playing inspector gadget some months ago when the slot started to lag hard when i got a random bonus, i could barely see what was going on and it finaly froze totaly after showing me a nice wild screen (pic 1), but you might notice the payout is just a little bit low for a screen like that, so ofc i had to send it to the casino and man what a run, it took 3 months before they could figure it out and i belive blueprint sendt them a screen shot of the real screen i apprently had that day (pic 2) and it sure is diffrend from the one it showed me, like i said lag can do bad things....


2018-10-30 02_54_05-danskespil – Google Chrome.jpg


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That's very confusing as there are more lines on the second image than the first :o

Personally, I would get them to look into this a bit further.

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