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Applauding ridiculous behavior

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EDIT: I think I posted this in the wrong place. Feel free to move the topic.

Sometimes on this site people post huge wins from huge bets. They tell their story about being degenerate, about being so close to losing anything, and then this huge win pops up and saves the day. They are happy, and many people congratulate it.

I want to hear you guys reaction to this. I do not like it at all. People who are being stupid and not responsible should not be congratulated. No matter how lucky they are and how "good" the story ends. 

The only difference between these stories and the horrible gambling addiction stories we read, where people have lost everything is pure dumb luck.

I dont know, I just read another post like this, and I hate it. But maybe I am being too much. Let me know you guys opinion. 


EDIT: I think I posted this in the wrong place. Feel free to move the topic.

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I think it all boils down to your budget and style of play. To me and on my budget £2 or over is a big bet and I can't imagine ever playing the kind of stakes streamers do which are now getting higher all the time. David Labowsky used to be a sensible streamer from a staking point of view but he recently said he is having to play 5-6 euros per spin because the viewers and subscribers demand it and will go and watch other streamers if he doesn't. I don't agree with this personally but if you have the budget to play those stakes then that is your choice and your choice alone. I feel the deception comes from not telling how much you have lost to gain that big win and it might actually be a loss overall.

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