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Big win ? On bobcasino

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YoO i had like 1,4 € left and than i lower the stake and this happened lol  

https://files.fm/u/jgkfp5ef ,,and that 304 eur win was from the base game,with 5 coffe shops AKA scatters ,and i got 10 free spins ,and 10 FS gave me 0 eur,,i tought that was realy funny so i posted it here ;) no offence ,,i like KIM and REGGIE and i been watching them from the beggining and since than i win a lot from the links of the good casinos,and i give it all back to them like a BOSS :) ,so have fun and dont be like me going all in all the time,,because there is time to cash out,,and there is time to giveItaSPIN and withdraw the F win :) 

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Or check this one out,,,that was the last spin on a land based casino in Slovenia haha,,i put in 100 eur,bet was 2,5 eur and the last spin............1000 eur ,and i ordered drinks for all the staff and all the other ppl in the casino,,and for me a conjaq xo lol https://files.fm/u/qhqa6mr8#/view/madafakay0.jpg

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Haha, nice one on the second one. At least you got yourself some drinks after that win :D

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Thank you for sharing those wins Sir General, Sir. I love the fact that you shared your fortune with people, and treated yourself to something nice as well while in Slovenia.. That's important imo.  

Wins like these are always great in terms of that rush you get from being set on "meh, won't win" to "omgomgomgomgyessss". haha! That, + that fine red line of 7's reminds me of my childhood when I was playing penny slots, freaking out if I won the main prize of €1, as I could afford some Boomer Gum (anyone remember that brand?)

The last pic is blurry so I can't make out which casino in Slovenia you're playing at. You don't have to reveal which one, but it would be nice to know. 

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