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what a run today

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I had said to my self, no more casinos for a couple of months now. But as I was watching Shiroxes stream today, I somehow clicked on the link he provided to Voododreams, and I thought to my self, what the heck.

So I signed up and deposited 1000NOK with a 100% bonus.

I logged on chat and asked if I could play Mega Moolah - Confirmed by the rep.

I played moolah, nothing happend. I reckon I was play to low stakes, so I switched to Reactoonz. Everything went to shit. I was way down, when I opted with the last bit of money that was left to go medium stakes on Leagues of fortune. I got a 12.5NOK bonus, netting close to 6500NOK on one spin (about 500ish X). Went back to Mega Moolah played 40 and 50NOK spins got the free spins with re-triggers out of this world. Close to 100 spins and suddenly I had 9000 more in my account.

This was getting exiting now, with only 20k left to wager I was sure that I was due for a loooong overdue cashout. Played some more, even got the see the Mega Mollah bonus but only the lowest win possible. So checked wager and had close to 50% left, so I logged on to Book of Dead playing 20NOK spins.

I had within 200 spins 7-8 bonuses, all going completely apeshit. 4 performing seals with expansion, 4 explores TWICE each paying 2000coins (4000NOK) - but of course not with the explorer as the expanding symbol. Biggest single win just around 9K, that suits me perfect, since I do not have to pay tax for winnings below 10K.

So here I am now, with documents sent to Voodoodreams and 24.000NOK waiting for approval. Christmas vacation secured!



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Fair one, 24x initial stake :D No img from the League of Fortune win? 

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Sorry, not the win from League of Fortune. I am so used to win one big, then go a major loosing streak I didn't bother. I was playing in my livingrom on my laptop projected to on wall so no shadowplay... I grabbed the Osmo camera and started filming from a bad position...


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Had  15k NOK cashout  on my first 500 NOK  deposit Voodo.  Verification and withdrawel was  fast.  Next day on my Skrill.

Great casino imo


Nice win Sir enjoy money

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@NORGOONER well done norgooner. Great run and beautiful pictures you managed to catch.

Close to 100 spins in the bonus on mega moolah, brilliant. It just sounds amazing and i have never played mega moolah. Well done.

Book of dead is one of the best slots out thare. 7-8 bonuses and you hit what you did in the basegame. Brilliant.

From a 1000 nok deposit you end up with 24,000 nok cashout. Dream result.

Huge congratz and enjoy your christmas holiday. Great story.👍👍.

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