Trollpot 5000

by NetEnt
0 Ratings
16.06.2020Release Date
1Ways to Win
10000xMax Win
0.2/1000Min/Max Bet

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Trollpot 5000 is a new video slot released by NetEnt, made available on both mobile and desktop. From this slot, you should be expecting a colourful and feel-good vibe, giving you everything you could want from a classic-styled game. However they have taken the classic fruit-themed slot and given it a little twist with several special features to look forward to. However, we can't help but feel that this slot has kind of gotten stuck somewhere in the middle of two different styles and we can't really figure out what NetEnt was going for with this.

The set up of the slot has been kept in the style of a classic slot, meaning you will be seeing 3 reels and 3 rows. Surprisingly enough, the pay lines are even more limited, even compared to other classic slots, as you will be playing on 1 single pay line. However you will be able to adjust your bet starting from as low as 0.20 per spin and up to a maximum of 1000, making the game suitable for a wide variety of players. The maximum payout is set at 10 000x.

As for the RTP of the game, this is set at 96.19%, with a medium to high volatility. The features of the slot include the Nudge feature, a Multiplier Wild and then of course the jackpots. There is in fact a total of 3 available jackpots to win in Trollpot 5000, with 2 of them being fixed and the last one being a progressive jackpot.

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Special Features

For many players, the special features of a slot are one of the most important parts of the game. On Trollpot 5000 you will be seeing a Nudge Feature, Multiplier Wild symbols and then a total of 3 jackpots. You have the Mini and the Midi jackpot that are both fixed and then the Super Jackpot that is a progressive jackpot.

Nudge Feature

Trollpot 5000 has a Nudge Feature in play, where every time you get a winning combination on the reels, this feature will be activated. After the win is calculated, should the top symbol on the first reel be the same as the winning symbol, then the first reel will be moved 1 position downwards and the win will be awarded to you again.

The reel will continue to nudge 1 position until the symbol over the winning one has become a different symbol, then the process will be repeated for the 2nd reel and finally for the 3rd reel. Even when a reel has stopped nudging, the feature won't be over. You might be able to see an arrow pointing upwards at the top of the reel. Which, in this case the reel will be moved to the bottom of the current winning symbols and the whole process will be repeated. In other words, this Nudge Feature can result in some pretty great payouts.

Multiplier Wild


What's not to love about Multiplier Wild symbols? These symbols have the ability to substitute all other symbols in the game, with the exception of the upwards pointing arrow and the Jackpot symbols. When you land 1 of the Multiplier Wilds on the winning bet line, this will multiply the win by 2. Should you land 2 of the Multipliers Wild, then your win will be multiplied by 4 and 3 of the Multiplier Wilds will multiply your win by 8.


slots-jackpot-5000-netent-reels-with-jackpot This slot has a total of 3 jackpots for you to win and when the reels are done nudging, you might be seeing Jackpot symbols presented at the top of the reel set. Should each of the 3 reels have a Jackpot symbol on top of a winning stack, then you will win the lowest paying Jackpot out of the 3 available ones. Should there however not be any winning combination present on the reels, but you still land 3 Jackpot symbols on the bet line, then the relevant Jackpot will be rewarded to you.

The Mini Jackpot is a fixed Jackpot that will have a coin value of 40x the bet level. The Midi Jackpot is also a fixed Jackpot and will have a coin value of 200x your bet level. Super Jackpot is the largest of the jackpots and also a progressive jackpot.

Design and Symbols

The style and looks of the slot gives us exactly what we were expecting from a slot with this title. This is a through and through classic fruit-themed slot, giving you all you can want and need form a those good old slots, if that is your thing at least. With the classic set up as well as the pretty basic design and background, there isn't really too much going on in terms of graphics. The 3 different available jackpots are of course placed at the top of the reel set, making sure you are aware of there current value at all times.

All of the symbols in the slot also live up to what you would expect to see in a classic fruit-themed slot like Trollpot 5000. You will be seeing the classic BAR symbols in blue, green clovers, red and white dotted mushrooms, golden stars and the lucky number 7. We were happy to see that there are no standard card suit symbols in play.

In terms of special symbols in the slot, there is only the one you will be seeing on the reels. This is of course the joker symbol, showing a jester figure along with a x2 symbol underneath. This is of course the Multiplier Wild symbol that is able to substitute all other symbols of the game with the exception of the jackpot symbols. It is also in charge of the Multiplier Wild feature. The jackpot symbols are also in play, with one symbol for each of the 3 available jackpots.

Our Thoughts on Trollpot 5000

Trollpot 5000 is the kind of slot where you kind of already know what you will be getting even before opening up the game, and that is pretty boring. Even for those players out there who really love the classic fruit-themed slots, it's always fun to have a couple of surprises throughout the game, but sadly this won't be happening in Trollpot 5000. NetEnt have all in all done a good job in executing the slot, with sharp and clear graphics and a colourful design, but that simply isn't enough nowadays.

Of course the 3 jackpots available in the slot will be enough to interest some players, but we can't see anyone coming back to this slot again and again. There are so many other slots out there with jackpots (both fixed and progressive) but also with some fun features and a much more interesting theme, that they will easily be picked over Trollpot 5000.

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