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Nolimit City continues its assault on 2020 with its February release, Punk Rocker. This slot is packed with attitude, volatility, and explosives – much like the Punk Rock scene around which it is themed.

The original Punk Rock subculture, which took hold across much of Western Europe and the US in the mid-late 1970s had its roots in 1960’s garage rock; short, punchy, fast-paced songs with hard-edged vocals, and often with anti-establishment sensibilities. Although big all over the world, mention the Punk Scene of the late ’70s and the iconic images which spring to mind tend to include London bands The Sex Pistols and The Clash. Much homage is paid to this in the game’s artwork and design.

Punk Rocker is a volatile 5x3 (up to 6x6) slot with 243-46,656 ways to pay and an RTP of 96.08%. It comes with a wide array of base and bonus game features and is capable of delivering wins of over 15,072x the bet size. The biggest wins are reserved for the two free spins rounds, ‘Anarchy Free Spins’, and ‘Civil War Free Spins’.

The first Nolimit City game to come with a ‘Buy a Bonus’ feature button, you can play Punk Rocker from €0.25 to €125 a spin.

Design & Symbols


As already discussed, the design of Punk Rocker is heavily influenced by the London punk scene. London was very much seen as the spiritual home of punk rock, especially when it came to the fashions and trends of the subculture, and its influence is all over this slot.

The gameboard sits against a wall covered in punk posters, graffiti, a hazard sign, and a large London Underground sign with “PUNK ROCKER” in the place of the station name with “No Limit” spray-painted over it. The road sign on the wall reads “OBEY ROAD NW8”, a subtle punk twist on the famous Abbey Road made famous by The Beatles. In the distance, you can see Big Ben to the left and what looks a bit like the Victoria Memorial to the right of the gameboard. Closer, a battered Fender Stratocaster leans against the left side of the wall and a red phone box sits in front of the right side of the wall. Punk riffs accompany some play.

The reel set is framed by a thick coating of black spray paint. It comes with 5 regular reels and a 6th caged reel covered in police tape with (BONUS) written across it. Across the top is a green swatch of green paint showing the ways to win; during the free spins rounds, this provides space for six carriages of an underground train to roll across the reels bearing bonus gifts. The backing to the symbol spaces which aren’t fully covered is of pages of newsprint from music magazines.

Low-value symbols are DM boots, knuckle dusters, Molotov cocktails, distortion pedals, and an anarchy sign. High-value symbols are subversive Banksy does Warhol portrait of Einstein, a monkey wearing a crown, the Mona Lisa, and Winston Churchill. Unsurprisingly the portraits are all appropriately attired in Punk stylings. The most valuable is Churchill who pays 20x the bet size of 6 adjacent symbols (or 6x the stake when only 5 reels are active). The wild is a skull in a police helmet with a Molotov cocktail clamped in its jaw. The scatter is a London Underground sign on a wire fence panel with ‘BONUS’ in place of the station name. There is also an xWays mystery symbol.

Special Features


  • xWays Mystery Symbol
  • Molotov Wilds
  • Riot Respin
  • Anarchy Free Spins
  • Civil War Free Spins
  • Bonus Buy

xWays Mystery Symbol

The xWays Mystery Symbol reveals a random mystery symbol and acts as a reel expander, transforming from a single symbol into between 2-4 identical regular symbols. More than one xWays symbol can appear on a reel but the maximum height a reel can expand to is 6 symbols.

Molotov Wilds


The game’s wild is called a “Molotov Wild” and wherever it lands it turns all spaces above it wild. Molotov Wilds appear in the main game and Riot Respins.

Riot Respin


2 scatter symbols activate the Riot Respin feature. One respin is awarded in which both scatters transform into Molotov Wilds which are locked prior to the spin. Any Molotov Wild already on the reels also lock. Furthermore, the 6th reel opens to increase the ways to win to a minimum of 729.

Anarchy & Civil War Free Spins


The game’s bonus rounds are identical aside from one small (but significant) factor. 3 scatters triggers 8 Anarchy Free Spins while 4 scatters trigger 8 Civil War Free Spins. In both cases the scatters triggering the spins remain on the board but transform into ‘Jumping Wilds’ for the duration. Jumping Wilds, unlike Molotov Wilds, do not turn symbols above them wild, instead, they each change their position on the reel set very spin. As a result, the chances of big wins increases significantly the more wilds in play. As in the Riot Respin, free spins are played with the 6th reel active.

Throughout both free spins rounds the underground carriages mentioned earlier which trundle across the top of the board come into play. Game enhancers contained in some of the carriages come into play if the reel beneath houses a jumping wild symbol. The possible enhancers are below;

  • xWays: adds a guaranteed 4-high Mystery Symbol to the reel
  • Extra Spins: adds extra free spins
  • Extra Wild: adds a further Jumping Wild
  • Win Multiplier: a win multiplier of up to 25x is added to the Jumping Wild on the reel
  • 6x6: Boosts all reels to 6 symbols making the maximum 46,656 ways to win

Bonus Buy

80x the stake of 243x the stake can buy you straight into the Anarchy or Civil War Free Spins. Of course, this depends on the legislation concerning bonus buys in your jurisdiction. Also, the RTP increases up to 96.64% for a Bonus Buy.

Our Thoughts on Punk Rocker

Nolimit City are finally firing on all cylinders; their last few slots have seen the ingenuity of their operation flourish. Punk Rocker is an absolute belter of a game. It’s visually refreshing, jam-packed with top-drawer features, contains their own innovations (xWays for example, a proprietary piece), to and just great, great fun to play. The theme suits every aspect of this game; its loud, brash, uncompromising, and very volatile.

With a healthy max win of over 17,000x, this slot is packed not only with features but also with potential. In my opinion, this is Nolimit’s best ever slot release. It seems that Nolimit are now playing by their own rules, and what could be more Punk than that?

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