Released on 20th February 2020, Ocean’s Treasure is Swedish gaming giant NetEnt’s latest subaqueous slot. Taking its influence from the underwater Gods of Greek mythology, Ocean’s Treasure takes you to an ancient civilization beneath the sea where Nereid, (Nymph daughters of Nereus and Doris, and companions of the great Poseidon himself) casts a benevolent eye over proceedings. In mythology, the Nereids were often friendly and helpful to sailors in their search for the Golden Fleece. The question is, can they help you unearth your very own underwater fortune?

Ocean’s Treasure has a 5x3 reel set, is of medium variance, and has a slightly below average RTP of 95.99%. Played at the highest stakes (€300 a spin) it can produce wins of up to €250,000 with a maximum line win of 1,200x the bet size.

Big wins come from a scatter triggered free spins round in which you can work up to a 12x win multiplier. There is no base game features, although it comes with full reel wilds which aren’t available in the bonus round.

You can play Ocean’s Treasure now from €0.15 to €300 a spin.

Design & Symbols

As we’ve come to expect from NetEnt there is very little, if anything, to fault when it comes to art and design. The scene is set at the seabed with light from the sky above penetrating through to through to illuminate proceedings. In the background ornate stone pillars can be seeing supporting an overarching structure. In the foreground, growing on the stone plinth beneath the gameboard, is a strip of greenery with all number of bright and colourful sea plants. The board itself is framed in stone with what appear to be tentacle suckers running up the flanks. Merman Guards stand either side of the board, each holding a glowing staff. Stone carvings around the board depict fossilised sea creatures and Octopus tentacles. This is most likely to be Kraken, the giant cephalopod-like sea monster of Norse mythology rather than Greek. However,  1981’s classic Clash of the Titans ‘borrowed’ the Kraken for their perilous underwater Greek fantasy, therefore I see no reason why NetEnt shouldn’t be allowed to do the same. The soundtrack is epic and sweeping, with rushes of water and the crashing of waves audible as the track alternates between a tense string arrangement to a more relaxing woodwind interlude.

Low value symbols are the royal values J-A, each adorned with seaweed and a pile of treasure beside it. High value symbols are the Key to a treasure chest, a maritime pocket watch, a message in a bottle, and a pile of gold nuggets and diamonds. There are two wilds; in the main game the wild can appear full reel or part thereof and is represented by Nereid holding Poseidon’s Trident. In the bonus game the wild only appears regular symbol size and is represented by the fork at the end of the Trident. The scatter, which appears on reels 1, 3, and 5 is an overflowing treasure chest.

Ocean’s Treasure Free Spins

3 scatters anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5 activates 10 free spins. During free spins the wild changes from the 1x3 Nereid wild to a regular 1x1 trident wild. However, the new wilds bring with them special bonuses. When one or more wild lands during any one spin another 2 free spins are added, up to a maximum of 102 spins* Furthermore, half of the level meter above the centre of the reels is filled. Free spins start on level 1 with a win multiplier of x3. Each time the level meter is filled you go up a level. There are 5 levels, each with a higher corresponding win multiplier as shown below

  • Level 1 = x3 Multiplier
  • Level 2 = x5 Multiplier
  • Level 3 = x7 Multiplier
  • Level 4 = x9 Multiplier
  • Level 5 = x12 Multiplier

Reaching level 5 also awards a one-time additional bonus win of 100x your bet size.

*Please note that 2 wilds landing on the same spin does not add 4 free spins or fill two parts of the level meter. The maximum added spins in any one spin is 2.

Our Thoughts on Ocean’s Treasure

Ocean’s Treasure is very straightforward game to play. There is only one special feature (unless you consider the full reel wild in the base game a feature), so it really is all about the free spins. With that said it is a surprisingly addictive game. The constant addition of free spins along with the increasing win multiplier make for a compulsive bonus round. One thing which lets Ocean’s Treasure down a little is its lack of top end potential. According to NetEnt’s data, out of 430 billion test spins it only recorded a win of 833x the bet size or more one time. That’s not to say it’s a terrible payer as the bonus round regularly produces wins in the 100x’s. As a result, with the max potential on offer this game this isn’t going to attract the variance hunters. Nevertheless, it is a decent mid-variance game, a little short on features, but visually rich and with a decent bonus round. A middle-order slot worthy of playing for sure.